What are the Different Types of Roulette?

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Many people know and enjoy the game roulette, and it is more than likely you will play one variation of the game. There are actually many available, with three main variations of the game on offer online, some people are not aware of this. The three types are European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette, and you will be able to play any of the three inside many online casinos if you wish to try them out. Some casinos will even give you the option to play roulette for free.

European Roulette

The most commonly played game in the UK is European Roulette, this is likely what you will have seen if you have been to a real-life casino, and what you will see the most of when you login to an online casino. There are many strategies for roulette, which you can learn and use to win you more money.

The game has one zero on the wheel, and the other numbers go from 1-36. These are the same numbers as you see on other wheels, but American Roulette has two zeros on the wheel, so one extra number. This means the winning chances are slightly higher in European Roulette, with the casino taking a smaller margin on this game so if you are strictly looking at which game gives you the best chance of winning then it is European Roulette.

American Roulette

Those from America will know this version of the game, this is what you see inside the American casinos if you have been there. The game is popular online, and even if you are playing with a European casino, you will more than likely have the option of playing this game if you wish to.

The game works in exactly the same way as European Roulette, for those who have never played it before with the exception being that there are two zeros on the wheel. One is the standard zero, while the other is a double zero so they are separate numbers on the wheel, and you can bet on one or both of them to come out if you wish.

The payouts from this roulette wheel are the same as the European game, something else that will help players who wish to move over and give American Roulette a try. However, this means a slightly lower chance of winning because of the additional number, and a larger margin for the casino to take home, so as far as the payout percentage of this game goes, this is less than European Roulette.

French Roulette

Of the three different versions of roulette mentioned here, French Roulette is certainly the least popular and some casinos do not offer this game. However, if your casino does then you have probably wondered what it is and how it varies from standard European Roulette.

The wheel used is exactly the same as the European Roulette wheel, so it is easy to transfer over in terms of the wheel you are playing with. However, betting is different on this version and that is what you need to look out for.

There are four different sections of the wheel which you can bet on and this is in place of neighbouring bets, which are not available in French Roulette. This means betting opportunities are fewer, so if you like to place a lot of bets, especially if some of those are neighbouring bets then French Roulette is not for you.

The reason why some people play this game is that it is the original and oldest form of the game. It is regarded as one of the first casino games that was made available for players, and because of this those who are traditionalists or those who want to experience the first version of roulette will turn to this one.

Other Forms of Roulette Available

There are some other forms of roulette available, although these are not very popular. You may see games such as multi-wheel roulette and others available inside your casino site, but these have failed to get much attention so far. There is a chance they could become popular in the future but for now, it is best to concentrate on the three versions above.

Whatever you choose to play is entirely your choice, the game that makes you feel comfortable and suits your betting style is always the best way forward. If you are unsure which that is then don’t be afraid to try out the different types and see which one you click with. This is the best way to work out which is for you, rather than relying on what other people tell you as just like other types of gaming, playing roulette is a very personal thing, and what your friends like may not be what you like.

Being a hugely popular game with players, casinos are always looking to find new ways of improving their roulette games for us, to keep their current players and attract new ones. With this in mind, it is always worth checking out the latest news to see if any improvements are on the way that may be of interest of you.

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