Five Features That Make a Great Slot Game for Beginners

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Online slot games offer a fast-paced and exciting way of gaming, something that attracts plenty of newcomers to playing inside a casino. One of the things to avoid as a new player is being confused and not understanding what is going off, this can be tough for new players and is often one of the reasons why players decide to stop playing slot games and look for something else. If you are a new slot player then you don’t want to fall into that trap, so here are five features to look out for on a slot game that should make life easier for you, and allow you to ease yourself into the world of slot gaming.

Recognisable or Simple Theme

The theme of a slot game is very important, and it is vital that new players choose one that is compatible with them. This will vary for each individual because you want to either find a simple theme or one that is recognisable to you. For example, if you are a big TV fan then you may want to look out for games such as Narcos of Game of Thrones, both based around hugely popular TV shows. The symbols and storyline on those games will really appeal to fans, and make it much easier to understand what is going off as a newcomer to online slot gaming.

Someone who isn’t a fan of those shows, however, will probably find the themes a little daunting at first, which may put them off. If you don’t find a game that has a theme you know about and understand then it is best to look out for a simple game to try out first. This can be something like Starburst, which has a similar look and feel to the arcade game Bejewelled, or perhaps something based around fruits as we have many fruit-based themes out there, and these are simple and easy to follow. Instead of having characters from a TV show or something else you don’t understand, the symbols are all common fruits which you need to try and match up, symbols we will have all seen before.

There are some incredibly complicated and in-depth themes out there which will appeal to experienced gamers all over the world. However, as a newcomer, you want to find a game you feel comfortable on, and once you understand so far that reason, choosing the right theme is important.

Pay Lines

The number of pay lines on a slot game can vary a lot. There are some complicated slot games that have hundreds of pay lines that you can play if you wish, while others just have the bare minimum amount to choose from. You don’t have to play every pay line when you fire up a slot game, but if you are going to choose one then you want to be looking for something that offers a fairly simple style of gaming, so you can choose them all if you wish to cover the entire board.

As slots grow and offer more pay lines, there is, of course, more chance to win, but for newcomers to slot gaming, keeping things simple so you can actually follow and understand what is going off is the best approach to begin with. If you are looking for a basic game for beginners then try to avoid those that offer hundreds of pay lines, you will only get yourself confused by what to cover, and frustrated when there are winning lines on those you didn’t cover. By choosing a smaller game with fewer pay lines you can cover them all if you wish, and have simpler choices in front of you when you log on, so things don’t overwhelm you by being too complicated.

Standard Reels

When slot games were first created, a simple three-reel game was on offer. Now we have three, four and five reel slot games available for players, which does make thing a little more complicated. Something else that has changed is how the reels work too, with more complicated versions being released to satisfy the needs of those who are looking for complex slot games.

One fairly new change to the reels has been the creation of avalanche reels. This is where the symbols on show disappear after you have had a winning line and they are replaced by others. This adds another dimension to the game, which again is the kind of feature that experienced slot players are likely to be looking for to give them another style of game to play, however, it is probably best left for new players, sticking with the standard reels is the best for now.

Bonus Features

Many slot games will offer bonus features when something is triggered. This could be free spins, re-spins, or even a brand new game that launches to give you a reward. All of these are exciting and great ways to get more from a game but newcomers should be wary of finding games that offer complicated versions of these.

All of the above types of feature can be used by newcomers, the key is to find ones that offer simple gameplay. For example, if its free spins, look for games that offer a simple way to earn three spins, usually by matching three of the same symbols in a row. If it’s a bonus game then look out for games that offer a simple reward, for example some games give you three or five items to choose from and you win whatever the reward is hidden behind the item you choose. This is likely to give cash prizes, free spins and multipliers but could also result in no win at all, so be careful.

Frequent Wins

It is a lot easier to suggest finding a game that offers frequent wins than actually finding and playing one. This is something that all players are on the lookout for, they are not easy to find. However, from the position of a new player, these are needed to keep you interested. Regardless of whether you win or lose on a slot game if you have 100 spins and win 20 times it is a lot better than having 100 spins and winning 5 times. By finding a slot that offers you regular wins you will always feel as though you are in the game with a chance of winning, and one could be just around the corner.

As a new player, you want to give yourself confidence while playing and having long runs of spins without winning does not do that. Although your actual profit and loss may not change too much, psychologically it is always good as a new slot player to find games that offer you a good chance of picking up regular wins. This will keep you feeling as though you are in the game and in with a chance of winning on your very next spin. It is this feeling that brings excitement to playing on slot games, and this is what you should be looking for when you are choosing the first few games that you play.

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