Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming are one of the most respected software companies in the casino industry, providing games to some of the biggest casino operators in the world! They also provide players with some of their own unique online casinos.

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About Yggdrasil Gaming

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Yggdrasil Gaming are an iGaming software that are based in Malta. They were founded back in 2013, which if you compare to some of the other software giants in this industry, that isn’t that long. If you compare them to Microgaming, they’ve been around since 1994!

Yggdrasil was created by Fredrik Elmqvist, which some players might have heard of before, due to the fact that he was a former CEO of Net Entertainment, one of the best software developers in the industry. The reason he founded this software company was to innovate the gaming industry and create casino games which are more technologically advanced than anything we currently have out there.

Despite being new, they have attracted a lot of good attention thanks to their creations. Their technology that they have used in their games and software has been considered “state-of-the-art”. They also have a lot of time for their customers and will support them as much as they need.

Yggdrasil Gaming are licensed under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and also the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority. This ensures that their casinos and games abide by strict laws in place to ensure the safety and fairness of customers. This way, you do not need to worry about unfair games or bonuses, as everything is put through thorough testing to make sure they are not misleading.

Mobile Casino Games

Mobile gaming has massively increased the popularity of online casinos, due to how convenient it is for players to be able to play their favourite casino games, from their smartphone or tablet device. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a new casino game or platform that isn’t mobile optimised based on the fact that the market is shifting more mobile and that is the preference for a lot of players to play.

Yggdrasil Gaming have made all of their games and platform mobile optimised in order to make it more efficient for their players and attract more customers. Yggdrasil have in fact developed all of their games with their HTML5 iSense platform, which has massively improved their content, especially for the purpose of mobile gaming.

The slot games that Yggdrasil have produced use a simple but luxurious sort of design that come with excellent graphics, features and not to forget the soundtracks that they add, which can really improve a slot game. They cover a range of different slot themes, which they know a lot of customers will enjoy. Even though there are other developers which have produced slots under the same theme, Yggdrasil Gaming do their best to make theirs as unique and different as possible. They don’t want their online slots to just be about spinning the wheels, they want their games to have more engagement and features for players, which could be through visual effects and bonus features.

It is not just slot games that they have in their gaming library, they also have a range of table games and other casino games. This includes scratch cards, lotto games, keno games and more.

Gaming Software Platforms

There have been several different pieces of software launched by Yggdrasil Gaming, which has really given them a good name and proved to us that they do have the finest technology in the industry. Their innovating software has included Super Free Spins, iSence and also Infinite API. The free spins are quite self-explanatory as to what that does and how it can improve the gaming experience of a player. The iSence software 2.0 really changed the mobile gaming world in terms of browser limitations. The Infinite API is a software that helps to boost player engagement, therefore there are lots of casinos that want this platform.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Yggdrasil Gaming

There are a lot of positives to Yggdrasil Gaming, hence why they are a popular and recommended software developer. Below, you can find a list of these advantages, ironed out. There are also some disadvantages that critics have labelled on the software, which might be something for Yggdrasil to consider adapting in the future.


  • They are an innovative software provider with cutting edge technology and platforms
  • Award winning software
  • High quality games with a lot of winning possibilities
  • Creative in-game features
  • A licensed casino software


  • Most of the games that Yggdrasil produce are slots – they could potentially create more table games for their players
  • A lot of their slot games have been notified to have high variances, which isn’t a preference to a lot of players

Yggdrasil Gaming Bonuses & Promotions

Although it has been said that on some of their games, bonuses can be few and far between, there’s no denying the fact that when a bonus does land, it can be massively rewarding. They like to spoil loyal customers and make them feel special, so that they don’t decide to go and join up with another casino.

The promotions are always changing, that is why it is best to sign up as soon as you can and get your hands on them before they disappear. Yggdrasil Gaming also offer some slot tournaments for players to enter in, which can have huge rewards.

As we have mentioned earlier, one specific type of bonus that Yggdrasil like to hand out to players, are free spins. Free spins are specific to slot games. These bonuses can be massively rewarding, and they are not really a loss to a casino and therefore are literally handed out like they are nothing at some casinos. Yggdrasil Gaming thought that bringing out a new free spins feature for their customers would keep them interacting with their casinos and the games that the free spins are valid for, this feature does work and customers have proven to taking a liking to the free spins.

Free Play

There are in fact a number of free play Yggdrasil casino games and demo mode games available for customers to play. Most of the Yggdrasil games come with demo versions, this means that you can try their slot games for free, without wagering a single penny. This will allow you to gain experience on the game before you then gamble funds. Being able to experience a game for free first will give you the advantage of seeing how the game works, potentially putting a strategy in place for the game to then win some money. Of course, you may play it and then decide that you don’t like that particular game so you can then go and try another game. These games can also be played for free on mobile.

Customer Support

Yggdrasil Gaming have a range of contact support methods in place. Therefore, if you are playing at a casino of theirs and you start experiencing some sort of betting issues or you have any queries, you can contact the casino directly and they will deal with your issue. You can contact them via email, live chat and telephone support. If you do in fact go onto the Yggdrasil website, all of their contact details are on there. You can find their email and also the phone number. Yggdrasil are also active on Twitter and YouTube.


Yggdrasil Gaming are an award-winning casino software. Their portfolio and awards really speak for themselves and do all the talking for this software, therefore instead of having a review based on opinion, let’s make it more factual and take a look at the different awards that they have won.

IN 2013, they won “game of the year” with their excellent online slot game Jokerizer. This game was praised for the excellent and unique design and keeps the player’s adrenaline going. This is one of the most recommended slot games in the industry.

Yggdrasil Gaming has also won a lot of rewards more recently, which include the 2016 EGR B2B Award for the “slot provider of the year”, the 2016 International Gaming Awards “iGaming Software Supplier of the Year”, then also a 2015 EGR B2B Award as Software Rising Star. You can find all of their awards on their site.