What Type of Casino Games Can We Expect to See in 2020?

what casino games to expect 2020

The new year always brings around optimism for people about what they can look forward to over the next 12 months. For casino players, much of that will revolve around the types of game we will see released, in particular, slot games.

Each year we have seen the quality and complexity of games grow to a new level and it would be a surprise is 2020 offered anything different to that. The games we have now are brilliant, and it is hard to think that we will see new games come out and be even bigger and better, but that is exactly what is going to happen.

Developer Competition

The best thing at the moment for casino players is competition between the developers. These are the companies behind our casino games, they bring ideas to the table and create the masterpieces that we currently play.

The competition between them is strong at the moment, with a handful of big developers leading the way and trying to cement their position as the overall best. Whilst these developers are creating this competition amongst themselves, there is no need for casino players to do anything, we can just sit back, watch it all unfold and take advantage of the fantastic games they are producing.

When you play on a game, you will play it through the casino website you are signed up with. Unless you look for it on the opening title page or it is shown around the game screen then you may not actually know who develops the game. These people and companies are very much in the background, but in terms of casino gaming titles, they are probably the most important.

Game Features

There is a call for simple casino games at the moment but that is all mainly for new players who are looking for something easier to start their gaming off. These games are great, but experienced gamers are looking for something with more depth, features and areas of the game that they can explore.

This can be anything from an additional game which is activated by a feature, special symbols to look out for, free spins to collect, collapsing reels, expanding reels and much more. All of this is covered in the games we have right now, but that won’t stop developers from trying to make it bigger, better and more appealing in 2020.

In terms of features, the top-end games have a combination of those listed above, so you will find a special feature game where you can win cash, a way of collecting free spins on the reels and expanding reels if you hit the wilds, all in the same game. A few years ago, we would have seen a game have just one of these features but now we are seeing titles developed with three or four of them in for players.

This shows how complex gaming has become, and that is something we can have because of other advancements in things that you wouldn’t associate with casino game developing. Even something such as 4G mobile internet allows the developers to create more complex games because they know that everyone on desktops and the majority on phones have excellent high-speed internet that can cope with the games.

General phone technology has also helped. Handsets have improved a long way over the past decade and because of that, they can handle bigger and better casino games, without putting too much pressure on the phone in terms of speed and memory.

Game Themes

We have a wide variety of theme categories and inside each one, you will find an array of games you can play. Sports themed slot games have always proved to be popular with those who crossover and participate in both sports betting and casino games. Games based on things like football, horse racing and American football have all proved to be popular in the past.

This year we have two big events coming up and it would be no surprise to see sport-themed slot games based on these and released to coincide with the event. The Euro 2020 Championships in football will take centre stage in Europe throughout the summer, and when the games begin in June, look out for new football-themed slots to be released.

After that, it is the turn of the 2020 Olympics which will take place in Tokyo, Japan. These games are expected to be huge, just like the last couple have been and it would be no surprise to see developers try and cash in on that by offering a game based around the Olympic theme.

Brexit is another global event to take place in 2020, and a developer may decide that a Brexit slot or one based on things that the UK loves and is proud of could be of interest to players. This is something that will be spoken about for the entire year of 2020 as the UK negotiates its way out of the European Union, so if a slot developer decides to go for it then the game will surely attract interest from players.

VR Gaming

This may not happen in time to see something released properly in 2020, but there will certainly be discussions and announcements about it. One of the main things that casinos have been looking at for the past few years has been how to give online players at home a social casino experience like the one on offer inside a casino hall.

This is obviously not easy to do, but improvements in things such as live casino gaming and multiplayer games have made things a lot better for those who want to sit at home and play casino games but also interact with others.

Replicating what is on offer inside a casino hall is impossible unless you invite people round to your house so you can talk to them face to face. So what online casinos are trying to do is give people a social side to their gaming without seeing anyone in real life.

Playing along with others in multiplayer online games is a great way to do that, and we have seen those games released in 2019. It would be no surprise to see more of them come out in 2020 and more players turn to them, so they can chat with others, play along with them and of course win together.

VR gaming seems to be the next logical step, which would allow you to see and feel a casino environment through your VR headset. When you play games online, no matter how involved you are in the game or how much you are enjoying chatting and playing with others, a quick glance up and you will still see that you are at on your sofa at home.

With a VR headset that won’t be the case. Instead, you will be transported into a casino where you will see other players wandering around the gaming floor and where you will be able to move from table to table trying out different games and dealers, as well as choosing who you play alongside.

This type of gaming would need to be a complete live casino package, not just one game if it wants to work properly so wouldn’t be easy to create. However, VR gaming is on the rise, casinos are looking for something new to offer players on the social side of things, and developers love to do something that makes them stand out and be the best. With all of that in mind, it would be no surprise to see VR gaming take a leap forward, either in 2020 or very soon after.

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