A Guide to RTP on Slot Machines

RTP’s are very important on online slot games. RTP is an acronym for Return to Player, it is calculated as a percentage. This percentage is there fore you to see what the odds are of you winning on the slot game whilst playing. The percentage is calculated using the total wins over the total stakes played.

In the game specifications of a slot, you will see the RTP labelled, it is useful to know what it is and compare that figure to other slot games. If we take a look at an example of how an RTP is understood, if the RTP is 97%, that means if you were to play 100 spins at the value of £1, then you can estimate a return of £97. Essentially you can see that you are going to win most of your wager back, which is good. No slot game has an RTP of 100%. The remaining percentage, in this case 3% in the house edge.

The RTP of a slot game is calculated over millions of spins, this is to give the most accurate RTP to players. The calculation is from spins of players, playing from all over the globe. What is important to remember is that the RTP does not state in clear fact that you are going to win £95 back from 100 spins of £1. You can win more or win less, it is an average figure. One player might win really big, whilst another player wins little.

The RTP is not there to say that you will not win your money back because in theory, you can. But with the rules and laws regarding gambling, developers have to be honest with their players. It is also an opportunity for them to create and awesome slot game with a very high RTP, to attract new players to try them out, think of it as a competitive edge.

The unpredictability of games is what makes gambling exciting and an adrenaline rush, you do not know whether you are going to win lots of money or not. Therefore, no game will be definite. The RTP for a slot game will never change, but your luck matters.

Is the RTP important to a Player?

The RTP can be important to customers, depending on your reasoning for playing the slot in the first place. If your motive is to play a slot that has the best chance of returning you some money, then the RTP is important. The higher the RTP, then statistically, the more money that you will have returned to you. Of course, because this is an average, it will not be true in all cases, but the odds suggest it is true.

If you are playing for the fun of the game, and winning is just an added bonus, then the RTP is not as important to you. This is the correct motive and mindset to have. With the slot industry being so competitive with an excellent array of games to play, consisting of different themes and features, the motive of playing for fun should be the approach that you take.

We have learnt to understand an average RTP rating for a slot game, based on what is already available and stated in order slot games. The average RTP for a slot game stands at around 96%. If you find a slot with a lower RTP than this average, don’t let this put you off, because that game might be an exciting play. The rewards in the slot game might be less frequent, but they could be a lot more rewarding and this is something to consider.

What influences the RTP?

There are 3 factors that influence the value of the RTP. 3 factors that are measured and considered. These are as follows: House edge, hit frequency, volatility.

To break up the 3 factors and explain them each and individually, we will begin with the house edge. The house edge informs you on how much of your stake is going to the casino automatically. Every game with an RTP has a house edge, it is how casinos make their money. The house edge gives you an idea of how much the casino is winning from your play, seeing as you can’t predict fully how much you will win from the slot game.

The hit frequency tells you how often a slot game is going to award a win. The hit frequency is not a definite, this is where the average stems from. It is calculated over a high number of spins. Therefore, you cannot consider this as a fixed amount to then expect to win a certain amount. You do not often see developers disclosing their hit frequency. However, knowing the hit frequency as well as the RTP of slots will give you a better idea to how good the slot game really is.

The volatility of a slot is also known as a variance. This is also important in an RTP and is just something that you could keep in mind. The volatility can be present as a number between 1 and 10, or as “low”, “medium” or “high”. It is there to give you an idea about how frequent wins are, as well as how high the wins can be.

If a slot has a low volatility, then it means that wins on the slot game will be frequent, however the value of them will be small. If a slot has a high volatility, then it means the wins are less frequent, but are of much higher value and could be more rewarding than a low volatile slot game. This is something to consider, don’t think that just because wins are more frequent on a low volatile slot game, that they are a better option, because it could happen to be that one huge win on a high volatile slot game could be of bigger value than a lot of little wins on a frequently rewarding slot.

So, if you look back to the RTP value, just because it is a higher value, does not necessarily mean that it is going to be the most rewarding. A slot game with an RTP of 95%, could win you more money than slots with an RTP of 97%.

High RTP Slot Games

There are a lot of slot games out there with considerably high RTP ratings. For example, some of the highest RTP games include titles like “Mega Joker”, which has an RTP of 99%, Bloodsuckers at 98% and also Jokerizer with 98%. But as we mentioned earlier, just because it is a high RTP slot, does not mean that it is the best option for you to go with in terms of entertainment and winnings.

It is good to find a nice balance, find a slot game that is going to offer you rewards, which have the potential to be very rewarding and also are fun to play, because that should be the main motive. Here are some of the top slot games that we recommend to you, when taking a look at RTP and also the features within a slot game.

Top Cat

Top Cat is an excellent choice of online slot game, this is a blueprint gaming slot. The online slot game, Top Cat, is in fact a progressive slot. What this means is that a fraction of the betting stake from players will be entered into a pool, and then when the progressive jackpot is won, the pool will go to a certain player. This is the most rewarding jackpot that a player can win. In the past, progressive jackpot slots have made players into millionaires. However, due to there being so much to be won and it being 1 jackpot to be won between all of the players playing, it means that the RTP is very low, it stands at 92.49%. This is a perfect example of a slot game that doesn’t have frequent wins, but when you do win, it is a big winning.

King Kong Cash

King Kong Cash is an online slot game that is praised for its high quality. It is a game with excellent graphics and a very humorous theme, as you could imagine, based around King Kong. There are a lot of different bonus features included in this game, which make it such a fun play. The different bonus features include: Barrel Blast, King Kong Trial Bonus, and 2 different types of free spins bonuses. These bonus features will help you land the biggest jackpot wins. King Kong Cash is an example of a slot game with an average RTP rating, which is 95.80%.

Big Bad Wolf

This is an excellent online slot game. In fact, Big Bad Wolf slot has one of the highest RTP ratings of all slot games. Big Bad Wolf is a high RTP slot. Not only does it have a high RTP of 97.31%, but it also has an excellent slot theme. This online slot game is based on the children’s story “the 3 little pigs”. The developer of this game is Quickspin. This slot game also comes with some fun bonus features, it has a range of wild symbols, a blowing a house down feature, a swooping reels feature and also a free spins feature. This is a good choice of slot game because it comes with a fun slot theme and a high RTP, meaning that winnings can be quite frequent.

Finn and the Swirly Spin

This is the final example of a slot game that offers some excellent winning possibilities, RTP and is fun to play. Finn and the Swirly Spin is a Netent slot game that has a house edge of 3.38%. This means that this is the percentage that the casino takes when you play. The volatility of the slot game is between low and medium. This means that wins on this game can be frequent or average in speed, they can come often and sometimes not so often. The maximum win on this game is 50,000. There are some fun features within this game, which include free spins and also a multiple-choice bonus. This online slot, Finn and the Swirly Spin, comes with excellent graphics too.

To conclude…

In conclusion, it is certainly worth trying both high RTP slot games and low RTP slot games. There are benefits to both. If you are not wanting to wait and play a game for a while before landing a win, then a high RTP isn’t for you. You have to be willing to potentially wager a significant amount on a high RTP before seeing a return.

As we have explained, there is no guarantee to a win on a slot game, no matter what the RTP is. Keep in mind the factors that we have stated above and also take a look at the examples of slot games, as they summarise the differences in RTP effectively. The RTP is a rough guideline to a slot game, it is never a definite sum, it gives an idea of what to expect. But never rule low RTPs out just because statistically they don’t return as much!

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