NetEnt Agree Deal to Buy Red Tiger Gaming

Red tiger gaming logo

NetEnt are without a doubt one of the biggest casino gaming providers in the industry and they have just strengthened their hand by acquiring Red Tiger Gaming. The bring the company in to add to their already impressive and deep service, and as they expand once again, it is clear they are trying to become the industry clear leader as far as games go.

The deal itself is worth a huge £200 million, with the potential for further to be added to that at a later date depending on performances of the company. This type of money is a lot to be spending for NetEnt, but a sign of just how serious they are taking the industry, and the kind of waves they want to make as they aim to rise to the top spot.

Red Tiger Gaming have been supplying casino games since 2014, so the company they have bought is very experienced in the field. If there is one area of expertise for Red Tiger Gaming then it is with daily jackpot games, something they have created with great success during their time as a solo company. Now they move under the NetEnt group umbrella, although that is unlikely to change the type of games they are making and could potentially make them an even bigger and stronger force to be reckoned with.

NetEnt will no doubt be keen for the Red Tiger Gaming legacy around daily jackpot games to continue, which is no surprise considering this is what they are good at and what they are known for. However, on top of this, we could also see them grow and create even bigger and better games, with potentially more funding available now they are part of the NetEnt group.

It remains to be seen what will happen in the future, but one thing is for sure, acquiring the Red Tiger Gaming group is only going to strengthen the position that NetEnt are in at the moment. They have a specialist in daily jackpot games that they can now support and push on to create some great games. With the financial backing and knowledge that NetEnt has, and can now share with Red Tiger Gaming, don’t be surprised to see them take their games up a level over the coming months, which is, of course, fantastic news for daily jackpot players.

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