Ancient Troy Slot is the New Brilliant Slot by Endorphina!

Ancient Troy Slot Image

If you are after a brand new slot with an ancient and rustic theme with many fabulous features and plenty of fun, then we may just have the perfect slot game for you! The Ancient Troy Slot features plenty of fighting, forbidden love, exhilarating drama and non-stop action that you are bound to fall in love with. This Slot is extremely interesting and provides plenty of fun to the player, Ancient Troy is based on the City of Troy, the crazy war and also Helen of Sparta.

The War of Troy:

This magnificent new slot game displays the walls of historic palace fit for a king and queen. The user will come across 2 statutes of an elegant and rustic looking goddess which is situated on either side of the reels, in the background the user will be able to see that this spectacular looking palace is based in a peaceful and historic place which is known as the city of Troy!

Once on the reels, the user will notice the main characters who are Achilles, Hector and Helen who this Slot is pretty much based off. These 3 characters are crucial in this slot and they are the most important symbols on these reels, along with the Scattered Palace Symbol and the Wild Trojan Horse. Apart from this there will mainly be cards on the reels and also a helmet as well as 2 swords.

In terms of gameplay, this slot revolves mainly around the Wild Trojan Horse which plays a significant role in this slot and also the Scattered Palace symbol. The wild symbol will result in the user receiving a payout for a 5-of-a-kind combination and it will also be the symbol which has the ability to be exchanged for other symbols in order for winning combos to be created. On the other hand, it will be the scatter symbol which gives the user the highest payout in this slot and will also help to trigger free spins.

If you manage to land 3 scatters or more, then you will end up triggering 10 free spins which also come with another brilliant feature which is called the ‘Troy Joker’. 2 Troy Jokers shall appear with each of the 10 free spins with multipliers attached to them. This then means that the stacked jokers can multiply your winnings by either once, twice or even three times! If you feel like taking a risk and doubling your winnings then you can do this, but you must consider that if you make one wrong move then you could potentially lose all of your winnings.

Victory with Ancient Troy:

The RTP for this slot game is pretty good and it is averaged at 96%. Bets can start from as little as a penny and can go up to 250 credits. With this being said, it is not only the rewards and winnings that are brilliant about this slot, the visuals and quality of the graphics are great too, which has made it very popular amongst slot players.

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