Mega Fortune Player Wins €3.3m Jackpot


A dream soon became a reality for one lucky Gate777 slot player, who managed to land the jackpot prize on one of the most popular slot games in the industry, Mega Fortune. Mega Fortune is powered by none other than Net Entertainment, who specialise in bringing excellent gaming features and graphics to players’ screens. As well as providing a fun and entertaining slot game, they also made a lucky player a millionaire! This Gate 777 customer is the latest person to hit this jackpot and has walked away with an astonishing €3.3million.

A lot of critics say that when customers land the jackpot prize of a casino game, that they have already wagered a fortune on the game to get it. However, this winner is evidence that this is not necessarily the case. The Mega Fortune player staked only €50 on Mega Fortune, which is a typical 5-reel slot game with a total of 25 pay lines. This slot game is a progressive jackpot, which means that it has a high volatility and wins are not that frequent, but when you land a win, it can be massively rewarding, like in this instance.

This is not the first case of where the jackpot has been won by a player on this very slot game, which proves that it can be done, and players are capable of winning it. It may be hard for some people to actually believe that this was not even the biggest win on record for this particular casino game. Of course, for that particular casino, it was the highest pay out for any player. Mega Fortune has made other players in the past millionaires. The biggest ever win on this particular slot game was from a player in Finland, who could not believe their eyes when they saw they had won €17,861,813! This happened back in 2013 and players are yet to beat this jackpot.

Although there surely can’t be any complaining from winning millions of euros on a casino game that you only wagered €50 on, this is actually below the average jackpot of this game, which stands at €4m. For those that are unaware of what a progressive jackpot is and how it works, a progressive jackpot is a jackpot that is created by the players. A small portion of each players wagers are put into a pool, then once the jackpot is reached, whatever is in the pool, is won. So of course, the jackpot can be higher one time when a player wins in, compared to the next time a player wins it. Some progressive jackpot is actually teamed up with a range of casinos. So, a list of casinos might share the pool and each of the stakes that they take from player’s are put into the same prize pool for when someone wins the jackpot, this will massively increase the value. The jackpot can actually be shared on a few games too.

Other players that have been lucky enough to win the jackpot, have won amounts totalling to the following values: €11.7m, €8.6m, €7.4m, €4.6m, €4m and more! Some of these players did in fact wager a lot less than the recent winner of this casino game and ended up winning more. Believe it or not, the player who staked £1, ended up winning an astonishing €4.6m, off a single British pound sterling, which is remarkable.

Mega Fortune online slot can be played on desktop and mobile devices, which means that you have the comfort and convenience of being able to play any where at any time. The mobile graphics and visuals work exactly the same as on the desktop version and allow you to play freely. You can see the range of online mobile casinos that offer this particular slot game and also a range of other progressive jackpots.

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