Blackjack Strategy – Blackjack Basic Stategy Guide

To play blackjack correctly and like a pro, you will need our blackjack betting strategy guide to give you the best tips and support in making the most perfect blackjack moves online or in real life!

Blackjack is a great way to enjoy gambling on online casinos, with the potential of making you a lot of money too in the process. Definitely read up on all our tips available and make sure you understand terms like the house edge meaning etc. Read our strategy guide by yours truly MobileCasinoKings!

How to play Blackjack UK

The basic rules to blackjack will be elaborated on now, to give you a brief overview of what you should expect when you play online blackjack and what to be particularly good at it. Don’t forget there are many variations available for you to play, in addition to multiple live dealer options. Therefore, you need to understand all the terms that we will expand on within the guide. Take some notes and let’s get started.

Blackjack overview in simple

Blackjack begins with players making bets on their potential deck of cards. The next step involves the dealer handing out 2 cards to each player involved within the game. The dealer will keep two cards for themselves also, with one facing up and one facing down. You must remember the value of the cards you are playing with. 2-10 as their original value, Ace can classify as either a 1 or 11 and all the royal deck and Jack qualify as 10 in value. The aim of the game is by making your hand as nearest possible to the value of 21. Therefore, you have no time to waste about do you? When you want to be dealt a new card you will need to say the phrase hit me. If your cards go over the value of 21 then you are disqualified as a looser with your bets going alongside in the loss as your hand is bust!

What are the blackjack rules?

In simple, you want to be able to do two-aspect within your gaming session. First is attain a hand that exceeds the dealers total or by being lower than the dealer’s hand in comparison to the value of 21, when the dealer’s hand is above and beyond that value. The objective is to basically beat the dealers final hand-whatever that maybe…

What are the card values in blackjack betting strategy?

As mentioned briefly above in simple, the cards with pictures of the royal deck (including the Jack) all equate to a value of 10 to play with.  The Ace card accounts for either a 1 or 11, and that is up to you of course what value you wish to use it as. That is the only card you have freedom to determining its value within the game. This usually is only necessary if your hand would go over 21 should it remain as an 11. All the other cards not mentioned substitute as normal cards and mirror the value of the number on the card-making it nice and easy for you.


When your cards go bust, this basically is the term used when your hand exceeds the optimum value of 21. The same term applies to the dealer’s hands too, however in online blackjack, you may find that the term used is ‘break’ instead.

What’s a Hard hand versus a Soft Hand?

A hard hand is where your hand of cards doesn’t contain the value of an ace in its fullest form of 11 i.e. meaning it equates to 1. Other variation-soft hands are the complete opposite. It’s the least cards as possible that make your card values equate to a 21. So usually the ace in this game has a value of 11. The more cards you are dealt with in the aim for the perfect 21, the more your hand becomes harder. You need to know the difference between the variances of hands because they will ultimately affect your playing hand in the process. Blackjack is all about attaining and executing the perfect blackjack strategy after all right?

Perfect blackjack strategy betting rules

You play blackjack on a table, hence why it is mentioned as a table game on all the casino blackjack game sites. The game itself can have up to 7 players at once, and you will be expected to make your wager/stake using the betting spot using the casino chips. Your dealer is responsible for ensuring all cards are handled correctly as well as making sure you are given the correct winnings in the process of collection. It is a very strict casino protocol, which definitely works as many have tried it and came back for more blackjack gaming in the process and highlight of their gambling career.

Chips are always used to make bets as that how it is done on online and real-life casinos. You have chips that represent the value of money. Depending on the popularity of the table itself, you may be able to multi-bet, which is another blackjack variation of betting. This goes very well for players who want to play their blackjack at a selected pace- very suitable for those players who are into high amounts of pay lines within slot gambling. A lot more going on at once!

Chip Values

Chip Values are imperative for you and your gambling career. Therefore, to have the perfect blackjack strategy, you will need to ensure you know the difference between each chip. Chips are usually colour coded, to give you a colour for each value and it usually goes as follows: the plain chip is the lowest value of all and counts as a £1. The preceding chips involve £5 as red, £25 as green, black and white as £100, purple as £500 and orange as the largest of £1000.

Pair Splitting Rules

This rule engages players who have doubles of the same card. This opens up a new dynamic to play with, which can allow you to split. However, with this game, you will need to set up a new bet in the process and place a chip near your first original betting chip. Therefore, the splitting will equate as a separate hand, meaning you have two hands to take care of and two active bets which could allow you to win some serious cash in the process!  However, by avid gamblers that are very used to playing the perfect blackjack strategy, this method is not recommended as a playing strategy. You can definitely decide to play it on some free play versions and see the outcome of this if you are playing the online version of course.

Doubling Down Rules

This is an option in blackjack betting strategy, where you can double your initial bet by receiving one card dealt to you by the dealer of course. In most casinos, online and real life, you can try this feature only after receiving two cards directly before drawing another card. In real life casinos, you will need to signal your dealer by placing another bet and chip near the old original chip.

Surrender Rules

This option is usually allowed and gives a chance for the player of blackjack to forfeit their game with half their stake lost rather than the whole stake itself. However, you will need to do this before the dealer deems the hand as a blackjack late surrender. This will then cause you to lose your whole stake in the process. Within real casinos you will need to surrender using the specific hand gesture, mimicking you drawing a line. Within real online blackjack sites, you simply press a simple button which will immediately signal the end of the game for you. Remember, early surrenders are more favourable for your reputation and stake potential, so always get to it prior to your dealer checking your cards for a blackjack.

Insurance bets

Insurance bets are when the dealer will ask players if they are wanting to take a wager further with the insurance wager. This is a side bet for the chance of the dealer having a 10 card in their possession of playing. It is up to you the player, to decide if the bet should be equal to the bet made at hand (beginning bet), that is completely up to you in the process of this game. Place your betting chip on the insurance line (located above the betting spot itself). The bet will be won, once the dealer reveals the hole card-faced down, to be a 10 in value. The odds you will expect to get are double of 2:1.

Even money

This is the bet that will ensure you as a player, can even your money if the dealer has an Ace showing in their hand and you have a blackjack hand in the process of playing. Therefore, expect to get a 1:1 ration of payoff from this deal, prior to the dealer checking for a blackjack their own hand and the card that faces down.

How to understand the casino edge  

The casino edge meaning has to be understood when you play blackjack online and in real life. This essentially determines whether you win a bet or not. Also known as a double bust, if you bust twice before the dealer, the house edge would mean the dealer would win the bet and you lose, regardless if you bust together or have the same hand. The double bust means the house automatically win in your next failed hand and bust. House edge can differ from casino to casino, therefore on your next visit to a blackjack game site, check out the value percentage of the house edge in the process. Always look for the lowest house edge as possible, meaning the probability of you busting before the dealer would be as low as possible. Values of 1-5% are seen as very good on online gaming sites. Definitely explore your options in the process.

What player advantages are there?

It may seem due to the game being a game purely based on odds, that you in fact have a very hard chance of benefitting. However, that is always not the case. There are positive attributes that come to just yourself the player rather than the dealer themselves and that is usually due to the following:

As a player, you will receive an odds of 3 to 2 for the bonus payoff that you can get on blackjack. However, the dealer themselves will only get a 1:1 payout upon winning. So, you have better odds in the process of playing and winning withdrawals from the game itself. 

You can also double your wager, meaning you will double down when the situation best suits itself. Your dealer cannot achieve this statistic when playing blackjack online or in a casino environment.

Splitting pairs is also another feature that isn’t available towards the dealer, meaning the dealer will be unable to split pairs, should they get a double of a card.

The final factor to consider in the blackjack betting strategy is the totals available to each the player and dealer. You as the player are entitled to have totals of 12-16, whereas on the other hand the dealer themselves is only allowed to play with a total of 16 or lower!

Can I decrease the house edge?

The house edge within the blackjack game that you play can be reduced if you play with correct technique and skill throughout. You can use proper strategies to ensure the percentages lower from the house edge meaning you will benefit significantly overall for your potential double busts prior to the dealers bust combination and betting results.

Usually, the house edge starts at 8% however, with correct technique you can get the house edge down to 0.2! Make sure to perfect your correct stand of hand cards; hitting which make the house edge go down to 2.2%. The correct doubling of cards can cause the house edge to then reduce significantly to 0.6%, which is definitely very desirable! Finally, the correct pair splitting is the factor that can allow for the 0.2% house edge overall. Practice, practice and practice, using free play versions to perfect your ability to play blackjack from all angles. It is guaranteed that through learning the correct ways to deal and handle your hand of cards, this will significantly aid your overall betting wins in the process.

When playing blackjack, the whole aim of the strategy is to reduce the house edge by applying the betting techniques through out the process. If you succeed in applying you can find that the house edge can reduce to as little as 0.2%. That and playing the different variations depending on what you are comfortable with will aid you significantly in mastering the gaming technique. Don’t forget to play the free play versions too! For what is success without preparation?

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