Monster Casino vs Roxy Palace Casino

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Monster Casino:

Monster Casino is a Nektan owned casino which was founded in 2017. Despite only being in the industry for 2 years, Monster Casino have gone on to be one of the best Nektan Casinos in the world and their popularity is forever increasing. Monster Casino offers various different games from a great range of software giants, including IGT, Microgaming, NextGen Gaming and NetEnt. The Monster Casino headquarters is in Gibraltar and the company are licensed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

Website Layout & Design:

Monster Casino is a terrific online casino with lots of awesome features and one of the best things about this casino is the website. The Monster Casino site has a good design and a splendid layout too, and because of this it has gone on to become very popular amongst online casino players all around the world.

The first thing which caught my attention about the Monster Casino site was the layout. This site is laid out superbly and I have to admit that I was very surprised at how professional it looked due to the fact that it is still quite new, having only been operating for around 2 years. The left side of the page is where all of the main tabs are situated, including ‘log in’ ‘sign up’, ‘promotions’, ‘live casino’ and ‘scratch cards’. The Monster Casino logo can be found on the top left corner of the site whilst all of the popular games along with a search bar can found on the middle of the homepage. If the user scrolls right down to the very bottom of the Monster Casino homepage they will come across additional information which is infact quite important, this includes the payment methods that are accepted on Monster Casino, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and FAQ.

The design of the Monster Casino site is absolutely phenomenal and it is certainly one of the very best designs from a Nektan online casino that I have ever come across. The 2 main colours which are used throughout this casino site are blue and yellow however there is also odd hints of other colours too, including yellow and white. All of the relevant tabs are laid out well and neatly placed in a good order which makes things even better. Everything is spaced out well, meaning no confusion or issues when it comes to navigation. To make things even better, the size of the text on this site is super, it is not too large nor too small, infact it is just right as it is clear for players to read properly and does not take up too much space on the site. The images are decently sized too and the quality of them are awesome too. The graphics throughout the site are fabulous and they are certainly of HD quality. The responsiveness is great and the ease of navigation is marvelous too. Overall, the layout and design of the Monster Casino site is excellent and I could not have wished for it to be any better so make sure you check it out, I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!


Casino games are wonderful and when you come across the right ones it can feel like it is the best thing to ever happen. Monster Casino is Nektan Casino as you know, and because of this I was already expecting this fabulous casino to have a great range of games and I certainly was not wrong! Monster Casino offers hundreds of online casino games for their players to have fun on, some of the most popular types of casino games on Monster casino include Blackjack, Table games, Slot games and Live casino.

Customer Support:

Customer Support is very important when it comes to online gaming and these days pretty much every top online casino company ensures that they offer a good customer support section for their customers to head to if they have any issues or questions. Monster Casino have an attentive customer support team who are always on hand to deal with any problems their customers may have. The support team are available 24/7 and they can be contacted via the simple form of telephone, email or live chat.

Roxy Palace Casino:

Roxy Palace is a very well-established online casino which was founded in 2002 by their well-known owners Megapixel Entertainment Limited Casinos. Roxy Palace Casino is the ideal casino for any avid online casino fan. With a classic Vegas strip theme, hundreds of bonuses, awesome games and big payouts, Roxy Palace Casino has gone on to become one of the most popular and most frequently played online casinos in the entire online gaming industry. The Roxy Palace Casino headquarters is in Gibraltar and they are licensed/regulated with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission & Gibraltar Gaming Authority.

Website Layout & Design:

Roxy Palace is a well-established online casino which has been operating for well over 10 years and it is now regarded as one of the very best online casinos in the industry of online casino gaming. This awesome casino has lots of features but 2 of the main features which really are very important to any online casino are the design and the layout of the site.

Before heading onto the Roxy Place Casino site, I was quite skeptical because I did not know too much about the company, therefore I did not know what to expect. Luckily the layout turned out to be very good and I was very pleased with it. The first thing which struck me was how neat everything was and how tidy it looked on the site. All of the relevant tabs were situated at the top of the site whilst clear images were placed on the center along with a great array or promotions/bonuses and the bottom of the site features various different licensing agreements, commission and T&C’s. The top right corner is where new players can sign up or existing players can sign in, next to this is the option for players to change the language of the entire site, some of the languages which the site is available in includes English and Canadian. If the players is having trouble finding their preferred casino games then they can simply type it in via the games search bar which can be found on the middle of the homepage towards the left hand side.

Unfortunately the design on the Roxy Palace Online Casino was not good in my opinion and I expected so much more. The site looks dated, old and dull, in addition to this it also gives off a very boring vibe which was a huge disadvantage. Nowadays, all the very best designed online casinos feature vibrant colours, big texts, relevant images, fancy formats etc, however this was certainly not the case with the Roxy Palace Casino and I was very disappointed. The main colours are dark blue and grey which look quiet dull and boring in my opinion, the texts remain one size throughout the site and there is a limited amount of tabs. The tabs are highlighted in a small whit text which is far from eye catching and overall, I must admit that the design could have been miles better. I do hope that Megapixel Entertainment Limited Casinos sort out the issues with the design on Monster Casino in a matter of urgency.


If you are a regular online casino player then you will know how important casino games are to any player and I am pleased to inform you that Roxy Palace Casino offers a fabulous range of casino games to their players which are all of outstanding quality. Players can choose from Roulette, Slots, Blackjack and Jackpot Games. Viewing the games that Roxy Place have to offer is easy and simple, just head to the homepage and click on the games section which can be found towards the top of the site. Alternatively, players can use the search bar and search for the preferred game if they can’t find it on the homepage of the casino site. The casino games search bar is placed on the middle of the homepage.

Customer Support:

Roxy Palace has an excellent customer support team who are on deck 24/7 to deal with any questions, queries or issues which their players may have. Roxy Place customers can get in contact with the company via telephone which is a free phone number, email or live chat. Please note that you should expect a reply within 3-5 days if you submit an email query.

Overall Verdict for Roxy Palace & Monster Casino:

Roxy Palace is a good online casino which really has lots of awesome features and in my opinion, it is one of the best online casinos for bonuses/promotions. Despite the design of this casino not being the best, they certainly make up for it in terms of the layout, bonuses and games which are available to players. So if you would like to play on a decent online casino which is bound to give you some awesome fun and fabulous advantages then make sure you check out Roxy Palace Casino.

Monster Casino is a truly epic online casino which is by far one of my personal favourites of all time. Monster Casino are still newcomers but they have managed to show how good they are in such a short space of time. This casino offers hundreds of bonuses/promotions and offers to their players who are both existing and new players. In addition to this, Monster Casino offers a huge variety of games to their players as well as awesome payouts too! The customer support team are available 24/7 which is another great feature and to make things even better, the Monster Casino site is well laid out and the design is absolutely flawless. Overall, if you are looking to play on a new and fresh online casino which offers lots of fun games, big payouts and enticing promotions as well as a tremendous casino platform to play on which is very well-developed then be sure to try your luck on the Monster Casino!

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