the history of boku

Boku is a massively popular payment method that is used across a range of online platforms. It is the main service for UK phone bill deposits. Boku was founded back in 2009, which means that it has years of experience and expertise in order to become one of the best mobile payment services. It was in fact one of the first mobile billing payment methods.

E-wallets, like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller, work in a similar way in the sense that Boku process your payments to you. The only difference is that e-wallets will process payments from your bank account, where as Boku use your monthly phone bill or phone credits.

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How does Boku Work?

Boku works by allowing players to make deposits and payments using their monthly phone bill, or existing phone credits. Therefore, you can get charged for the deposit at the end of the month with our phone bill or using phone credits. No payments are made instantly, this helps Boku to be an extremely fast method of payment.

Making a deposit using Boku can be done with great ease and literally in under a minute! If you were going to make a deposit at an online casino, for example Bet365 Boku casino, then you will firstly need to visit the casino, choose the deposit option and select “Boku Pay with Mobile”. Then after this, you will need to enter the amount that you wish to deposit and also enter your mobile telephone number. You can deposit as little as £3 and as much as £30 per day. Finally, you will be sent a verification message through to your mobile phone and then all you need to do, is reply “Y”.

The History of Boku

Before it was all changed to Boku, the company was originally called Vidicom LTD and was founded in 2003. In 2009, Marc Britto and Ron Hirson’s services were secured and the company incorporated Boku Inc. Boku was launched in America in 2009, along with Mobilcash and Paymo.

Since it first arrived, Boku has expanded massively, having connected to 173 different carriers and is launched in over 50 different markets. In 2013, Boku announced the aquasition of Qubecell, who is India’s largest company in carrier billion. This was a plan in place to grow in India and use them as its technology hub. Boku has bought a range f other mobile payment method companies across the world in order to grow themselves and remove competition, with the likes of Mobileview and Mopay. In 2016, they announced that they have offices all across the world. This truly shows how far they have come.

Benefits of Boku

Boku is completely free to register with. You do not need to pay to sign up with Boku, which makes it so easily accessible. There are no hidden fees with Boku, the amount you deposit is the amount it will cost on your phone bill. Even the verification texts that you are sent and that you respond to are also free.

Boku is also unique as there is no registration process. Other methods of payment can have long winded registration processes that can be very inconvenient for customers. All you need to do is supply Boku with your contact number.

This method of payment is extremely safe and secure, this can be something that customers heavily worry about when it comes to payment methods, they do not like to disclose their private information with a casino, because they are trusting the casino with their bank details, where as will Boku, they don’t give this information to the casino and instead all they can see is your phone number. The way you verify your mobile number is by confirming it on the verification message. This is so simple and efficient for a customer who wants to get started and play their favourite casino games.

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