Boku Casino 2020 – Best Boku Deposit Casinos UK

Try out one of these Boku Casinos and play your favourite casino games using your mobile phone today!

About Boku

Let’s go back to where it all began. In 2009, Boku was founded in San Francisco, USA.  If you are struggling to understand its level of hierarchy as a payment service, then to emphasise the size of this company. They operate in over 60 different markets and have made deals with global organisations such as: Spotify, Facebook, PlayStation, Google Play and more!

The minimum transaction that can be made by a customer amounts to £10 and the maximum transaction fee is £30 per day. There are no added fees on top of these transactions either. When you make a deposit with Boku it tends to be instant, therefore as soon as you make the deposit, you can spend the funds.

The only real issue with the payment solution is the lack of casinos who accept Boku that offer as a valid banking method. It is important for players to be located to the right Boku casinos.

How Does It Work

Customers of Boku are able to link their credit or debit card to their account if they wish. This means that when you make a payment, it will go from your bank account to your betting account but through Boku, so basically, they act as the middle man. Boku is a carrier billing service and therefore it works on credit. Customers will not immediately be charged for Boku deposits.

It is paid on credit and then players pay it back when they pay their next phone bill. You may be wondering why you are not charged an excess fee for using Boku. That is because the fee is paid by the casino, so Boku will charge them a little fee for every transaction, hence why not a lot of casinos support the use of Boku. It can sometimes be the case that the casino will attempt to make you pay the extra charge, but this is not normally what happens. Then once you have the funds, you can then play the finest online slots, live casinos and table games/ live dealer games!

Depositing with Boku

It is nice and simple to pay by Boku deposit at online casinos. Although it may seem confusing the way it works, for the customer it is easy to make transactions and makes Boku a good deposit method. The first thing you will need to do of course is ensure that the casino you are playing at has Boku down as a valid payment option.

Once you have confirmed this, you can then enter your mobile phone number in the required field, so that charges can be processed through this number. You will then be asked by your carrier to confirm that you are wanting to make a casino Boku payment. Once this has been successful, the price you have selected to deposit will then be added on top of your phone bill when it is time to make the next payment.

Withdrawing with Boku

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a withdrawal payment via Boku at an online casino or in general. You can only process deposits. This is a negative and possibly an inconvenience for some players. The only way around this is to consider a different withdrawal method. You can continue to make deposits with Boku but will need to then maybe switch over to debit or credit cards when processing a withdrawal.

Boku Slots

Boku doesn’t have any specifc slots, despite what you might have heard. When we refer to ‘Boku slots’ or ‘Boku slot sites, we actually just mean any of the slots which can be found and played at a pay by Boku casino.

Slots are one of the most popular casino games and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can start playing these games for real money when you make a deposit with a Boku casino (UK players especially).

The selection of Boku slots depends on the online casino you’re playing at. These could be anything from the visually impressive video slots to the old-school style fruit machines and everything in-between.

Making a Boku deposit into a casino doesn’t mean you’ll be limited to just online slots. You’ll also be able to choose from and play a variety of games, including blackjack and roulette.

Boku Pros & Cons

Already through this review there has been some advantages and disadvantages to take away from Boku mobile. Some of which are convenient, and others are inconvenient. It is up to you to decide whether or not you value the pros to outweigh the cons. Here are some of the major positives and negatives that we have found using Boku:


  • No Added Fees – Boku do not charge you any added fees for making a transaction. They charge the casino instead and therefore you don’t need to worry about being charged extra. Do check with the casino beforehand as condition apply.
  • Fast Deposits – When you make a deposit at any one of the Boku casinos we’ve listed, the funds should reach your account instantly, you do not have to wait around to spend the money. To be able to pay by phone and have fast deposit speeds, makes Boku very convenient.
  • Levels of Security – There are numerous security barriers in place to ensure that you are not stolen of any funds accidentally or that any payment problems occur from hackers. No unnecessary information is leaked to 3rd parties or even the casino itself, it is kept within Boku. You will know if the casino if safe or not as it will be licensed under a gambling commission.


  • No Withdrawals – Unfortunately there are no withdrawal systems in place, which means that you can only make Boku deposits into your your betting account and you cannot take any funds out. As mentioned earlier, there are ways around this for you to consider. An alternative would be to use another method to make a withdrawal, it depends on how convenient this is for you.
  • Transaction Limits – There is a limit of a £30 transaction per day, which for some players just isn’t enough. Some players need a lot more than this, like hundreds in some cases. There is no way that this could cater for all players and therefore if you plan on making a transaction higher than this amount in a day, you will have to look elsewhere. This isn’t particularly great if you were half way through a slots game for example.

Boku Casino UK

If you’re looking for a pay by Boku casino in the UK, there are only a few unfortunately. For reasons mentioned above, not every casino wants to cater for the payment option. You can see from our list of UK Boku casinos as to which ones are the most rewarding. Some of our favourites include the likes of Cheeky Riches Casino, All British Casino, Fortune Frenzy and more!

Boku Direct

Boku Direct is a strategy that Boku casinos have created to give more ease of paying for players. It allows for faster deposits to betting accounts for those who use Boku. This more convenient for customers instead of having to go through the whole process of having to go through all the security barriers before making a payment. The way it works is that players will enter a quick and easy pin that is sent to their mobile number via SMS. Then using the quick deposit option, players can enter the amount they want to deposit, and it will be sent straight from the mobile to their betting account.

Welcome Bonus

To date, there are no valid welcome bonuses that allow the use of Boku to activate it. This is not just the case for Boku. In fact, for most welcome bonuses, any sort of e-wallet or payment method, like mobile payments, that isn’t a debit card or credit card, cannot claim a welcome bonus. Maybe in the future, as mobile devices become more accepted by casinos, then we could see a Boku casino bonus. Other than that, players can still use mobile phones to claim a welcome bonus as long as they use their debit or credit card as the method of payment. So do look out for a match bonus or some sort of Boku welcome package in the future.


There is no need for customers to question the levels of security for this payment option as it is extremely safe. There are different barriers of safety put in place. One of which is the SMS verification that we mentioned earlier. Where players will be sent a text message once they have entered their phone number in. This has to then be confirmed by the owner of the phone number. There are also other levels of security on the Boku side to make your private information and payments safe. Just as it is with any sort of mobile casinos.

Customer Support

Boku have an excellent customer support team in place that are willing to help you to resolve any issues you are experiencing with payments. They have offices across the globe, including places such as: China, USA, Brazil, Taiwan, Latvia, Singapore, Japan, France, UK, Germany, India. When you wish to contact a member of their team, you can fill out a form that allows you to state what your issue or query is, for them to then help resolve. They also have an FAQ section where you may be able to find the answers you want there.

Which Carriers Support Boku Casino Deposits

There are a number of different Boku casinos. They have managed to partner up with a range of different big named carriers, which include Vodafone and O2. As you can see, Boku do have agreements with some big named carriers that are happy accepting Boku. Boku is also accepted on most casino games as long as it is on the correct casino site.