NetEnt Secure Blueprint Gaming Deal to Reach More UK Customers

NetEnt have always been seen as one of the bigger players in casino gaming worldwide. However, based on what they have done towards the end of 2019 and early plans for 2020 it seems apparent that they are making a big push to become the clear biggest and best in the UK market. They offer an excellent service, continue to add to that and are striking deals to get their games in front of more players in the UK.

The latest deal they have signed is with Blueprint Gaming, a deal that will see NetEnt supply games across the Blueprint network, so you will be able to play NetEnt games on the Blueprint gaming terminals that are in the UK in various bingo halls, betting shops, pubs and arcades.

This is a move into an area where NetEnt are not as big, hoping that they can get new customers through their games on these machines and if they like what they see then get those players searching for other NetEnt titles and playing them online.

The deal is another UK based move for NetEnt who are targeting this market as their biggest now. The UK gaming market is a lucrative one for providers, and the Swedish based company want to be the ones at the top of the tree it seems.

The deal will give Blueprint Gaming access to all of the slot titles that NetEnt create, and they can choose which ones they would like to feature on their machines. It is expected that the first roll-out of this will take place in the first half of 2020. More titles will then be added from the portfolio that the Swedish provider has on offer, and these will appear on the gambling machines in the second half of 2020. By the time we get to the end of the year, those that play these Blueprint Gaming machines should have access to a large number of games created by NetEnt.

To keep up with what other providers were offering and aim for the top NetEnt purchased Red Tiger gaming in 2019, a deal that was worth £200 million. That enhanced the games that they had on offer to their partners and was a clear sign they wanted to kick forward. By having other names involved in their studio like Red Tiger makes it easier for NetEnt to go out and get contracts like this one, so they are already reaping some benefits of the big-money deal.

NetEnt UK Office Continues to be Key

The moves that have been made both at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 all come after NetEnt announced that they had opened a permanent office in the UK to deal with their UK contacts. This is clearly something that has worked well for them, giving them a full-time base in the country to work from.

We have seen them grow as a result of that, and the contracts they have landed such as this one have all been because of that office, either directly or indirectly. When a company such as NetEnt places a permanent office in the UK, it was expected they would put a focus on the area, but few would have expected so much from them so soon.

The exciting part about all of this for UK gamers is what will come next? We have seen giant strides from one of the leading names in casino development in just a few months, what will the picture look like at the end of 2020? This is all exciting and certainly something to look forward to.

As ever, it is always good news for players when a company does something like this, as it gives them the edge. When one company has the edge, others create and develop new ideas to try and counter that and remain in the race. Don’t be surprised to see other companies looking at new games, enhancements and many other things in 2020 to try and counteract what NetEnt have done here and in the recent past by landing some big deals.

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