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There are many people who play inside casinos, either online or at their local hall. This is an incredibly popular pastime, but do you know about the history of casinos and other facts about them? If you want to learn something about this then here are 10 interesting casino facts that you might not know about.

#10 Online Casinos Have Been in Operation for More Than Two Decades

It feels like the online casino boom started yesterday, but this goes back much further. It is over two decades ago that the first online casino was created, back in 1996. Which site was the first online casino remains unclear, with two companies claiming they had the first.

InterCasino Was the First Ever Online Casino

InterCasino has said their site was the first online casino created, and this is a casino that is still active now. However, The Gaming Club are also staking claim to the title too. They are not in existence, but the company behind them was Microgaming, who has since become one of the biggest casino game developers in the world.

#9 The First Casino Was in Italy

You have to go all the way back to 1638 to find when the first casino was opened. This was in Venice, Italy and the casino was named the Ridotto. Translated to English, this means private room. This is essentially what it was, a private room for gamblers to go and play games of chance to try and win money.

During this time in Venice, there was a number of street vendors offering players the chance to play these games, and the authorities were struggling to keep on top of them. Rather than continue their efforts to stop them, instead, they opened this casino to control and regulate them.

#8 The Name Casino Comes from the Italian Language

After reading that the first casino created was in Venice, it should be no surprise to find out that the name casino comes from the Italian language. This is something we can date all the way back to that first casino opening, so when you refer to a casino yourself, you know that you are using the same name for it as the Italians used in Venice nearly 400 years ago.

The Word "Casino" comes from Italian

#7 Most Casinos Don’t Have Clocks

This isn’t something that all casinos follow, but it is what most of them do. This all goes back to a time when casinos were doing all they could to ensure players spent as much time and money in the casino as possible. Without a clock to show the time, people would often lose track of what time it was and spend hours inside playing games.

#6 Citizens in Monaco Cannot Gamble in Monaco Casinos

The small principality of Monaco is known for being a playground for the rich and famous. At any one time inside Monaco, some of the richest people in the world are likely to be found. It is no surprise they have a casino for people to play, but who can play in there may come as a surprise to you.

The establishment was opened for rich foreign visitors to play inside, and locals are not allowed to enter. ID checks are made on the door to prevent this, so if you are a resident in Monaco and want to play inside a casino, you will have to go elsewhere.

#5 The Delivery Company FedEx Survived Through Gambling

You will know FedEx as one of the biggest delivery companies in the world now, but during the 1970’s they went through a period of struggles. The company CEO, Mr Smith, was down to his last $5000 and the company appeared to be on the brink.

FedEx Owner turned $5000 into $27,000 at casinos in vegas

He took the $5000 to Las Vegas with him, gambled it successfully and turned it into $27000. That helped him keep the company afloat, and they then went on to have the success we see today.

#4 The Man Who Risked It All

One of the most famous casino stories is of an Englishman from Kent, who risked everything he had on one spin of the roulette wheel. Ashley Revell sold all his possessions, including all of his clothes and travelled to Las Vegas with the money he had, which was $135,000. He went to the roulette wheel and placed the full amount on red. Luckily for him, he won and took $270,000 back home to England with him.

#3 Slot Machines are the Most Popular Casino Game

When it comes to the games that people play, slot games are the most popular casino games. This is no surprise and something that has been helped hugely by the rise of online gambling, as we now see a fantastic range of themes to choose from for those betting on slots.

This is seen to bigger effect in the western world, but over in Asia, the most popular game is Baccarat, which is played by millions every year. Over 60% of casino players said that their favourite method of playing was to play on slot games, while blackjack and roulette came second and third in the survey.  

#2 The World’s Top Casino City Is….

Not Las Vegas! That will be the first place that springs to mind when you think of where casino gaming takes place around the world. However, in terms of revenue, the largest casino city in the world is Macau, China.

The biggest casino city in the world: Macau

The city has over 33 casinos in operation right now, offering players a fantastic choice of where to play. On top of this, the sheer volume of players and money spent in the area is incredible. For the past few years now, Macau has had a gambling revenue of over $2 billion, and if the figures are an indication of the future then it is only going to get bigger.

#1 The Largest Casino in the World Is….

Also, something you will find in Macau. The title of the largest casino in the world goes to The Venetian Macau. Not only is this a big casino, but it also ranks as one of the biggest buildings in the world, currently standing at 7th in the list of the world’s biggest building in terms of square foot.

Spanning a huge 10,500,000 square feet, this is a huge place and something that attracts gamblers from all over the world, just so they can say they have been inside and played in the largest casino in the world.

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