What is the Difference Between a Mobile App and a Mobile Site for Casinos?

mobile apps vs browser casinos

Mobile gaming has been on the rise for the past few years, and if things go as expected then it will rise again further in 2020. More people are turning to it for the convenience factor, while many are also heading that way because they simply don’t have the time to dedicate themselves to a casino session on a computer. There are many gamers who would like to play more but can’t due to time or other commitments, and it is for these people that mobile gaming offers them the chance to keep playing.

Those who have still not made the jump across yet, or maybe have done recently, will see that there are two options when it comes to playing on either a mobile phone or tablet. These are to download an app and leave it on your device, accessing the games that way or to load up the website through your mobile browser and play as and when you want to without a download.

Both have advantages and disadvantages attached to them, and both suit different types of gamers, so here is a look in-depth at each one to see which you should choose when you make the move to go mobile. It is worth pointing out here that while all casinos offer you the chance to play on their site through a mobile browser, not all offer an app, so if you want to have an app then you need to check your chosen casino has one.

Mobile App

This is a gaming method designed for convenience and having an app on your phone will make your life very easy. Simply download the app from your casino or the app store you get your software from and install it on your phone.

From here with just one click and a quick log in you will be able to access as many games as you like. The applications are built to the highest standard, with enhanced security so you can deposit funds using one with ease, and they are regularly updated by the casino to add games and features for you.

These apps are specifically designed by each casino, so they can put into them exactly what they want. This means you will notice they are lightning fast. The layout will be very similar to the main website and some of them will even keep you logged in, or offer a simple way to log back in, rather than typing in your full account username and password.

If you are looking for a downside to having an app on your phone then the only one that could cause people a problem is the fact that you have to have the app downloaded on your phone. If you don’t have too much space on your phone then this could be taking up vital room when there is an alternative of using a browser that doesn’t take up any additional space on your phone as you already have it on there.

Mobile Browser

Playing inside a casino using your mobile browser is in theory exactly the same as logging onto their site through your computer, with everything enhanced and optimised so that it works brilliantly on a small screen. Developers work on the mobile version of casino websites to ensure they adapt well to smaller screens and you can see everything that is going off, rather than missing a little bit because the screen is smaller.

These sites are also optimised to run quicker on mobile devices, full sites would take longer to load and browsing gaming menus would take time, but that doesn’t happen as the site is a streamlined version of the main site. This means it offers the games you know and love, but does so in a smaller and compact way, which improves loading times and navigation around the site. These all require a strong internet connection to be seen to their best effect though that shouldn’t be too much of an issue when you consider how much mobile internet has improved over the last decade.

One area where a mobile browser cannot compete with an app is accessibility. When you want to play on your favourite casino games through a mobile browser you have to head to that browser app, type in the website you wish to visit then log into the page using your username and password. This is all much more than simply pressing on an app you have downloaded to play games, and this is an area where using a mobile browser simply cannot compete.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile App and Mobile Browser Gaming

How you play casino games on your mobile device will be down to personal preference, but to round things off, here are some advantages and disadvantages of both ways in which you can play the games.

Advantages of Gaming on a Mobile App

  • The app is specifically designed for gaming by your casino
  • Super quick access, just a couple of taps and you can be playing games
  • Enhanced security for making payments to top up your account

Disadvantages of Gaming on a Mobile App

  • Download required, which could take up vital memory on your phone

Advantages of Gaming on a Mobile Browser

  • No need to download, perfect for infrequent players or those struggling with phone memory
  • Website set out very similar to the main site so you will know your way around
  • Site optimised to look great on small screens

Disadvantages of Gaming on a Mobile Browser

  • Takes time to visit site and login compared to an app


The choice of playing on a mobile app or inside a mobile browser is up to you, and hopefully, the advantages and disadvantages above will help make that decision a little easier for you. Those who are going to game regularly will be better off downloaded and using an app if they have the room to store it, as playing on an app is much easier and faster to access.

However, if you don’t intend to play too much then you may find it pointless keeping an app on your phone when you only play once a month, this is where a mobile browser works well. Although it takes a little longer to load the site and games up on a browser, you won’t mind this as you don’t do it too often, and it saves memory on your phone.

The good news is that whatever you choose, due to the huge competition surrounding mobile gaming, bookmakers are putting a lot of time and effort into both services. This means whether it is a mobile app or a mobile browser you use to get to your games, people will have spent hours and a lot of money to ensure that it is as good as it can possibly be to use.

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