Three Card Games to Play Against the Dealer in an Online Casino

Card games are popular with casino players, but the majority of players will simply stick with blackjack and not try anything else out. However, there is more to online casino gaming in the card section than just blackjack, so here are three games, including blackjack, that you should check out next time you log on to your online casino.


This is the king in terms of casino card games, and if you have never played a card game before then this is probably the best place to start. There is nothing better than a mind game against the dealer as you try to win the battle and take home a profit from your blackjack gaming.

Blackjack is a simple game, the nearest player to 21 in total from the cards they have is the winner. You get two cards to begin with and you choose whether to stick with your total or take another card. Be careful though, if you go over 21 you bust and will lose the hand.

The reason why many people love to play blackjack is because it is a test of your mind, you don’t rely solely on luck or if the slot game is ready to payout, you can influence the game and your profit with the decisions you make. This isn’t for those who want to sit back and relax while watching a slot game play, you need to be switched on here, and ready to make some important decisions as the cards are dealt by the dealer. Alternatively, some sites will allow their players to play free blackjack, which can be a great way to practice, before you start playing for real money.

Blackjack is, and probably always will be, the number one card game played by people inside online casinos. This is a battle between you and the dealer, and players can have hours of fun taking on their dealer when they log on to play this.


Baccarat is quite a simple game that follows a very strict path and for that reason, many people are happy to give it a go. It takes a little time to get used to the game, but when you are there, this is one game you can follow with ease if that is what you are looking for.

You can place three different bets on baccarat, either yourself to win, the banker to win or a tie, which makes it different to blackjack where you are always backing yourself to win. Bets on yourself pay evens, bets on the dealer pay evens minus a house commission and bets on the tie pay 9/1, so you get slightly better odds backing yourself to beat the dealer compared to the other way round.

To win, your bet needs to be on the highest hand, while a tie is self-explanatory, and wins if both hands are the same. Scores are from 0-9, with only single digits counting, so for example if you have a 10 and a 6 dealt to you, your game score is 6. An ace counts as one in this game, so an ace combines with a 5 will give you a total score of 6.

Those who are used to playing blackjack will find the betting slightly different here as you can bet against yourself if you wish. However, the game follows a simple path, the rules are easy to understand and it is another game where you go against the dealer, so if you are looking for a new game to try then this is certainly one to consider.

3 Card Poker

Three card poker, which is also known as tri card poker by some people is a quickfire, two-player battle version of poker, which is of course hugely popular. With many players at the table, standard poker takes time to play and some players don’t have that time any more, which is why this game has become so popular. Three card poker offers fans of poker the chance to play a quick game similar to it, and still get the feeling of playing against someone as you go against the dealer.

You get three cards in this game, just like the dealer does and no more are dealt, which makes this game much quicker than the standard version of poker. Each winning bet has a fixed payout attached to it, which makes things a little easier to understand for those who are new to poker.

This isn’t hugely popular, but it is a game that attracts two types of players. The first is those who enjoy playing poker but don’t have the time to play the full version anymore, by playing three card poker you can still get your fix, while not using up all of your free time. The second is players looking for new card games to play.

Although called poker, this is very different from the standard poker game you may not like. It pits you against the dealer in a similar way to what blackjack does, while also offering a slightly more complex game to follow through, so if you are looking for a challenge then this could be the game for you to move onto.

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