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Free blackjack is available to play at the mobile casinos that we have listed below. The recent laws in the UK have meant that they are harder to find due to restrictions on children being able to gamble. Therefore, you can register with the casinos that will provide free blackjack games to you.

Best Casinos for Free Blackjack

There is popularity surrounding free blackjack games. Players want to be able to play for free, for a number of reasons. Online casinos that offer free blackjack games will see an increase in popularity and customers registering.

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games that you can experience. It is also one of the first gambling games ever to be created. It is a card game, and these were being played before casino sites were even a thing, they were played in bars and pubs.

Blackjack is one of the most exciting games that people travel to brick and mortar casinos to play, and also log into online casino sites to experience. It is a game that can be enjoyed by both experienced players and also beginners. This form of table game differs to roulette in the sense that it is a game that can require a strategy and can be played using different techniques and playing styles, as apposed to there being a big element of luck involved, like with online roulette.

Playing for free is an excellent and most appropriate way of learning the different blackjack tips and strategies, and seeing the likelihood of a lot of outcomes, before you then decide to play for real money, where you can implement the strategies that have worked best for you, in hope to win some money. Online casinos really do like to offer some excellent bonuses in relation to table games, just like blackjack.

Play Online Blackjack Free for Fun

Free blackjack is there for you to enjoy without the risk of spending and potentially losing any money. There is a lot of money in this game, a lot to win but also money to lose. So, before you decide that you want to take that risk, ensure that you are more than happy with how the game is played and you understand all of the rules.

Why Play Free Blackjack Games?

Gambling is always meant to be fun; you cannot enjoy something that you don’t understand, which is why you should use the free play Blackjack games as your opportunity to build that understanding. If you have researched any blackjack strategies or tips that you are looking to implement, then do so on the free play mode, seeing whether or not it is successful. If it is working well for you and you want to put it to the test, then consider depositing money and playing the real money blackjack games.

How to Play Free Blackjack

The steps that you can take in order to start playing blackjack for free is very simple indeed. You do not need to download any software onto your desktop or mobile device. Due to the changes in UK laws, sites are no longer to offer a free play mode without having the players register. This is so that underage gamblers are not able to access the games unless they have verified their account with some form of identification.

One you have registered with a casino that offers online blackjack free, you are able to play their free play mode. Simply select the free blackjack game that you want to play. This will load a computerised version of the game, as you can not play free live blackjack. You will see a blackjack table, chips and betting positions. Place your bets onto the table using the free budget that the casino has given to you. Once you are ready, press deal, you will then be dealt cards. Once you have viewed your cards, you then decide what move you want to make next, click on the button in relation to the move you want to make. Once you are happy with your cards, you can stick and then it is the dealers turn to view their cards and make their moves. If their cards beat yours, they win, if your cards beat theirs, you win, and you will be returned with your profits and ready to go again on the next round.

Blackjack Rules

There are different variations of blackjack which have different rules, we will take a look into the different variations of blackjack further down the page, however for now, it is useful to understand the basic aim of the game, without boring you too much.

The aim of blackjack, in order to win and make money, is very simple. You need to beat the dealer on each hand, or make the dealer bust, which will grant you an automatic win for that hand. The way in which you can get to these conclusions, is by trying to get as close to the value of 21 with your hand of cards, without going over 21, which will mean you go bust.

You need to be aware of the value of the cards, of course the ones that are just numbers, represent their own value, so a 2 is a 2, that is obvious. Face cards are valued at 10, so Jack, Queen and King are all 10 values. Aces can either be high or low, a low ace has the value of 1, whilst a high ace has the value of 11. It is up to you to determine what you want the value of your ace to be.

Classic Blackjack Basic Terms

There are a few simple terms in blackjack to be aware of. These are names for the action that you are going to perform when you have been dealt with your cards.

  • Blackjack: Blackjack is the best hand that you can possibly get. This is when the value of your 2 cards, which you have been dealt straight away, equals 21. The round is then over for you and you will receive your winnings.
  • Stand: If you are satisfied with the value of the cards that you have been dealt and you do not want to be dealt anymore cards, then you can stand. The dealer will then try and beat the value of your cards.
  • Hit: If you decide to hit, you are asking the dealer to deal you another card, you can keep performing this move until you either stand or go bust.
  • Split: If the 2 cards that you have been dealt have the same value, you can split. This will give you 2 opportunities to try and beat the dealers hand, as you now have 2 separate hands in one round. You can place a bet on each hand, which if successful, will return you more winnings.
  • Double: Some blackjack games allow you to double your betting stake if you are confident with the 2 cards you have been dealt. In order to do so, the value of the cards must be a certain amount.

There are more terms that you may want to be aware of, however they are not the most basic terms within the game. You can read up more on these other terms at our Blackjack strategies page, where you can see the best blackjack tips.

Variations of Blackjack Online

Just like with other online casino games, especially table games, there are different forms of blackjack for you to enjoy. This is where the free play mode comes in handy, you can use the free play as a chance to experience the different variations of blackjack for yourself, to see which one you prefer. Once you have found the one that is best suited for you, you can then deposit your own funds into the casino and continue to play the variations of blackjack, except this time with chance to win real money!

Classic Blackjack

The classic version of blackjack is of course the most common variation that people are familiar with. This is the one that is most common across the globe and that people associated the game of blackjack with. The rules are simple, and you can just keep playing and playing.

European Blackjack

This is one of the most popular forms of blackjack online and also in land casinos. The basic rules of the game are obviously apparent, and the game has a house edge of 0.62%. The rules of European roulette can differ slightly in comparison to the classical version, the pay outs can also differ.

Blackjack Switch

This is a variation of blackjack that was created in the 21st century. The reason why this is different to the original rules, is because the dealer will deal 2 hands instead of the usual 1. Whilst the game is being played, the player will be able to exchange or switch the top 2 cards between their hands. Blackjack naturally is paid out 1:1, instead of the typical 3:2.

Blackjack Single Deck

The title of this variation sort of gives it all away. This is a blackjack game consisting of only 52 cards, which is one deck. This offers a low house edge and also allows players to implement the card counting strategy.

Blackjack Surrender

This is a game that allows you to surrender after being dealt your first 2 cards. If you think that your hand is awful and not worth playing, then this may be an option for you.

Face Up 21 Blackjack

Face up 21 is a variant that allows you to see the dealer’s 2 cards. Your cards will also be dealt face up, which means that the other players will be able to see.

There are a lot of other variations of the game, which we will not go too much into right now, but you can read about on our blackjack page. A list of these versions, which you may want to check out, can include: free bet blackjack, blackjack double exposure, blackjack 5 hand, multiplayer blackjack, progressive blackjack, Caribbean 21 blackjack, super fun 21 blackjack, match play 21 blackjack, pontoon, Spanish 21, live casino blackjack.

Find the Best Blackjack Casino

Due to there being a lot of online casinos that offer blackjack, it can be a difficulty in itself, finding the best blackjack casino for you to play at. However, that is where we can help you. We have written in depth reviews on all of the casinos that we can provide to you, within these reviews you can take a look at the bonuses, games, the interface and our non-biased opinions. You can compare these casinos against your tastes and preferences, to see whether or not you would enjoy it.

If there is a casino that is perfect for you, then you can use our site to claim their welcome bonus and register your account. Once you have registered, you can begin playing blackjack.

Free Blackjack on Mobile

The casinos that offer free online blackjack, can sometimes offer a mobile optimised version, so that you can play from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet device, however this is not necessarily always the case.

Having a mobile version is always convenient as it means that in order to play, you do not have to sit around a computer all day, you can play on the go. So, whether you are out or want to pass time, or just not around a computer and you really want to play some free blackjack for the entertainment, then you can do so, as long as the game has been mobile optimised. Ensure that this is something you are checking if this is the case.

Best Free Blackjack Games for You!

Now that you are aware of the different rules regarding blackjack and also the different variations of free blackjack and real blackjack which you can play, it is time for you to find the perfect casino and blackjack game to play! Take a look at the awesome casinos which we have at our site, choose which one seems most appealing to you and then get signing up!

Once you are satisfied with the free play mode and you feel like you have squeezed all of the excitement out of the free blackjack, it is time to take it up a notch in terms of experience, which is when you should consider playing for real money.

Play for Real?

With there being a lot of different betting options, depending on what variation of the game you play, you are setting yourself up for some excellent winnings, if you decide to play for real money. When playing with deposited funds, it should always still remain fun, therefore never bet more than you can afford.

Using the strategies that you have learnt from the free play mode; you can implement them to see if they could now win you some money. The free blackjack acts as good practice for then using the real blackjack games, where you can also claim bonuses to spend on blackjack.


Where can I play blackjack for fun?

Blackjack can be played for fun at all casinos, but if you are wanting to play for free, then take a look at our list of free blackjack casinos and play there. Take a look at the different variations of blackjack that they offer.

What is the best variation of blackjack?

This is completely a matter of opinion, only you can decide which one is best for you. To do this, read up on each variation and also try the free blackjack versions of the games, to see which one you prefer from first-hand experience.

Can I play with other players?

Yes, blackjack online can be played with other players. In order to do this, you must play the live casino version of the game, and also play for real money, you cannot play the free play mode with other players.

How do I play online blackjack for real money?

Once you are ready to take the next step up and move from free to real money blackjack, then ensure that you are registered at an online casino and you can begin playing. If you wanted to, you do not have to stick to the same casino, you could indeed switch onto a different casino, that possibly has a bonus better suited to you.

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