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Choosing what you consider to be the best online casino sites is not an easy decision when you are entering an environment that is packed with so many different UK casinos. New casino sites are constantly being launched and it is only saturating this highly competitive market even more. That is why we have created this recommended casino sites guide for you to view and help make the difficult decision of which UK casino to sign up to.

Best Casino Sites UK

How we review our casino websites:

Bonuses on offer

One of the most important factors for customers picking casino sites is that plays a big part in whether a new customer will decide to join a casino site online or not is the casino bonus that it has to offer. This is one of the first things that players will see when they try to sign up to a casino as it is what is marketed along side it. Not all casino bonuses are the same and that then means that some can be considered better than others or more useful to yourself depending on what type of punter you are.

After admiring the welcome bonus of a casino and potentially claiming it, it is then worth taking a look at the further promotions that the casino site can offer new and existing customers. Before you do decide to claim any sort of bonus, ensure you have read through the terms and conditions and are made aware if there’s any wagering required.

Games Selection

There are so many different casino sites and games out there that it almost seems endless. Thanks to the advances in technology, we are now being graced with some of the finest pieces of art, presented in the form of an online slot game. With so many options chooising casino sites, customers are all looking for their best games to be featured at their casino, so it is important for UK casinos to have a wide selection of games.

Live Casino Site Features: It is now possible for casinos to offer players live casino games. This could be a live dealer game such as blackjack or poker. It could just be a live casino game that has no dealer. Whatever the game may be, it is a feature that casinos must include in order to stay competitive. Live casino games are convenient because it gives customers a similar experience to playing in a land casino, without them actually being there. So, you can play at a table with other players, all from the comfort of your own home if you wish.

Video Slots: We have come a long way since the days of 3-reel classic slots. We now have slot games that not only have more reels, but better graphics, new symbols, better jackpots and also video animations included in them, all to boost the experience players can have. The more modern the casino sites is more likely it is to include these new slot games.

Software Developers

All these awesome casino games that we are blessed with at our sites are not appearing magically out of the sky, there are some casino wizards working behind the scenes to bring these games to our screens, they are known as game developers. There is an array of different slot developers and casino sites pick and choose which ones they want to include at their casino. So, you will have some of the best online casinos that will have a long list of developers, whilst others may only settle for a select few. Some of the best gaming developers in the industry, who are guilty for producing the most popular and rewarding slot games include: Netent, Microgaming, IGT, Playson, Playtech, Blueprint, Betsoft, Novomatic and more! If you are an experienced casino player, then you will be no stranger to these developers.

Payment Methods

There is a big argument over payment methods for casinos. As more and more different methods of processing an online transaction are occurring, it is forcing casino sites to add them to their list of applicable payment options, when they may not always want to. If this is the case, then casinos can add strict withdrawal and depositing rules to them to put off customers from using that payment method. Ideally, casinos want all players to stick to the generic debit card and credit card payment option, but that is not the case anymore. New Casino site now need to cater for more than credit and debit cards, they need to expand into the wider market and allow customers to make transactions via an e-wallet, such as PayPal or Neteller etc. As well as allowing bank transfers and cash payments.

Customer Support

Nobody wants to encounter any casino betting related issues whilst trying to enjoy themselves and win money, but sometimes it does happy. If you are unsure about something or experiencing a problem at your casino sites, then you need the appropriate measure in place to ensure that whatever the issue is, it can be quickly resolved. Here are some of the recommended customer support methods that you should look out for: Telephone, Live Chat and Email.

Casino Betting Apps

Another factor to consider when choosing between casinos is whether or not it offers a betting app that comes with it. If it does then that is more beneficial, due to the fact that mobile casinos are a must these days. If the sites do have a betting app, you can download it onto your mobile or tablet device for faster access to your casino account and you can get playing!

UK Players Love Live Dealer Games

Live casino sites can be one of the most thrilling aspects of joining a new casino. The ability to play your favourite games like roulette or blackjack with a live, interactive dealer is an exhilrating one and you can be certain that this experience isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

Some players will choose to stay away from the non-live version of a casino game. This is mainly superstition but it does help create a more secure feeling when seeing a friendly face dealing you cards or spinning the wheel, at a roulette table.

Many internet casinos risk losing players if they don’t cover as many different angles as possible. This is good news for the average casino player as it means they have a variety of popular games to play.

What are the Benefits of Playing at Regulated Casinos in the UK

  • One of the top reasons to play at a regulated casino site is the fact that you can be certain these are safe and trusted establishments.
  • If a player has complaints with a casino, they can feel certain that all queries will be addressed promptly, by law.
  • Confidentiality is something that’s more important today than ever before and because of this casinos take extreme measures to ensure your details are stored safely.
  • Fortunately, all regulated casinos must adhere to strict withdrawal procedures, meaning that you’re never left out of pocket and receive all your winnings paid in full.

Casino Site FAQs

Can I sign up to any UK casino?
The answer to this is yes, as long as you fit into the simple categories asked legally of the casino. Some of these simple rules entail: Must be of legal age to gamble (18+), ensure that the casino sites you are gambling on are licensed under the UK gambling Commission and is fully regulated.
Are all casinos fair?
As long as they are licensed and regulated under an appropriate gambling commission then yes, they are fair. Online UK casinos are licensed under the UK gambling commission which means that they are not only fair, but they are also safe. So, players can be relieved and have no ned to worry about being cheated out of any games, money or bonuses.
What are wagering requirements?
Wagering Requirements are what you will find in the terms and conditions of any promotional offer. They can be quite an annoyance as what they essentially mean is that you will have to wager your bonus funds at least a certain amount of times before you can then withdraw the cash into your bank account. Of course, there is then a risk to this for a player as it means there is a possibility that you could lose the funds before you are able to withdraw them. An example would be a “35x Wagering Requirement”, this means that players have to wager the bonus funds 35x its original value before withdrawing.
Do casinos have fast payouts?
It is not necessarily down to the casino itself, it is more to do with the method of payment that you are using. Yes, it is the casino sites that set the rules regarding the withdrawal speed for each payment method, so they can take some of the blame. If you were to use a Debit Card or Credit Card, you may find that the typical speed for that is around 3-5 days, due to the levels of security put in place by your bank. E-wallets can vary, some may take less than 24 hours whilst others can take up to 6 days.
Should I claim casino bonuses?
It all depends on what type of punter you are and what you prefer to play. Some casino sites offer bonuses from the get-go are more rewarding than others. For example, if you were to compare 2 deposit bonuses to each other, then you can easily decide which is more rewarding. For example, a 100% deposit bonus up to £300 is more inviting than a 100% deposit bonus up to £100. However, if you were to compare a deposit bonus to a free spin bonus, then that is when your tastes and preferences come in. An offer that includes free spins will be more tempting for a punter that prefers to gamble on slot machines rather than other casino games.

About the New Sites We Offer

At Mobile Casino Kings, we offer a range of different sites for you to experience, all of which have their own unique selling point and are competitive in their own way. Hopefully, some of the features and information listed above has been able to guide you in some way towards choosing the casino that suits you the most. We have showcased to you the most popular and best rated sites such as Betable Casnios so that you can almost guarantee a fun and rewarding user experience. This is not only our opinion, but it has also been proven that these casinos are extremely competitive and willing to offer some unmissable bonuses and gaming experiences.

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