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PayForIt Casinos UK

PayForIt is a system that allows you to make payments across your mobile phone, directly navigated towards casino systems. This method of payment officially known as a ‘Direct carrier billing’ is arranged via your sim card through billed statements.

What is PayForIt and how does it work?

It’s a highly desired method and has allowed the system being the pioneers for payment methods, because it avoids unnecessary handing out of your financial details such as credit cards, debit cards and bank details. Payments with this method do not even need an internet connection, they are all verified and successful via simple sim text messages.

This method is very much widely accepted as large network corporates such as EE, O2, Vodaphone, and Three all accommodate to this method of payment. Most mobile devices accept the process of funding; therefore, you should not have to query or undergo in-depth research to find out if it does, simply ask your provider for more information.

Think of this method as an agreement between the all parties/ bodies involved in the journey of getting the fees to the correct destination.

Who can use this method?

Due to PayForIt not being an actual brand but a secondary body, it can be used by almost anyone to fund all the live activity undertaken within a casino. Most casinos will accept this method of payment, however if you are unsure, do check-up further within the policy and small print of the casino itself-they will definitely elaborate further and answer more questions on compatibility for you.

If you should so decide to make PayForIt a permanent application for payments, casinos may offer you incentives such as bonus deposit offers, free spins and more to encourage you to spend more within their system and entice you to further gameplay. Casinos have realized in the coming movements and popularity of this method for its safety and security reasons; therefore, are trying to utilize this for their own benefits.

How to use PayForIt?

The system that this procedure uses is very simple, supposedly even simpler then the input and methods of using bank transfers or debit/visa cards, which makes sense as they want to make the experience for the player as easy and swift as possible. Therefore, the procedure is as follows:

Check your casino platform

The first and foremost, most vital step is to check your casino does in fact accept this form of payment within their gaming platforms. It is usually located within the payments section of the online website.

Enter your details

Once the PayForIt platform is confirmed to be used within your casino, you then must deposit your amount within the casino within your profile. You should find PayForIt as an option within their payment page, via a drop down selection or something similar.

Gateway selections

After the PayForIt gateway is input within the system and accepted, you will be transferred to the next step which will essentially as you to enter your phone number after you select ‘Pay now’. This is how the system will accept and sync all the details between the casino and PayForIt systems. This should then generate an invoice/ bill that will be send directly to your PayForIt personal user and networking systems.

Payment Validations

If you receive an SMS directly after the previous steps have undergone, then you know it has gone through successfully. Follow the instructions that are given to you within the text message. This will be used to confirm everything officially (usually don’t so via a SMS sent back).

Conformation and code input

You will receive a further SMS text message that will confirm everything that went through the casino system and further outline the arrangement and payment details that you have agreed too. Input the code that you received within the payment bill via your text message directly into the cash in page of the casino. This should then instantly deposit the cash on your virtual casino wallet!

The PayForIt usage should not charge you for the usage of their software, however the online casino may incur secondary charges for aspects such as over seas transfers etc. Definitely research further into the details via your casino and payment statements.

Advantages of the PayForIt method

PayForIt has many distinctive positive and negative features that will help a user decide if this method is worth using within your gambling pursuits.

Bank systems are not needed

All payments are made directly through your phone billing systems, meaning you will not have to be cautious or worry about putting bank details online within a casino website. You will feel rest assured and secure and no longer in dispute with how to deposit within a system.

Multiple conformation steps

 To actually set this procedure up, you will have to use multiple steps to confirm the amounts you wish to deposit in the casino system, in addition to multiple codes for every transaction. This essentially makes it very difficult for any fraudulent or suspicious activity. Codes that are generated for your usage within the casino site are also set to expire, meaning PayForIt have covered every angle possible in regard to your safety.

Disadvantages of the PayForIt method

Transactions are limited

When you wish to deposit money within the casino platform, you are limited in the amount you can actually deposit. Per transaction with PayForIt, you can only put in £30 within the system, meaning your spending cannot exactly be huge. Yet players may thank this method for helping them spend less money and preserve their cash for rainy days. However, there is a silver lining, if you think this method is rather low in terms of depositing cash to what you are particularly habited to spend. Phone providers will usually agree to increase your limits of deposits in one go if you have a good credit history with them.

Where to find the top mobile casino PayForIt sites in the UK

To locate the right casino that accepts your PayForIt deposit credit is essential for a smooth gambling experience. They all differ in the bonus deals that they offer, and you have to find a way to navigate the best deals. Therefore, extensive research of all the casino competitors out there for what they have to offer is definitely required if you are considering PayForIt as your new and ideal payment method.

FAQs for PayForIt

Is PayForIt safe for me to use?
This method is validated by all mobile networks that reside in the UK, because there are in fact many regulation checks that go underway between you making your deposit with your phone.
Can I use this method for withdrawal of cash?
This method cannot be used to withdraw your winnings within your accounts as its strictly via your phone bills system, similarly to how Boku works. To make a withdrawal from your casino account, you will need to install an E-Wallet of some sorts that acts as secondary/middleman for your payment. The best options out there are PayPal or anything with good security protocols that can retrieve your money in event of fraud.
What are the deposits available for PayForIt?
There is currently a £30 limit available to use in a single transactions, however you may be able to increase it if you ask your personal sim card provider to extend and edit the terms you have agreed on.
What bonuses do Mobile casino sites offer?
As we mentioned previously a few paragraphs up, the bonuses that mobile casinos offer are very similar to the desktop versions-if not better. To have access to gambling within the apps offered by casino sites, could earn you further bonus promotions as casinos want to advocate mobile casinos, more than ever.
What operating system do I need to use to be on PayForIt?
It will work on any device powered by a mobile sim card, meaning this method actually uses your network that your mobile phone has, rather than your actual operating system.