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The Best UK Mobile Casinos

The mobile casino is the next big step forward for the gambling industry. Sophisticated technology allows you to play casino games on the go on your mobile device – smartphone or tablet. Current online casino operators usually offer a mobile version to players. These mobile casinos are compatible with multiple platforms – iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and also Windows Phone. This is excellent news for UK players online/mobile casino fans, as now they can play their favorite casino games directly from their mobile device on the go.

So how do you find out the mobile casino that best suits your needs? More importantly, which are the best mobile casinos for UK players? We have put together below a comprehensive list of the best UK mobile casinos. All you have to do is go through the list, pick the casino that best suits you, and start playing!

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Native Apps vs. HTML5 (Instant Play Games)

Two kinds of technology are used to deliver your favorite casino games to your smartphone or tablet:

  • Native apps
  • HTML5 (used to develop instant play games)

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Before we list out the differences between native apps and HTML5 games, let us first see what they are.

HTML5 is a platform that allows development of mobile casino games that can be accessed from all kinds of mobile devices regardless of the platform they are running on – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry. Native apps are ‘native’ to a single OS. They are developed using specific codes for specific device platforms and OS. That means you cannot play a mobile game developed on an Android native app on your iPhone. We list below the strengths and weaknesses of both native apps and HTML5.

HTML5 Strengths

Mobile games developed using HTML5 have numerous strengths:

  • They are compatible with multiple device OS/platforms.
  • They are developed using disparate web technologies like:
    • JavaScript
    • ActionScript
    • CSS
    • Server-side APS.Net
    • The have a larger market base because of multi-platform compatibility.
    • For operators this is a great advantage: larger market base means reduced development and maintenance cost.
    • They have a bigger portfolio of games compared to native apps.
    • Players can access HTML5 games directly from the Web in instant play mode. This takes away the hassle of downloading – we say hassle because downloading could take time, and also consumes space.

HTML5 Weaknesses

  • Because of multi-platform compatibility and other related factors, HTML5 games can be slower than those developed on native apps.
  • Sometimes there may be integration issues as well for the operator.

Strengths of Native Apps

  • Native apps are developed for specific platforms; they are ‘native’ to the platform.
  • They are written with platform-specific SDKs.
  • They provide access to all native APIs.
  • Players have to download the native apps to their mobile devices; instant play from a browser is not possible. Download is usually possible from the platform-specific App store.
  • Native apps are much faster. This makes them the preferred option for games with rich graphic content.

Native App Weaknesses

  • However, platform-specificity can be a problem for the developer. To develop a game for 3 platforms, they would need to write 3 separate pieces of code, each unique to a platform. This means higher development and subsequently maintenance cost.
  • Portfolio of games is smaller compared to HTML5.

Casino operators are moving towards HTML5-based mobile casino games because of the multiple advantages listed above. Moreover, in the UK, Apple’s App store and also Google Play have revised their respective policies when it comes to real money casino apps in 2013. In this scenario, HTML5 is the way forward definitely for casino operators and players in the UK.

Mobile Device and Operating System Usage in the UK

While the entire world has embraced the miracle of digital technology, UK has emerged as one of the leading markets for smartphones. A study published in May showed that it was 4th in the world in terms of smartphone penetration, with only Sweden, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE ahead of it. This makes it one of the most potentially explosive markets for mobile casino games today.

Interesting Statistics about Mobile Device Usage in the United Kingdom

  • More than 80% of people today own a smartphone – some put the number as high at 89%.
  • 70% of people access the Internet from their smartphone.
  • Over 60% of people use a tablet at least daily.
  • 50% of British Citizens access the Internet through their tablets.
  • UK residents spend over 85% of their mobile time on apps.

(Source: Kantar World Panel and others)

Mobile Device Operating System Market Share in The UK

With so many Brits using smartphones and tablets – a study puts the number of smartphone users at 42 million in 2016 (Source: million – which are the device platforms that capture a majority of usage? The following numbers are from the Kantor World Panel (2016):

  • Android: 50.6%
  • iOS: 47.6%
  • Windows Phone: 1.7%
  • BlackBerry: 0.0%
  • Others: 0.1%

As you can see, it is a clear two horse race. Apple has gained ground on Android since the launch of the iPhone The Windows Phone platform is struggling to gain ground and if 2016 is anything to go by, it is going to find it hard going in 2017.

In terms of mobile devices, the two top market share holders are Apple and Samsung. With a combined share of 738%, they have a vice-like grip on the mobile device market. Apple has done well for itself this year with a 46% share of the market, with Samsung sitting second with 32%. Apple’s numbers for 2016 show a 1% increase from 2016, while Samsung has done well to maintain its market share from 2014 (Source: Other device companies come far behind, as the numbers show below:

  • Nokia: 5% in 2015 (down 1% from 2015)
  • HTC: 4% in 2015 (same as 2015)
  • Sony: 5% in 2015 (down 1% from 2015)
  • Others: 12% in 2015 (up 1% from 2015)

UK Mobile Networks and Mobile Casinos

There are numerous mobile carriers in the United Kingdom and a large number of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). The MVNOs lease out telecommunication-related services, including wireless telephone and data services – from the mobile carriers. The largest mobile carriers in the UK are:

  • Vodafone
  • EE
  • Three
  • O2
  • BT Mobile

There are many MVNOs in the UK, including:

  • Virgin Media
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Tesco
  • Sky

When it comes to mobile casino gaming, it really does not matter which mobile carrier or MVNO you are on. All of them have the telecom service with the bandwidth to allow mobile casino gambling. All the carriers offer 3G, as well as 4G networks that you can access to play your favorite casino games.

Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G – A Note about Performance and Security


  • Considered the cheapest and best data delivery.
  • Usually offers good speeds, but this depends on 2 major factors:
    • Your network connection
    • The number of people on the Wi-Fi source
    • It is your responsibility to use a network that is secure.
    • Unsecure Wi-Fi is a problem because you do not know who or how many other people are on the network.
    • You can password-protect your Wi-Fi network to make it secure.


  • It is driven by the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) technology.
  • It is a fast and secure technology that is optimal for mobile casino gaming and was first used in 2001. It comes with speeds of between 384kbps and 2Mbps.
  • There is also now 3.5G or HPSA. It can give you speeds of between 600Kbps and 10Mbps, though a standard speed is 1-3 Mbps.


  • This is the fastest network speed you get today.
  • It can be faster than Wi-Fi, though it is not as cheap.
  • It is definitely about 5 times faster than 3G.
  • It is based on the WiMax or LTE systems and can give you potentially speeds of up to 100Mbps, though the normal speeds usually are 3-10Mbps.

All the major carriers in the UK support 3G, and 4G.

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Mobile Casinos FAQs for UK Players

Is it legal for me to play casino games on my mobile phone?

Mobile casino play is not illegal. It is not legal to market the games here. However, you can play the games on offer.

Is mobile casino gaming secure?

All major operators offer mobile casino gaming that is completely secure. Operators use state of the art technology, including 128-bit SSL encryption and firewalls to keep your personal information and transactions safe. All mobile casino operators in the UK also get themselves tested and certified by independent and respected certifying agencies. When you are logging in to a mobile casino, check for the certificates from these agencies; that is proof that these casinos are secure. You can also check for logos of antivirus companies.

How do I know the mobile casinos you recommend are the best in the UK?

The fact that gambling is popular in the UK has resulted in a large number of operators that offer mobile casinos to UK players. In that scenario, it can be difficult to determine the best of the lot. We have a team of experts with years of experience that follows a thorough testing and vetting process before they recommend casinos to you. We test the casinos for a number of things:

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Range of games
  • Promotions
  • Jackpots
  • Security
  • Deposit methods
  • Customer support

Based on our analyses, we rate the different casinos for you to try out. You can also read our in-depth reviews of these casinos to get an exact feel of what they are about and what you get when you sign up with them.

Is it okay if I register an account from my PC or laptop? Or is it mandatory to register an account only from my mobile device?

You can definitely register an account from your PC or laptop if the casino you are looking to play at has a desktop version as well.