Best IGT Casinos for 2019

Take a look at the best IGT casinos for 2019. We’ve ranked and reviewed all of the best IGT casinos. Check out the table below and see whos made the top of our list:

Our Top 20+ IGT Casinos

IGT are a fabulous gambling company who first started in 1981. IGT specialize in Online Casinos and the range of IGT SLOTS they have created along with hundreds upon hundreds of Casino games during their time in the industry. IGT have various different offices which are all situated in different parts of the world, including London and New York. As of 2016, IGT had an overall income of $550 million.

Due to the fact that they have been operating for over 35 years, IGT are regarded as well-established pioneers who have done extremely well in the online casino industry. Due to the fact that IGT have worked on some brilliant casino games, they have won lots of awards for their good work and some of the most notable awards include the ‘Platform of the Year’ award and the ‘Software Giants’ award.

In terms of the online gambling industry, IGT have ensured that they are up there with the best companies and they always manage to show how good they are on a very consistent basis! IGT create lots of casino games every single yea, this is includes IGT slots sites , poker and blackjack too.


IGT Slots Fact:

IGT really are a tremendous company for online gaming development and they have had a huge boom period over the past couple of years, with the business growing and millions of people playing on online casinos with IGT slots every year. Even though IGT gaming systems are a famous company who have been around for over 35 years, some people don’t know everything about the company and would like some more information about them. So because of this, we have decided to form a short list which states some of the most interesting IGT facts.

  • IGT = International Game Technology.
  • As of 2019, IGT operate on 36 listed casinos.
  • Marco Sala is the CEO of IGT.
  • $4.69 billion was the estimated revenue of IGT in 2015.
  • The headquarters for International Game Technology is in Central London.
  • IGT have several offices, some of which are in the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Why Should I Play on IGT Casinos?

IGT put together some awesome Casino Games and IGT Casinos are absolutely marvelous. Due to this, there are so many different reasons as to why you should play on IGT Casinos, however if we were to state every single reason, we would be here for a very long time! So to cut time, we have put together a brilliant list which states the top reasons why you should try your luck on an IGT online casino.

  • Safe and Secure. IGT casinos are renowned for being safe and secure. IGT Sots  & casinos are licensed with the United Gambling Commission (UKGC) and they hold all the official licensing. You can certainly feel very safe when playing on a reliable IGT Casino.
  • Fabulous range of games. IGT casinos have plenty of games for their punters to choose from, some of which include slot games, poker games and blackjack.
  • Great payouts. This is one of the main reasons why IGT casino games are so popular. IGT offer some awesome payouts to their winning punters, so if you are looking for a good casino game which pays out good sums of money, make sure you take a look at what IGT have to offer.
  • Reliable. IGT are a very reliable company who are well-established and are true pioneers in their industry. When betting on an IGT casino, you can be sure that you are betting on a reliable casino which will payout on time and offer you all the relevant support if you need it.
  • IGT Slots for PC are very details and offer a great casino experience for the user.

Best IGT Slot / Casinos + Offers.

Here are some of the very best IGT Casinos and their offers which bettors can take advantage of.

  1. 888 Casino. £88 No Deposit Bonus.
  2. All British Casino. 100 Free Spins.
  3. Betfair Casino. 20 Free Spins.
  4. Betfred Casino. 50 Free Spins
  5. BetVictor Casino. £70 Bonus
  6. Dice Den Casino. £50 Bonus.

Pros & Cons of IGT Casinos:

As you already know, IGT are a fabulous online gaming company who have developed some of the very best online casinos in the world and because of this, they have lots of top advantages which have made them immensely popular amongst casino players. Although IGT have lots of pros and good points, there are also some cons too which we think you should take into consideration. So to give you a clear insight of what to expect when you are playing on IGT Casinos, we have put together some pros and cons which are placed below.


  • IGT have a Dedicated team just for Casino Games.
  • Big payouts. IGT offer big payouts on their games and the RTP’s tend to be larger than most online casinos.
  • Unique selection of games. IGT offer a unique selection of games. The casino games on IGT are very different in comparison to the games that other online casino companies offer.
  • They offer a number of igt slot machines manual to help guide you though the playform
  • IGT Support are very helpful and have a quick turn around time to answer your questions


  • Poor Responsiveness. Many IGT players have complained about the poor responsiveness on the IGT slot games.
  • Inconsistency. Unfortunately, IGT are quite inconsistent when it comes to releasing new games. Many gambling companies release new games on a daily basis but this is not the case for IGT.

IGT Casino Sites on Mobile and Tablet Devices:

The world of online casinos is absolutely massive and it is constantly growing. These days, the vast majority of bettors choose to play on their chosen online casinos via their tablet or mobile phone device. There are many reasons why punters decide to do this but the main reasons are because it is extremely convenient to do, portable and also very quick, rather than using a laptop or computer.

I am pleased to inform you that all IGT Casinos and Casino Games are available on tablet and mobile phone devices. Simply download your desired casino from the app store and get cracking! All you need is a compatible device and a stable internet connection. The most popular devices which punters use for mobile/tablet betting are iOS/Android mobile phone devices, as well as iPads and Samsung Tablets.