Big Jackpot Win Landed on Arabian Nights Slot Game

The day to day casino news is often about things that are happening behind the scenes that only affect players indirectly. However, one type of news that many love reading about is big wins, and we have had a recent big win on the slot game Arabian Nights. This is a NetEnt game, one of their very first progressive jackpot games to be created and the jackpot was won by a player in Sweden when the total reached a very nice €1.4 million.

Progressive jackpot games are usually the ones to hit the headlines due to the mechanics of how they work and how that can lead to huge jackpots on offer such as this one. Every time someone around the world plays on one of these games, regardless of what casino site they are playing at, the jackpot total will rise. The more players that play, the bigger and faster the jackpot grows and this is the type of situation that leads to newsworthy winnings for lucky people around the world.

The winning player on this occasion placed a bet of €10 on the slot game, and on this spin they successful landed five Aladdin wild symbols on the reels. This is something that activates the free spins feature on this game, and it was through this that the big pay out was eventually landed.

The winning casino was the Hajper Casino which is in Sweden and run by the gambling company ComeOn! However, as we have said, you can play inside any casino that has this game as part of their service to try and win a similar amount. As for the new jackpot, this goes back down to the minimum as it is a progressive jackpot, although it is likely that the promotion surrounding this game will mean more people give it a go and the jackpot will once again rise quickly.

NetEnt Continue to Lead the Way with Progressive Jackpots

Anyone who has played progressive jackpot games in the past will likely have played a title developed by NetEnt. Arabian Nights was actually one of their first progressive jackpot titles, created back in 2005 and since then they have added further big names to their portfolio which has ensured they have kept with the demand placed on them by gamers.

They have a new title coming to the market very shortly in Imperia Riches, and big wins from their older titles will only enable them to promote that even further, so expect there to be plenty of buzz surrounding that game when it is released.

They have already hit the headlines twice this year, with big jackpots being won on their popular title Mega Fortune. This summer, a Swedish man won €6.6 million from Mega Fortune while a British player won €3.3 million earlier in the year.

These big wins are great marketing for NetEnt, who continue to have players searching for their games. As new ones are released, stories of big wins are only going to help them attract new players to their titles.  

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