Three Basic Tips for New Slot Players

New slot players who take a look at the service on offer and the games that are available to play are probably a little overawed at first. Don’t worry though, we have all been there in the past. The key to enjoying your slot gaming is to take small steps to begin with and move onto the more complex, bigger games in the future. If you rush into this straight away, you are likely to get confused and potentially put off from continuing your gaming.

If you are new to slots then here are three basic tips that will get you started in the right way so that you can enjoy your gaming.

Look for Themes you Love

This is dependant on what you like in life, but it is always a good start to stick with game themes that you love, as they will enhance your gaming. For example, if you like football then look for a football-themed slot, if you like a particular TV or movie then look for slots based around that.

For those who don’t really have anything to go with, simple themes that are easy to understand are those such as fruit-based themes and gem themes. This will usually offer simple symbols that you can quickly get used to, so you know which ones you want to land on the reels.

Go for something you don’t know and this is where the problems begin. For example, if you don’t like Game Of Thrones and have never watched it, playing on the Game Of Thrones slot is not for you. The theme, symbols and gameplay is all based on the TV show so you wouldn’t understand what was happening or what the symbols stood for.

Look for Simple Games

There is nothing easier to relax and play than a simple three-reel slot with a few symbols, no fancy features and no additional games. When you are an experienced gamer, these games won’t have enough for you to play them, but as a newcomer they are perfect.

These simple games are what new players should be looking out for, they offer a slimline version of slot gaming that is perfect for people who are finding their feet. The appeal of these games won’t be with you forever, you will want to move on from them, but don’t disregard them as a starting point.

Low Volatility and High RTP%

This is the part that requires some research from you, but it is one that will help you in the early stages. Confidence plays a big part in any form of gambling, and slot gaming is no different. When you log onto your casino you want to feel good about your chances of winning and not feel down and defeated before you have spun the reels.

To do this, you should look to target specific games when you are first playing. These are low vitality games that have a high RTP%. Low volatility games will not offer huge jackpots like some, but they do offer regular payouts for players. This means while you may not win big, you win often, and there is nothing better for confidence than landing winners. If you sit there for 50 spins and don’t win anything because you are aiming high for a big jackpot then you will be quickly disheartened.

The RTP% on a game is the return to player per cent, so basically how much it pays out. The higher this number, the bigger payout percentage the machine will pay, something else that works in your favour.

While you may want to chase big jackpots later down the line and will be happy to go through periods of large losses if you are looking to build confidence early then small, regular wins are the best way to do that.

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