How to Win at Online Slots

Online slots can be a daunting and unpredictable game, especially to beginners. People who are new to slots tend to keep it that way, as they just look at them at bank account drainers. Of course, there is a huge element of luck in online slot games, it is a gamble at the end of the day, so you can never be certain on an outcome. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can take into consideration when playing online slots, which might help you land some wins and have a rewarding playing experience.

In this guide, we are going to discuss what you can do in order to try and increase your winning possibilities and also the tips and tricks that people have used successfully in the past, that might also help you.

How Do Online Slots Work?

Before we discuss the possible options that you can consider when playing a slot game, let’s actually define how a slot works. Slot games are programmed with a random number generator, this means that every spin of the slot reels, are random. This random number generator ensures that the game itself is fair to customers and not scripted. It also allows each player to have a fair chance and equal chance of winning.

There have been a lot of complaints and also speculation about these types of games, with people left wondering and contemplating whether or not the games are actually random. We can safely say that all the games at the casinos we showcase to you, are fair. We know this because the casinos themselves are licensed under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, which means that the online games are put through regular testing, to ensure that they are safe and secure.

The only hint as to how likely we are to be successful off each spin is to look at what is called the “RTP” of the slot. This stands for Return to Player. The RTP is based on the chances of you forming a winning combination. For example, if the RTP was 99%, that means that on average, every £100 you wager, you will get a return of £99. This is not definite, and you could certainly win a lot more or even less.

Probability in Online Slots

There are a number of factors that go into the probability of a slot games outcome. Every time you decide to spin, the game is programmed to choose a random set of symbols to show on screen. This then ensures that it is completely random to the previous spin, so that you can predict what will come up. The factors to consider that go into the probability include: the numbers on the reels, the number of symbols in the slot game, then also the random pattern that lines up a winning combination.

It would be no surprise to anyone to say that in truth, your chances of landing a substantial win is quite low. You typically won’t have casinos advertising the odds of their slot games, unless it is a UK casino, which then they have to somewhere.

Winning on a Slot Game

So, as you can probably tell from reading the above, winning on a slot game isn’t all that easy. There is a lot of unpredictability and also luck that goes into the games. People often think that you can just keep spinning the reels and eventually you will land a win big enough to cover all of your losses. This is not always the case. Due to how unpredictable it is, you never know whether you will have a win on the next spin and also the value of that win. You may land a win that only covers a small proportion of what you have wagered. That is why you should not have that mistake and think logically.

Here are our best tips to winning on a slot game and not losing a considerable amount that stops you from having a fun experience:

Set and Stick to Your Bankroll – Often it is the case that players can start to get frustrated and also impatient with slot games. If they are not winning off spins, they can then sometimes decide to go all out and just start wagering more than they can afford to lose, in a last-ditch attempt to win some funds, don’t let that be you.

The Paylines are Important – Although they may not seem it, and they just sort of go over some people’s heads, pay lines are important. The pay lines do in fact affect the calculation of how much a slot game can cost. Typically, slot games have around 25 paylines, some have more, some have less. There are in fact some slot games that have over a hundred pay lines.  If you are only willing to bet on a few of the paylines, then you are not statistically going to have a chance at hitting a big jackpot. The more pay lines you bet on, the higher the chance of you seeing a return.

The more pay lines you bet on, the higher your chances of a good return, statistically. Remember this when you think that you fancy your chances of winning from only betting on a few pay lines, you are going to struggle.

Stick to a Bet Size That Suits You – Don’t wager more than you can afford to lose. Stick to a betting size you are comfortable with and go from there. Too often it can be the case that you decide to wager more than you would have wanted, which then puts you in a dilemma for further spins as you don’t know how much to bet from there. Also, if you decide to start betting less because you aren’t seeing a win yet, you are then lowering your possible win amount. This is why you need to stick to a bet amount and go from there.

Use Any Helpful BonusesCasino bonuses are there to help. Of course, the casino themselves see some benefit in the bonuses, but you can also. They are there to be attractive and help you create further wins using the bonus funds. With slots, you can claim huge bonuses, whether its free spins, or a cash bonus, to spin for free basically and hope that you land a win. This can give you the extra boost that you need to either get started or land an extra win.

Land Casino Slot Games

You can also play slot games at land casinos. You play exactly the same way as you would online. You go to the slot machine, enter in how much you want to bet, how many pay lines and you spin. There are not as many slot games in a brick and mortar casino, as there is in an online casino, this is because there are simply not enough machines to play on.

People think that they can predict when a slot game is going to pay out and whether they will beat the slot machine or not. They do this by checking when the slot machine last paid out. Or even by stating that they think the slot games on the end are the biggest losing slots, they are the ones that customers most likely go to and therefore they are placed there for that reason. This is not the case, neither of these thoughts and opinions are correct.

Where Can I Play the Best Online Slots?

The best online slots can be hard to find, there are so many slot games out there and not every casino can offer them all, so where can you play the best online slots? Take a look at the slot casinos that we have on offer. These are the best casinos for online slot games. All the casinos have been reviewed in-depth, to see what they have to offer players. They have also been given a rating based on customer reviews and our thoughts. These are the best casinos that we have found specific to slots. Some casinos target just slots as their main focus, due to the popularity of them, and that is exactly what we have looked for, and put them casinos in a list.

Start Spinning Today!

Now that you have all the knowledge of how you could potentially win at online slots, you are ready to play. Take into consideration our thoughts when you want to play slot games and looking for the most rewarding approach to take. Choose a casino from out site to register with and let the fun begin!

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