What Should Gamblers be Looking to Improve on in 2020?

Ways to improve at gambling in 2020

At the start of a new year, it is always good to look at what you have been doing with your gambling over the past few months and work out if there are many things you need to change. It doesn’t matter what type of gambler you are, from sports punters to casino players and even bingo players, everyone can look at what they are doing and find ways to improve things.

There are many factors that will come together while you are gambling and these will determine whether you are successful or not. Success is measured differently for each person, just because you are not making thousands doesn’t mean you are not successful. The same applies to those who are doing well, don’t rest on your laurels because you are making money, even the most successful punters could find a way to improve their game and make even more money.

Being the best possible gambler, you can be, and having the most knowledge about gambling is arguably the most important thing to have. If you are a sports punter and have an excellent track record when it comes to picking winners, that won’t always translate into big profit if you are a poor gambler.

To be a good gambler, you need to have the right mindset. This means being knowledgeable, being open to learning more about gambling and having the right discipline to install everything you know and put it into practice.

A Gamblers Knowledge

If you want to make a good amount of money from gambling then you need to have excellent knowledge of your chosen subject. It doesn’t matter what you do, but whatever it needs to be something you love and are interested in. For sports punters that means reading the form, knowing the lines and understanding the concept of value in the odds you receive.

For casino punters it is more about understanding the mechanics of the particular game you are playing, the chances of you winning decrease dramatically if you don’t understand the game in front of you. When it comes to bingo this is also the case, however, with bingo, it is more about knowing the times when you should be playing to maximise your winning chances or the times when they best offers are on.

What you don’t want to do is move onto gambling on something you don’t know enough about. For example, if you are a sports punter with excellent knowledge then use that to your advantage by placing sports bets, don’t try and jump in to make some money from bingo that you know nothing about.

Betting is hard enough without making it tougher for yourself by having a lack of knowledge. The people behind the sports betting lines, casino games and bingo games all know an extensive amount about each subject and how things work. The only way to give yourself any chance of beating them is by knowing the same, if not more when you go up against them.

If you are looking for a way to better yourself in 2020 then the best advice to give would be to stick to what you know. You can make this as small an area as you wish, really concentrating on one particular game, sport or game type and time of day when it comes to bingo. The smaller your chosen betting medium, the more experienced and knowledgeable you can be about it, which is exactly what you should be looking for.

A Gamblers Discipline

Being a disciplined gambler is not easy, and there are many great people out there who have tried and failed at this. The only way you will ever become the best possible gambler you can be is to become disciplined. While it may take years to perfect and get right, if you are looking for one change to make in 2020 then beginning your path here is probably the one that will reap the most rewards for you over a long period.

There are many different factors that show you are a disciplined gambler and many things that you can do wrongly to show you aren’t yet ready. For example, do you chase losses? Do you bet on sports and events you don’t know anything about? Do you bet when you are tired, drunk or under other influence? Do you change stakes and betting patterns on a regular basis depending on how your betting has been going recently?

All of the above are examples of someone being ill-disciplined if you answer yes to any of them. Don’t worry if you do, a lot of people would also say yes, which is why this area is so important to gamblers, but also so tough to get right.

There are many things above that you need to tackle head-on, but if you are looking for a couple that you can take away from this and use in 2020 then it would certainly be betting when drunk or under some other influence or changing your stakes and betting patterns.

Betting Under the Influence

This is a big no-no, but something that a lot of people do. If you are drunk or had something else then you must stay away from your gambling account. During this period you will have a heightened sense of risk-taking, you will be more confident and less aware of any dangers that lie in wait. All of this is bad for gambling and will lead you into a position where you make bad decisions that will ultimately cost you money.

If you feel like you have placed bets when you shouldn’t have in 2019 then make this the start of a new change in your betting and do not continue to do it in 2020.

Stakes and Betting Patterns

This is something that everyone will relate to doing at some point during their gambling career. You should never base your stakes and gambling patterns on anything other than what you would normally do.

For example, say you’re playing on a new casino and you’ve had five winners in a row, don’t bet any more just because you feel you are having a winning streak. Don’t do the opposite and raise stakes to chase losses, and don’t vary things depending on the amount of money you have in your account.

In terms of stakes and betting patterns, if you printed off a list of your bets for the entire year then you should not be able to see much difference between them. What a bad gambler will have is a list where they see variances that include raising or lowering of stakes during good and bad times, more spent on bets when an account has more money in and changes to the types of bet if you are looking for a bigger win.

What all of the above does is split your betting down into small segments, which shouldn’t be done. For example, if you increase your stakes because you have more money than normal in your betting account then you are trying to win more because of something that has happened recently. Instead, you should be trying to win the same as you did six hours ago, six days ago, even six months ago, it should all be the same.

Any changes to betting patterns and stakes are going to have a big effect on your gambling profit and loss for the year, and usually, they have a negative effect. Don’t let that happen to you in 2020, start to make the change now. Being a better gambler is all about patience and putting the right things into practice.

By improving your knowledge and discipline you will put yourself on the right path for success at the start of 2020, giving you something to follow throughout the year.

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