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Best IGT Casinos for 2020

IGT are a world-renowned gambling company who specialize in creating online Casinos and other online games. IGT was founded in 1990 and since then they have developed some of the very best online casinos in the world.

IGT have several major offices which are situated in different places around the world and in 2015 it was announced that IGT had an operating income of $539 million.

Having been operating for over 25 years, IGT are now regarded as true pioneers in the online gaming development industry and their excellent work is frequently recognized, with numerous awards being awarded to the company. IGT have won ‘Platform of the Year’ over 5 times for their great development skills which have been demonstrated on their Online Casinos.

When it comes to the Online Gaming industry, IGT are certainly up there with the very best and they have managed to prove how good they are at what they do on a consistent basis. IGT create hundreds of games every single year, including the world renowned IGT slots casino games which are truly brilliant. We have put together this informative guide to provide you with all the latest information that you need to know about IGT Casinos and slots so be sure to read on and take it all in.

Top features on IGT Casinos:

If you are a fan of online gambling then I’m sure that you will have definitely heard of IGT games and what they have to offer. IGT work really hard to please their punters and this is clear to see from the top features that they offer to their punters. In this part of the page I will be going through some of the top features that you will be able to find when playing on the best IGT casinos in 2020 so be sure to check them out.

The first feature which I think is absolutely brilliant when it comes to playing on IGT casinos is the wide range of games. IGT as a company are well-known for looking after their customers and they have clearly shown this by offering dozens of excellent games which are really fun to play on. Players can choose from a great range which includes blackjack, slots, roulette and lots more which are guaranteed to provide hours of fun and potentially high returns.

Another awesome feature has to be the big payouts which IGT are renowned for and this has helped them attract lots of players who choose to sign up with hopes of winning big money! The RTP’s do vary but they tend to be pretty similar on most games and they are usually displayed in a percentage format along with the terms & conditions and other important information that players need to know about.

In my opinion the graphics on IGT Casinos are great, not only do they look good because of the clear quality but they also go well with the themes of the games. The developers have clearly worked hard to make sure that all of their images/animations they provide on their games are relatable with what the game is about and I’m sure you will rate them highly so be sure to have a look.

Good customer support is essential for when it comes to online casinos and with this in mind I am very pleased to inform you that IGT have got an awesome range of customer support methods for their players to take advantage of if any questions need answering or any issues need solving. Common methods of support include email, telephone, social media platforms such as Twitter/Facebook and also the live chat feature which is available 24/7.

Mobile Casino sites

The world of online betting is one the rise by the day but one type of online betting which is taking the world by storm is mobile casino betting. Millions of people are now choosing to play on their favourite online casinos via their mobile phone and because of this the top developers in the industry are constantly releasing new mobile casinos which are doing really well in terms of success.

There are various different reasons as to why Mobile Casino sites are so popular but one of the main reasons is because of the great convenience that they offer. These well-designed casino sites allow players to have the exact same fun and large payouts that they would on a desktop site with the only difference being that they can play from their mobile phone from wherever they may be in the world! Pretty much all of the IGT mobile casinos can be downloaded for free off the app store/play store and they are available on several different devices such as iOS/Android phones.

IGT Live Casino sites

One of the latest trends in the world of online gaming in recent years is live dealer table games. These types of games have taken the industry by storm and millions upon millions of players all around the world are choosing to play on them every single day with the hopes of having tons of fun and potentially get rich too!

IGT are constantly developing live casino sites and they are not hard to find at all as they are advertised pretty much everywhere which is great of course. Live casino sites feature a live dealer who deals the cards in front of the player live and as well as this there is a chat bar for players to communicate with the dealer whilst playing.

Top IGT slot games

There are various types of games when it comes to the online gaming industry and IGT tend to work very hard to please their punters by developing some top games that are loved by their punters. Slot games have been on the rise over the past few years and if you are a familiar with the online gaming world then you will know that IGT create some of the very best slot games.

You can expect so much when playing on the top slot games by IGT and we definitely recommend them to anybody who is reading this page. We have got all of the best IGT slot games listed on our site so make sure you check them out as we guarantee that you will have an excellent time when playing on them.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about IGT

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about IGT slots and casinos along with their answers so be sure to check them out.

Are IGT Casinos safe to play on?

Now this is a question which we frequently get asked and the answer to this is yes. IGT are a well-established company who have been operating for many years and with so much experience they are regarded as a top company who are safe to play with.

One of the main reasons why IGT as a company have done really well is because they offer exceptional security and safety features to their players. The finest encryption is used to ensure that no third parties or hackers can access the personal details of punters, this includes bank details and personal information such as name and address.

All of the games which have been developed by IGT have got all of the official licensing and regulations which are needed to make an online casino or slot game safe.

Do IGT offer bonuses and promotions to their players?

Yes, IGT are well-known for offering great bonuses and promotions to their players and I think it is fair to say that these incentives really are useful in a variety of ways. All of the bonuses and promotions that are available on the IGT Casinos and slot games can usually be found on the homepages of the sites or under the ‘promotions’ tab.