Play Free Roulette Online

This has seen a decline in the amount of free roulette games and how easy it is to play them. However, we have done a great amount of research in order to find you the best online mobile casinos, which will let you play online roulette for free.

Best Online Casinos to Play Free Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular games that there is, of any casino game. It is also one of the first casino games that was created. It is played online and also in brick and mortar casinos, where you can find a lot of roulette tables. You can enjoy playing online without losing your money, by choosing one of the free roulette casinos from our list.

Play Online Roulette for Fun

Free roulette is there to allow you to get a better understanding of how to play roulette and also to be able to play roulette for fun. Roulette is one of the easiest games to learn, with there being so many ways to place a bet and have fun when playing it. Once you have learnt the rules and feel like you are ready to play for real money, then you can do so.

It is a great online casino game to try out before you then really get into it and try to have a profitable experience. Thanks to these mobile casinos, you are able to play the game exactly in the same way that you would for real money, except without losing a penny. This will give you the ultimate free gaming experience.

If you have never played roulette for free or tried to play it, then you can learn exactly how you can find free roulette games and start playing right here! Follow the simple steps listed below.

  1. The first step that you will need to follow is by signing up to one of the recommended roulette sites that offer a free roulette game. Use their simple registration form to create your account.
  2. Once you have registered an account, locate the free roulette game and choose the plat button.
  3. You may be given a fake budget on the game, you can mess around with this as you like, choose how much you want to bet on every round.
  4. Click on the different bets that you want to place, whether you are betting on the number, colour, odd or even, etc.
  5. Click on the spin button, and the ball will spin in the wheel, then once it has come to a halt and landed on a number, the outcome will be calculated, letting you know whether or not you have won.

Free Online Roulette – How to Play

If you have not played roulette before, whether it is online or in a land casino, then you have a lot to learn. But don’t worry, it is really easy and quick to pick up the rules of roulette. Roulette is actually reviewed as one of the easiest games to learn. This is an online casino game suited to both experienced players and beginners.

Roulette is controlled with a dealer. If you are playing live roulette, which the free play mode will not be, then you will have a live dealer on the screen, like in a brick and mortar casino. Free play roulette is computerized and therefore it is all coded and there are no dealers in site. If you see the word “croupier”, then this is just another word used to describe a dealer. The dealer is the one who spins the ball around the roulette wheel, informs you on when you can place your bets, and then also hands you your winnings, or possibly takes away your chips if you do not win anything on that spin.

The objective of the game is to guess correctly where the ball will land in the wheel. You do not have to guess the specific number correctly, there are numerous outcomes you can predict in relation to where the ball lands and it win. Each outcome has its own odds, some odds are better than others due to the difficulty and probability of that being the correct answer.

Free Play Roulette – Wagering Types

As we mentioned earlier, there are several ways in which you can wager on roulette, hence why it is so diverse and enjoyable for all types of players. Roulette is a game built around luck, you may find various online roulette strategies and tips that you can follow, which may alter the way you go about playing roulette and could potentially help you win more, but there is no definite to winning, no player can have effect on where the ball will land in the wheel and therefore where it lands is completely a game of probability.

Other table games like blackjack and poker are different, they are based upon skill and strategy, which is why they are a little easier to predict.

Inside Bets & Outside Bets

The inside bets are the types of bets which are inside the betting table. So, all of the numbers are classed as inside bets. The numbers in the inside bets consist of 1-36 and each one is either surrounded with the colour red or black, which matches the colour on the wheel. 0 is also a value that is classed as an inside bet, if you are playing American roulette, you will find two different zero values, which are “0” and “00”.

You are able to bet on groups of numbers, as well as individual numbers. Here are the different types of group number bets.

  • Corner Bets: This is where you bet on 4 numbers in one section, all you have to do is place a chip in the middle of the 4 numbers, where the lines intersect.
  • Line Bets: This is where you can be on 2 lines of 3 numbers, so in total, you are betting on 6 numbers.
  • Split Bet: This is where you can bet on 2 adjacent numbers. To do this, you place a chip on the line between 2 numbers. The value of the chips is then halved between the 2 numbers.
  • Street Bet: A street bet is where you bet on 3 numbers in a line, for example betting on 1, 2 and 3.
  • 5 Number Bet: This an only be placed in American roulette, it is where you bet on the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 all in one bet.

Outside bets are the different betting types that you can place outside of the number grid. There are a lot of intriguing betting options on the outside of the numerical grid, you can bet on whether you think the value will be within the first 12 numbers, the 2nd 12 numbers and also the 3rd 12 numbers. You can bet on the number being between 1-18 or 19-36. You can also choose whether you think the number will be red or black.

You are able to place multiple bets at the same time; this can give you winnings from multiple possibilities. It can work extremely well if all of the bets were to come in. It is also a great way of covering yourself in case one of your bets doesn’t win. There are no betting limits, you can place bets on whatever options you want. This doesn’t really concern you if you are playing for free because you are not playing for real money anyway, but it may still be something you want to experience with your own eyes on the free play mode.

Roulette Free Play Variations

Another excellent feature of free roulette games, aside from the immediacy and also the convenience of being able to play from the comfort of your own home, is the fact that you are also can play different variations of the game! The game of roulette has been adapted in different ways and is played differently depending on where you are.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to try out all of the variations of roulette, and see which one you prefer, to then play for real money! The classic version of the game is the one that you will come across the most in land casinos across the UK. By playing online roulette, you are able to play different variations of the game, produced by different software developers.

The rules within the variations differ slightly, but the aim of the game and a lot of the betting options remain the same. In fact, some variations are statistically easier to predict than others, which you will come to realise when you take a look at the odds for each betting type.

European Roulette

European roulette is the most common form of the classic casino game and is the one that people prefer the most. It is the most popular in brick and mortar casinos, and statistically easier to win on. European is the standard roulette variation where there are numbers of 0-36 and then your typical inside and outside bets.

It is easier than the American version, due to the fact that the American version consists of 2 zero values. This makes there a total of 38 values instead of the 37 (0-36) found here in European Roulette. There are a lot of sites that offer free European roulette, in some cases it is the only version of the game that you can play. Therefore, why not try free European roulette out for yourself today!

American Roulette

Another variation of the game which is in fact accepted across a huge range of online casinos and also some brick and mortar casinos, is American roulette. This is one of the newer variations if we compare it to the others, as it was the last to be released.

The reason why this game is different to the others, is because there are 2 different values of zero on the wheel. This makes there more possibilities and also a higher betting odd. American roulette is considered to be more difficult due to the fact that there are 2 zeros. The zero values are in green and therefore if you are betting on the red/ black option, the zeros aren’t covered, but in European variations, there’s only 1 zero value to worry about, whereas there are 2 in this version.

The house edge is greater in this version of the classic casino table game. The odds for the player are lowered slightly. Realistically, this is the version that casinos want you to play, because statistics suggest that the dealer has more chance of winning.

French Roulette

French Roulette is similar to the European version due to the fact that there is only 1 value of “0” on the wheel. However, there are 2 distinct rules that can affect the betting outcomes.

The first rule that we will look at is called “La Partage”, what this means is that if the ball lands on the “0” in the wheel, then the player will only lose half of their bet and the other half is returned. This will not apply for the inside bets due to the fact that they are number bets and zero is one of those numbers.

The other rule is the “En Prison” rule. There may be a word in that which sounds familiar and yes, it basically means putting the inside bets in prison when the ball lands on “0”. Sounds a bit confusing doesn’t it? What this means is that you will not get half of your stake back like in the other rule, but this time, the bet will remain for the next spin. So, if on the next round, the ball lands on the number you have bet on, then you win! Of course, if this time it does not land on zero or on a number you have wagered on, then the whole stake is lost.

There are a range of other variations of online roulette, which includes mini roulette, multi-ball roulette, multi-wheel roulette, and also live dealer roulette.

Free Roulette Games on Mobile

Most of the online roulette free games are available via mobile, however there are some which you are not able to play via your smartphone or tablet device. You can be made aware of this when you look at the different games that you can play.

The ones that are mobile compatible are built with HTML5 coding, which allows them to interact with mobile devices and be playable. This is extremely convenient if you are wanting to play on the go, we understand that players are not always going to be sat around a computer all day. Whether its just to pass some time or you prefer the graphics and resolution of your mobile, then this is a great option for you.

Best Free Roulette Games for You!

In honesty, the variation of the free roulette game that you choose does not matter too much, due to the fact that a lot of the betting rules are similar, and all of the variations are enjoyable. If you are looking for specifics, for example, you want the easiest ways to win, then of course you would choose anything other than American Roulette, for that lower house edge.

It is worth taking a look at the playing rules and trying these games out for free before playing for real money, so that you are able to see which ones are best suited for you. Take a look at the casinos that we have recommended to you, these are the casinos which offer the most variations and also have the option for you to trial the game.

Therefore, do not miss out on the chance to gain some experience on these games and also play at some of the best casinos in the UK.

Play for Real?

Once that you have played roulette for free, you can then start playing for real money. This is a chance to really make some profit and taker your experience to the next level. There is a lot of enjoyment in this, hence why it is so popular across the world.

Almost every online casino will offer roulette games where you can play for real money. Not only that, but you can also claim casino bonuses to then spend on roulette. There are some massively rewarding welcome bonuses and existing customer bonuses for you to get your hands on.

Don’t forget to also read through our in-depth casino reviews, to see what each online casino can offer to you and what sort of experience you can expect.


How do you play casino roulette free?

The rules of roulette remain the same, except you are not wagering any money. The casino themselves will give you a fake budget for you to play with and you are then able to place bets as you please, but without spending anything or winning anything.

How do you get good at roulette?

There are a lot of online roulette guides and tips that you can read up on, which can give you ideas on to how you might want to approach this game and what version to play, but because it is a game based on roulette, it is about luck. The best advice is to learn through own experience, which is why the free play mode is very useful.

Are the free versions rigged?

The free computerised version of the game is not rigged. There is coding for the game which makes random numbers appear each spin. There are no definite patterns that can be noticed. All of the casinos games that provide to you are 100% fair.

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