How to Play Online Blackjack: A Guide

How to play blackjack online

Blackjack is a card game that gains much attention and traffic on the biggest casinos online. The aim of the game is to defeat the dealer in the aim of getting a score as relatively close to 21. Initially it may seem rather simple, however if you go over 21 your hand is invalid and you lose that round of the game. 

With amazing odds against the dealer and house, if you master the art of this game, you are in the run for some serious cash that’s for sure. So, it is definitely worth your while by learning the principles of this game inside out. Wondering how you can do that? Read on to find out more of how you can improve your odds and chances in this classical game.

Blackjack basic overview

Blackjack starts with you the player, taking bets on what you think the hand of cards will actually be prior to getting your hand of cars. Then after the bets have been taken, the dealer will give you two cards that are faced up and the other hand dealt to the dealer in particular and will consist of one faced up and the other in opposite and faced down.

Once the cards are dealt, then the player will opt to take cards, via a ‘hit me’ or select to choose ‘stay’, all in order to be as closer to the value 21 as possible. As mentioned in the introduction, the player who receives a hand over 21, will automatically lose and will no longer be apart of the game.

Betting and blackjack payouts

Obviously, your payout within the game depends on many factors, such as how much your stake was and by how much you defeated the dealer. Whoever is closer to 21 in reverse and not over the value is the automatic winner. The rate of payout is 1:1 if your hand of cards is the closest to 21, or if the dealer ‘busts’ and goes over the value of 21.

The luck in the game is if within your first two cards that you were dealt by the dealer are in fact 21, then you automatically get a payout of 3:2. There are so many variants of blackjack that you can have fun with, by the top most prestigious game software developers out there.

There is an occurrence that can occur within blackjack that causes you to get your money back that you had originally bet on. That is when your hand of cards is identical and matches the dealers. This is called a ‘push’ and if you were to leave the game, you would come out any less or greater.

Table limits in blackjack

When you place bets in the game of blackjack, you automatically have a minimum and maximum bet that you cannot under bet or exceed on. This is all dependent on the game you play and which casino you gamble within. Usually the table game has minimum stakes of around £1 in online UK casinos and an average of £2500 for the maximum bet.

Blackjack cards and their values

The values that assign themselves with the cards, are very much straight forward and usually beginners can ease into the game pretty quickly and easily.

The cards that run from Jack, Queen and King, all have a value of 10. However, when it comes to Aces, they can either have a soft hand which is the value of 11. Or it can be at a value of 1, depending on what your deck is showcasing.

Blackjack Terminology

Blackjack has terminology that you need to clue yourself up on if you want to be able to succeed in the game and its momentum. It would be quiet embarrassing if you are playing online and you get told to indicate a response for the game to proceed and yet due to your lack of understanding of the games lingo, you reply with something quite irrelevant for the game and your progression to making serious money!


The term Hit is used when you want to receive another card within your hand of cards, and ultimately help you get one step closer to the value of 21. We do advise however, if you cards are at a stationary value of 17, you definitely should play at a slower and cautious state because, its so easy to get a card that can swing your hands value to a bust.


This term is associated with what you have to say when you want to stop receiving cards. Essentially you are happy with the value that it is at, or you don’t want to take that risk of going over the 21 value. Within the casino you are playing, you should definitely have access to a button that quotes this term and will immediately stop the dealer from handing you anymore cards.

Splitting pairs

You may be in a predicament within the game where, two of your cards are double within the hand you have i.e. two 6 cards. What you can do, is to split them in two separate hands and ultimately place another bet. This acts as little game spice mixer and can mean a greater chance of more money for you and your casino wallet, if you use it correctly of course! You can play up to a total of three hands at a time, which is often associated as a blackjack multi-hand.

Double downs

You have the choice to increase your starting bet and doubling it by adding one or more cards to your hand. If you win it, you are still paid out 1:1. It is necessary to take one more cards, you will need to stand to have access to the 100% bet amount. To signal this, you will need to place the chips beside your bet and raise up a finger. The cards cannot be touched and if you wish to achieve the opposite, you must reveal your cards before lifting your finger.


You can receive this if the dealers card facing up is an Ace. This is a moment that you can move accordingly and bet to equate half of your first bet. The dealers card facing down, with a value of ten, can give them a natural blackjack and thus will give a payment ratio of 2:1.

If the hand of the dealer is anything different to a value of ten, then you would lose the insurance bet and immediately played like the original Blackjack hand.


 Surrendering is the option available if you feel your hands are weak and cannot support your bets that you have made. If you choose to surrender, half of your bet will go and thus terminate the game. Definitely this will be a better option than losing your entire bet.

Rule for the Dealer play

It is important that now, after receiving all the information above, that you act accordingly and utilize this information to you benefit. You need to know how the dealer will play their hand of cards. There are rules that they need to abide, which are different to playing against a player that you randomly meet online. Therefore, here are the basic rules you need to know: Hit on Soft 17*, Stand on Hand of 17 or Higher and Hit on Hand of 17 or Lower.

If you practice the rules of the dealer, this will give you a very big upper hand- as compared to going into the game blindly. The knowledge can be used to guess the facedown cards or you can make an educated guesses on what card could be revealed and hit next.

How to play online Blackjack

Online Blackjack is perfect to play flexibly and comfortably-from your own home and own device. There are countless options to be found online, that you can make use of. There are also countless of Live dealer games, which can put you in the heart of the game and you can literally feel the adrenaline pumping as you make your moves! Not forgetting to mention the ability of playing games all around the world. You pretty much get the best of gambling experience, when you play online.

Make sure that you know of the casino sites legitimacy and trustworthiness before you commit to becoming as full-time player with them. You can use our site for recommendations and advice on how to deal with this situation first handedly.

Blackjack strategies that you need to know about

Every online gambling game has a strategy of some kind that you can apply to get you some success and benefits within the platform. The tactics that have evolved are the main reason why gamblers are able to make a living off gambling online and making it a career. Therefore, follow the strategies below for firsthand help and insights on what to do!

Basic Strategies

If you want to get into the player charts, you need to understand the principles of basic Blackjack strategy. This can be done by using what we like to call a blackjack Oscar strategy.

Pay attention to the cards and number decks

Counting cards is indeed illegal and we are sure you would know that yet keeping an eye on cards that are played and dealt will definitely give you an upper hand on possibly receiving a card you are wanting. The less cards that the dealer shuffles and deals, the easier it is to keep track of the cards you think my come up to play. Therefore, why not have a go of that? Have a notebook as you play and estimate the next upcoming cards; making your decisions accordingly.

There are scenarios where casinos will use less than 6 decks within their games, however online casinos do differ, they use single deck versions which make it far more easier to catch onto certain cards-so all the more reason to play online blackjack no?

Use the Oscar system

This system is a very common strategy, one that will not involve any card counting; just require you to adjust your betting amounts for if you have lost a hand or alternatively won. What can be resulted from this you ask? You are guaranteed to leave with more then what you came with to the table, that is for sure.

The rules are as follows:

If you won the bet you must add a chip to your hand, however if you lose a bet, you must bet the same amount you did before. One the money has been earned in addition to any wins, you need to re-commit to the progression procedure, but keep into mind that you can never increase your bets in one time that exceeds at one chip per hand.

These are definitely the fundamentals that you need to try out on the selection of games that we have to offer and recommend within a series of casinos.

Online Blackjack strategy Charts

The way to win more in blackjack is by using the strategy charts that are available to use and accompany your game playing. These charts show the different variants that contribute to the game scenario (there are three in total). One is the dealers face up card, two is the hand that you have within that very moment and lastly is the action that you should take according to what the other two variables are.

Depending on the variance between a soft hand and if your Ace is valued at the higher number of 11, or in opposite of a hard hand and value of one, determines the use of a different table. Bear in mind that an Ace is always seen as a hard hand or a hard total. Therefore, when you play online, definitely get into habit of opening up the charts to accompany your game playing and allow you to figure everything out that you need to know for your forward playing within the game of Blackjack. You can easily find these available on google or any other search engine.

How to win at online blackjack?

If you don’t have much experience playing blackjack online, you might want to try it for free to practice first. This can be done on numerous sites, and some sites even offer no deposit bonuses which you can then use to play with and win real money.

If you want to win online blackjack, this can be done by following all the tips and strategy procedures we have elaborated on above. Do make sure to understand all the Blackjack terminology, and definitely get into habit of using them between now and every future game that you venture into!

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