A Round Up of Our Favourite Online Casinos in July 2019

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Online Casinos are marvelous and in recent years their popularity has increased majorly due to the amount of people who play on them. In this guide, we will be covering some of the very best sites in July 2019, what they offer and why you should play on them.

Some of Our Recommended Gambling Sites of July 2019 (Listed):

We know that the online casino industry is extremely competitive and it can be quite hard to narrow it down to your top casinos due to the fact that there is hundreds out there. So this is why we have decided to put together a short and useful list which states the best casino sites in 2019. Sit back and enjoy!

Thunderbolt Casino:

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The first thing that will probably strike you when you first go onto the Thunderbolt Casino Site is the layout. The top left corner is where you will find the Thunderbolt logo and next to that is where a few important tabs such as promotions, games and casino is situated. The log in and sign up tabs can be found on the top right side of the page. The very bottom of the page is where payment methods can be found, as well as software information, terms & conditions and FAQ’s.

The design is one of my favourite features on the Thunderbolt Casino, the main colour on the Thunderbolt Casino Site is dark blue and this colour is used all throughout the actual site. As well as the blue, the Thunderbolt Casino Site features a few other colours too, including green and orange. There are many different features which play a part in the design of a Casino site and one of the main ones is the images and animations. It is very obvious to see that the quality of images and animations on the Thunderbolt Casino is exceptional and immensely clear so this is a magnificent feature which the developers of Thunderbolt Casino have done a marvelous job on.

Casino Games are forever expanding and nowadays they can be found pretty much everywhere! High-End Casino Sites are known for having a great variety of games for punters to choose from and this is also the case for Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt offer their punters a great variety of Casino Games which can all be found on the website. Once on the Thunderbolt website, punters can choose from a few different options in terms of games, including New, Slots, Progressive, Table, Specialty, Mobile and Video Poker.

The Thunderbolt Casino really is one of a kind and in my opinion, it is certainly one of the very best Online Casinos at this current time. The Thunderbolt Casino site is very well-developed, the graphics are of tremendous quality and the images look splendid! In addition to this, there is a magnificent range of games for punters to choose from as well as a good range of payment methods! Overall, it is fair to say that RTG have developed a top Online Casino which certainly has the potential to go far if they stay consistent.

Yeti Casino:

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Yeti Casino is a Casino which was established in 2017. Yeti Casino has many games from a huge range of developers, including Microgaming and NetEnt. The Yeti site is available in several different languages, including Swedish, German, Spanish and English. Yeti Online Casino is regulated and licensed under the laws of the UK Gambling Commission and Malta. This Casino offers users the chance to win big money and also have some splendid fun! There are over 400 games to choose from on Yeti Casino! Unfortunately, Yeti Casino is restricted in some countries, these include Russia, USA, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Philippines and Indonesia.

The Yeti Casino layout really is one of a kind. The center of the home page displays all the different types of games. There are many categories to choose from, these include ‘Jackpot Games’, ‘Table Games’, ‘Slots’, ‘Video Slots’ and ‘New Games’. 5 of the most popular games from each category are displayed on the home page and if the user would like to take a look at the rest of the available games then they will need to click on the ‘view all’ tab which is highlighted in bright green. The payment methods that Yeti accept are situated at the bottom of the home page, along with this, the T&C’s, privacy policy, FAQ and support are displayed there too. The top right side of the Yeti home page is where the ‘login’ and ‘register’ buttons are placed, next to this is the option for the user to change the language of the site and a live clock is also placed at the top of the page too. If you are struggling to find the game you want to play on the home page, the user can use the search bar to type it in, this is placed on the middle of the page.

Yeti have been established for a couple of years now, and their name has slowly started to get bigger and with this comes popularity and more new punters. Due to the fact that more people are planning to play on Yeti, the company have had to make some adjustments, and this includes ensuring there are plenty of games on the site because the majority of punters prefer playing on a site that has a good range of games to select from. There are so many games that users can choose from when on the Yeti Online Casino Site. Some of the favourites are, Video Poker, Table Games, Jackpot, Video Slots, Live Casino and Slots.

Yeti really are a prime example of an excellent modern online casino. This Casino has all the features that are needed to make a great online casino. This includes, a huge array of games, helpful customer service, good range of payment methods and also a well-developed site. If you are after a fresh, exciting and new site which offers plenty of fun and the opportunity to win big then you certainly need to try out Yeti Casino!

Café Casino:

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Café Casino is a fairly new online casino which first came onto the scene in 2016. Café Casino has become very popular over the last few years and one of the main reasons why they have occurred such popularity is because of the huge variety of games that they offer to punters. Café Casino hosts a fantastic range of games, some of which include table games, video poker and over 250 Slot games! Another reason why Café Casino gained such immense popularity is because they accept players who hail from the United States as well as accepting Bitcoin.

Casino websites really can vary and each site is different, because of this it also means that the layouts are all different too, so you never know what to expect when it comes to an online casino website. The cafe casino website has a tremendous layout which is one of the best I have ever seen! The developers of this site have developed it in such a way which makes it an easy site for the punter to navigate around. The café casino logo is situated right at the top of the website and is in a slightly small format however it is easy to notice and read, whilst the login and join tabs as well as the menu tab are situated on the far right hand side of the site. The center of the page features a large image which displays the latest welcome bonus and underneath that there is several different tabs, including options for games such as Blackjack, Video Poker and Slots. Punters can view T&C’s, casino policies and payment methods at the bottom of the casino site page.

The majority of casinos online offer incentives to potential new customers in order to entice them to sign up and this is a great method to use as punters tend to love it! Café casino have a splendid range of offers and bonuses which are available to new punters and they can all be found on the website. One of my personal favourite welcome bonuses that café casino have available to their new punters is “100,00 perk points with a $40 deposit.”

Café casino is a unique online casino which will certainly grab your attention! The cafe casino site is a good site which the developers have clearly spent a long time on, in addition to this, the casino has a great variety features including a magnificent range of offers and bonuses, good customer support and a good range of payment methods including bitcoin and amex. Overall, I would say that if you are looking for a reliable online casino with lots of positive features, fast and big payouts then be sure to check out café casino.


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The 888Casino is a terrific casino which is certainly one of the best casinos to ever grace the industry. Established in 1997, 888Casino have been operating for over 20 years and in this period of time they have consistently managed to show and prove how good they are on a regular basis, establishing themselves as true pioneers to the online gaming industry on multiple occasions.

888Casino is owned by 888 Holdings Limited and it is fair to say that this casino is for sure one of the best gaming sites out there. There really is so many awesome things about the 888Casino however we thought it would be good to start off with the layout and design of this site in order to give you a clear insight of what to expect.  The 888Casino has been laid out extremely well and I really do like the way it has been laid out. The main home page features all of the most popular casino games whilst the bottom of the page states the payment methods which can be used along with gambling policies and FAQ. The top left corner is where the 888 Casino logo is placed, whilst the ‘sign up’ and ‘log in’ tabs are on the right hand side.

Now in terms of the design, I must say the developers have done a superb job because the 888 Online Casino has clearly been designed very well. The classic black and green colour scheme is used throughout the site and in my opinion, this looks great as it is vibrant, unique and eye catching. The size of the text on this site varies, for example the homepage features slightly larger text formats in comparison to other pages.

888Casino offers a fabulous range of games and I can guarantee that it will take you a very long time to get through every single game on this casino because there is just so many! 888Casino players can play on slot games, blackjack, table games, poker and much more!

Overall, the 888Casino is a tremendous online casino which has impressed millions of punters including myself all around the world. I recommend this marvelous online casino to anybody who is looking for an online casino which offers hundreds of games, big payouts, clear graphics, fabulous bonuses and much more.

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