Skywind and 888Casino Form Content Partnership

Right at the very end of 2019, the 888Casino group announced a new partnership that would see them increase the number of slot games they had available to their players.

It was announced that they would team up with Skywind, a move that will boost its offering by more than 280 games, including slot games, jackpots and arcade-style classics.

The move is great news for the 888Casino and their players, with a big boost of additional games coming to the site. This is also great timing, with the start of a new year now here, it is a time when many players evaluate their gaming and look for new options in an attempt to have success.

Amongst the new titles coming to the 888Casino from Skywind will be a number of jackpot games for those who like to play with the big win in mind, while they will also bring a number of arcade-style slot games too, perfect for those who love the old classics.

Skywind were formed in 2012 and have built up a nice portfolio of games over the years. They have a license to create games for every regulated market that the 888Casino currently operates in, meaning that every single player on the 888 website will be able to access the new games.

888Casino to Take Advantage of Skywind Engagement Tools

Another part of this deal, and perhaps the part that will become the most important is that the 888Casino now has access to the engagement tools that Skywind produce. These are an important part of their service to casinos, and one of the main reasons why they have grown around the world since launching in 2012.

These tools allow the 888Casino to set up a variety of different things for their players. These can include setting up the ability to give out bonus coins at random, splitting jackpot prizes between multiple players and being able to offer a variety of different tournaments. These can be both based around time playing or amount-based tournaments and will be a great addition to the service that 888Casino currently run.

While having a large portfolio of games is great for casinos, and this boost of more than 280 titles will certainly help the 888Casino, it is the overall casino experience that also needs to be top-notch if players are to stick around and keep playing with the same provider.

This is where these engagement tools will come into play, and 888 will be hoping that they can use these to get players sticking for longer, giving them a better retention rate. Tournaments are popular with players online, as we all love nothing more than beating other people and proving we are the best player, regardless of what the game is. These are sure to be a popular addition to the 888Casino service.

With this deal coming right at the end of 2019, players who play inside the 888Casino in 2020 are going to be in for an enhanced and exciting experience. This won’t be just in the shape of more games being made available, but it will also see more items such as giveaways, tournaments and split jackpots, an exciting time for those on the site.

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