Secrets to Winning on Slot Machines

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Slot machines are brilliant, they provide great fun, look fabulous and payout big sums of money. Everyone who plays on slot machines obviously wants to win but sometimes it is not as easy as it looks and winning on slot machines can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Although we can’t exactly tell you how to win on all slot machines, what we can do is give you some tips and tricks, so on this awesome guide we will be giving you the very best secrets to winning on slot machines.

Choosing Slots with High Payouts/RTP:

This may seem as a very obvious point however lots of slot players overlook it and don’t think that it can enhance their overall slot experience. Choosing a casino which offers quick payouts really is a must and you will be glad to find out that finding a slot which offers high payouts is not hard at all. Nowadays, pretty much every top online slot developer knows what slot players are seeking and high payouts is one of the main things and the most important thing you need to look out for when you have found what you think is a high paying slot is the RTP.

RTP stands for Return to Player and this is the percentage of how much the player could potentially win. RTP’s can be found on the homepage of the slot along with other important information such as the T&C’s and privacy policies.

For example, if you find a slot game with an RTP of 94% then you shall receive £94 for every £100 that you stake. 96% = £96, 97% = £97 etc.

We want to make sure that you fully understand things when reading our guides so this is why we have decided to put together a quick example which will explain exactly how an RTP ranks and what type of RTP’s you should be looking out for if you want to win good money on a slot machines.

  • RTP of 93% or less = Extremely Low
  • RTP of 93%-95% = Low
  • RTP of 95%-97% = Good
  • RTP of 97%-98%= Extremely Good
  • RTP higher than 98% = Exceptional


Although you may not think it, consistency is key when it comes to playing on slot machines and if you are adamant to win big on a slot machine then you need to make sure that you are consistent. All slot players want to win big but many players quit after one or a few tries due to the fact that they get annoyed and think that winning is not possible. Winning after just one try one a slot machine is very rare and if you want to win then you must be consistent and play multiple times until you finally do manage to get that win, being inpatient, inconsistent and giving up easily will not get you anywhere and if that is the type of player you are then you have a very slim chance of winning on a slot machine. Be sure to have lots of patience, be consistent, have confidence, do not give up and continue trying, even if you have setbacks and feel that you aren’t getting anywhere. Soon enough that big win that you have been waiting for will eventually come along and it will feel absolutely fantastic so don’t give up!

Playing on Reliable/Well-Established Slot Machines:

When it comes to wanting to win big whilst playing on slot machines, there are lots of tips and tricks we can give you but one of the most important ones which is also quite obvious is that you should always play on slot machines which are reliable . Many of you may be confused by this statement but luckily, we are here to explain just exactly what we mean.

Nowadays there are thousands of slot machines out there which are available for players to play on but not all of them are reliable and safe, many of these slots tend to con people and not pay them what they were promised as well as not offering a good platform to play on. We understand that this is horrible for any slot player to go through so this is why we always recommend our readers to play on reliable slots. Reliable slots are slot machines who are licensed and regulated with official verified commissions such as the UKGC who have agreements to pay their players and follow up on everything they advertise/state as well as offering their players a good platform to play on. Another reason why you should play on a reliable slot is because the majority of them offer great RTP’s which will assist you in winning big and they also tend to offer great bonuses and promotions.

Place Higher Bets:

After all, if you want to win big then you must stake fairly big and you can’t really expect to win huge sums of money if you are wagering low amounts when playing on a slot machines. Slot Machines are fantastic, they are great fun and pay very well but one thing you must bear in mind is that you have to put the work in too and this means placing a decent amount of money onto the slot in hope of winning some decent cash back.

Think of it this way, why on earth would a slot machine decide to pay you a marvelous amount of money if you are only willing to wager £0.10? Gambling is a business and as much as slot machines are out there to please players and pay well, they also need to make their fair share of money too. These days, the majority of slot players who tend to win big jackpots are the ones who place a reasonable amount on the slot in the first place.

So overall, we would say that if you are looking to win big then be sure to take a few risks and definitely up your game in terms of the amount of money you wish to stake, after all, it could work out extremely well and you are much more likely to win some great cash prizes!

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