BetBlocker Becomes UK Charity Organisation

The gambling self-exclusion app BetBlocker has announced that they have been approved as a charity in the UK. Following the great news for them, the app company has now declared that they are looking for partners to work with them, with the hope that they can grow and reach more UK gamblers who are struggling with addiction.

The BetBlocker app is a free tool that can be downloaded, with the intention being to block yourself from gambling websites. The app can control your access to over 6,700 websites, all of which are run by UK-licensed gambling companies.

After downloading the app on your phone, you can choose to self-exclude yourself from betting websites and when doing this you also choose the length of time that you wish to remain blocked. From the moment that BetBlocker is activated on the device, it will remain in place and block the gambling websites until the time has expired on the exclusion period.

On top of this, the app will also let you self-exclude yourself from some of the underground black-market operations that are in existence in the UK, something that will please those that use them. These websites have been known to take a laid-back approach to problem gambling in the past, and not offer help when it should be offered.

Since launching in the summer, BetBlocker has been downloaded over 40,000 times in total and their figures show that they currently have several thousand active users who are using their service. This is a very impressive start for them, and one that has helped them gain their charity status.

There are many people who like to bet in the UK, and some of these have trouble controlling their actions. They may not need a permanent move away from gambling, just a few days or weeks, but this tool is designed to be there on their phone when they do want help. The challenge now for BetBlocker is to grow so that they are there for more people in the future, not just the thousands they are helping at the moment.

The aim now is to raise funds to take the project to the next level and to do that BetBlocker have decided that they need partners on board from within the gambling industry. Those who use the app can make a donation to help with running costs if they feel like they can afford it, although the company were quick to note that their likely users would be cash-strapped due to their gambling and not be able to afford to make a payment, which is why they work in donations.

They have also linked up with the Amazon Smile program, so players who spend on Amazon can donate a small amount when they shop to help running costs; every little helps for this kind of project which is still in its infancy. The big deal would be getting a major backer on board from within the gambling sector though, something they will continue to strive to do.

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