Five Ways in Which You Can Be a Better Casino Gambler in 2020

As the new year comes along, this is often a time of change for casino players who are looking to make this year their best yet in terms of gambling. This is something that all players will have been thinking about over the past few weeks, and some will have already made a decision about what they are going to do.

Do you know what you are going to do yet? Have you set your 2020 plans in stone? You may want to hold a little while as we have our top five ways in which you can be a better casino gambler in 2020 right here for you.

Take the Best Welcome Bonuses to Suit You

The likelihood is that over the course of the year, many casino gamblers will open at least one new account. Whether this is to solely take advantage of an offer, to find somewhere new to play, to try out the gaming selection somewhere or just because you are bored, there will be a reason for many to do it.

Casino welcome bonuses are now very common, with almost every casino offering them to their new players when they sign up. While this has been the case for a few years now, what we have seen is a change in how the bonuses are given out and the types of bonuses that are available.

Taking advantage of a welcome bonus is far more complicated than just simply choosing the biggest one you can find and going with that. Instead, the range that we now have on offer means that we have to choose the one that suits our gaming style the best.

Will you make use of free spins, do you want to be restricted to particular games, are you a live casino player, is the flexibility of bonus funds the best thing for you. All of these questions you will need to know the answer to before you really decide which casino and which welcome bonus you want to take advantage of.

How to Compare Welcome Bonuses

The first thing to do when comparing welcome bonuses is to work out exactly what you are going to play and how you will spend your bonus. For example, if you play blackjack and you have no interest in any other games then a smaller welcome bonus with bonus funds that you can use on blackjack is far better than a huge free spins bonus for slot games only.

The value of a welcome bonus is, of course, important, but the value is only there if you are going to use them and get enjoyment, and potential a profit from them. If you are a slot player then you are in a great position here as often the best bonuses are the ones that have free spins in them, you can usually get hundreds of free spins with a slot welcome bonus. This will give you a great bonus for games that you like to play, the best of both worlds.

When looking at slot bonuses though it is important to see if the free spins are restricted to a particular number of games. This is something else to consider, do you want 200 free spins on a game you have never played before or 100 free spins on a game you have played in the past, you know how it works and what you need to look out for why trying to win.

If you solely use the live section of a casino and would spend your bonus in there then it is worth looking out for specific live casino bonuses as again these can be bigger than the standard bonuses. Casinos are trying to get people playing inside the live section of their offering as this is something big that they can promote, with a fantastic user experience. You can take advantage of this if you are already playing in there by using the big welcome bonus on offer that is designed to entice new players, and instead of using it as an existing live casino player, just with a new casino so you can get the bonus.

The idea behind all of these questions being asked is to show you that welcome bonuses from casinos have become a very personal thing. If a bonus is perfect for one person, it is unlikely to be perfect for the next. Not too long ago, the most important part of a casino welcome bonus was the amount, now it is what type of bonus it is alongside the amount. The biggest bonus possible is what you should be aiming for, but it should be something you can use while performing your regular gaming patterns, and to achieve this you may have to take something other than the very biggest one you can find.

Profit from Existing Player Offers

A decade ago, casinos realised that the key to success was to get as many players as possible on board. Due to this, we saw a huge rise in the number of casino welcome bonuses being made available, all done to entice people into the casino and playing. Now we have almost every casino offering a welcome bonus to get players in and while this is fantastic for us and a way to get something for free, it does mean that these bonuses have become the norm for us.

However, the landscape of casino gaming is beginning to change, and casinos are now putting additional focus onto retaining customers, as well as gaining new ones. What they have realised is that with so many great offers out there for new customers, people will open an account and play for a while before moving elsewhere to take advantage of another bonus. In an attempt to stop this, casinos are now offering promotions to their existing customers and these are certainly worth watching out for.

The big advantage that these offers have is that you can use them for as long as they are there, and more than one. Although the welcome offers are bigger in value than existing customers offers, if you find an offer you can use five or six times throughout the course of the year then this could make the existing offer more appealing. This is happening quite often now, and when looking for a new casino to play in, not only should you look at the welcome offer that is available, but also look at what is behind that in the form of existing customer offers.

It is also worth checking out the casinos that you already have accounts with to see if they have any regular offers on for existing customers that you may have missed the first time around or ones that have been added since you last played. This is a relatively new strategy, so don’t be surprised to learn that some of the offers out there have only been added in the past few months.

Make Small Changes to Use Existing Customer Offers Better

The chances are when you find an existing customer offer there will be some kind of requirement attached to it. For example, some casinos offer bonuses to those who deposit on certain days of the week, or during set hours, while others will reward those who deposit over a certain amount with a bonus.

On the face of it, these may not be suitable for you, because the days are through the week when you don’t play or the deposit amounts are too high for you to use. However, with just a little change you can take advantage of these offers and make yourself a more profitable gambler. For example, if the bonus for depositing is on a Thursday but you only play on weekends, you don’t have to log on and play on Thursday, instead just sign on, make your deposit to get the bonus and then wait until the weekend to use it. This should only take you a couple of minutes, but if it gets you a bonus from your casino when you do it, then it is certainly worth logging on for to complete.

These bonuses will not catch your eye as much as welcome bonuses, and for that reason, some people forget about them or just ignore them. However, if you find a deal you can use numerous times then over the course of a year it is going to be worth signing up to and using as you can get multiple small rewards instead of one big one.

These can add up to a similar amount to the welcome bonuses you see over the course of time, so you can gain the same amount of bonus without changing your casino.

Set out a Gaming Strategy

One of the biggest mistake that some players make is that they log onto their casino site, deposit funds and then go wild on the games randomly choosing which ones to play, swapping between slots and card games and just generally not having a strategy at all.

This is the equivalent of a sports gambler logging on and placing multiple bets across a number of different sports all over the world without really knowing anything about each one, not a good idea. Instead of this, you should always try to have a gaming strategy, something you are used to doing to give yourself uniformity while you are playing. You still want things to be fun and a little impulsive, but there is a difference between switching slot games around and logging on to go wild and waste money.

A gaming strategy can come in many different forms, this really is a personal choice for you. Look at when you bet and make sure it is the right time for you, and that you are in a good frame of mind when you log on. Then think about what you do, what you want to achieve and if you want to set any limits on yourself.

For example, do you want to log on and stick to one game type, so you can spend that session solely focused on beating the dealer at blackjack. Do you limit yourself to a maximum number of hands and take your profit if you have any, or do you play for longer if you win, until you are bored and want to come off. All of these things need thinking about, and only you have the answer for your own personal circumstances.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you stick to it and don’t create something that will change depending on the emotions you are feeling. For example, chasing losses is one of the worst things you can do, so don’t try to set something up that includes winning a fixed amount as you will be chasing then.

Look for New Games but Stick to What you Know

Being familiar with what you are playing and understanding the rules and what it takes to win are vitally important. If you don’t really understand the game you are on then there is every chance that you will miss a winning opportunity or the chance to progress in some other way. Of course, everyone needs to start somewhere and players will learn as they go along, but if you have a group of games that you know and understand then it is always best to stick to those as much as possible.

This is certainly the case when we are talking about game categories. If you like to play slots and fancy a game of blackjack then it is far better to find somewhere to play blackjack for free, rather than to waste funds learning to play for real money. Although this may be tempting for you, when it comes to real-life gambling for real cash, sticking to what you know is always the best method.

Slot players have it slightly better here as they can add a new slot game without worrying too much about knowing how to play it. The only things you will need to pick up are what each symbol means and any special features, hidden games or jackpots to look out for. Once you have these, you will be as accustomed to playing that game as you are any other that you have been playing for a long time.

Keeping your discipline is an important part of life for any gambler, from sports to slots and poker. If you can remain on the same game types, perhaps introducing the odd new one here and there then you are far more likely to be a successful gambler. This will allow you to get to know the games you are playing, understand the rules and easily be able to remember what it is that you need to look out for. If your temptation is to log in and go wild, avoid it, and stick to what you know.

Keep Ahead of the Latest Casino News

One mistake a lot of players make is they log onto their casino and play games but have little else to do with the casino industry. This means you won’t be able to find out any of the latest news, see any new bonuses or games that have arrived and generally keep up to date with what is happening. This is something you should look to do in 2020, to become more aware of the latest happenings in the casino world.

Being knowledgeable when it comes to casinos is not something that will directly make you more profitable, but by being ahead of the game and knowing what is happening could. For example, you will know about the next upcoming slot games to be released before they come out, allowing you to plan for their arrival. This is especially good if a sequel is coming out of a game that you already play, you can save and set funds aside to play on it when it arrives.

It is also useful for knowing about the latest bonuses, especially if they are only available for a short time. For example, a promotion around a period like Christmas, the summer, Easter or another holiday is always worth knowing about. However, if you are not up to speed with the latest news then you could find yourself either finding out about them too late or worse than that, completely missing out on it.

This is not something that you will see results for, and something that will earn you more winnings. However, it is a vital part of being a successful casino player. If you can understand what is happening in the industry around you, what games are coming up and what new bonuses are on the horizon then you have more in your favour than many other players do. You can then use this to your advantage and be in a better position when it comes to the industry as a whole.

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