Best Casino Bonus for 2019

Looking to grab an online casino bonus or two? Well you’ve come to the right place. Below you will find all of our top rated welcome bonuses ranging from free spins to deposit bonuses and everything in between. Each bonus has been tried and tested by one of our independent reviewers to ensure that you have access to only the fairest bonuses in the UK.

Best Online Casino Bonuses:

Our Guide To Casino Offers:

While its true that when claiming bonuses from online casinos it can be quite a tricky affair, its almost like finding a needle in a haystack especially with their being so many casino sites to choose from nowadays. This is then further complicated by all the wordy Terms and Conditions attached to anything you do making it even harder for you to cash out your winnings when you get around to it.

What types of bonuses are there?
Long gone are the days when the only type of casino welcome bonus available was a matched deposit. While these are still around today and still quite popular in order for online casinos to bring in new punters and not lose out to their competition they seriously had to diversify their offerings to attract as many players as possible. Whether this is using free spins and no deposit offers to lure in new punters, some even offer welcome packages spanning your first 5 deposits each accompanied with a further bonus for you to claim. In short the types of casino bonus available to you are Deposit Bonus, Free Spins, No Deposit Offers and Welcome Packages.
What types of terms and conditions should I be looking for?
One thing you certainly need to keep in mind when claiming “free money ” is that nothing in life is free and casino bonuses are no different. While you may be thinking getting that extra £500 on top of your £100 deposit sounds good because you’ve got more to play with this is rarely the case. One of the key terms that you need to keep your eye out for is the wagering requirement. Every bonus from £10 to £1000 will require you to turn your bonus over a set amount of times before you can even withdraw any of your winnings. The majority of the time your own cash will be locked in until this is done or you’ve lost it all (starting to sound less enticing right?). The next one you need to look at is whether your original deposit is considered in the wagering requirement, If so this could mean you need to wager even more money before you’ve got a chance of cashing out.
Is every game considered equal?
Now this ties in nicely with what we’ve mentioned previously in regards to wagering requirements. While we the punter may feel that as each game is a risk that it should be considered equally. This is certainly not the case in the casino’s eyes. They structure their bonuses so that only slots count 100% towards their wagering requirement. Yup, you heard us right. If you thought you could get your bonus and deposit by just betting black on roulette well this only counts as 25% in most places. Meaning you’d need to multiply that turnover which could have been 30 by 4. 120 X wagering – that’s just CRAZY!
Does this include free spins?
Fans of free spins bonuses rejoice, well that all depends what casino you decide to sign up to in the end. However nowadays there are actually 3 types of free spins now available for you bonus hungry punters:

  1.  No deposit free spins: Pretty self explanatory really, as soon as you register your account with a casino you’ll be given a set amount of free spins to play with. There normally have a lot of restrictions applied such as only available on certain slots, wagering requirements etc.
  2. Wager free Spins: These are a pretty new free spin to the online casino bonus market. Long gone are the wagering requirements attached to the standard set. This means you can keep what ever cash you win on your free spins as there’s no wagering requirement attached to them. We’ve even heard of some people hitting slot jackpots with these types of spins which is certainly nothing to complain about.
  3. Deposit spins: You’ll find these type of spins attached to most welcome package, while they are essentially “free” they are only added to your account after you’ve made a deposit or completely a stage of the welcome package.
Now I've signed up what else is there to claim?
The sign of a good casino is one that looks after both their new and existing customers. The fun shouldn’t stop once you’ve got your welcome offer. We always make sure that every casino we sign up to looks after you. This means we pay special attention to whats on offer after your bonus. This means reload bonuses, promotional offerings and loyalty points which can be cashed in for prizes and more bonuses.

Claiming more than one casino deposit bonus?

So you’ve signed up to one casino, claimed their bonus and wagered through and now you’ve got your money. Should you then stay at that casino for the rest of your life as loyalty does sometimes pay off? Well here at MobileCasinoKings we feel its best to have a few casino accounts, this is because it allows you to benefit from a range of no deposit bonuses and promotions that will be sent your way.  You may find you like different aspects of each casino, some may have a better variety of slots but don’t send out that many promotions where as others may be great with promotions but not have the best selection of slots. This allows you as a player to benefit everything that the online casino world has to offer meaning you’re not missing out.

Is there such a thing as too many bonuses?

While were here to recommend you casino sites to sign up to we definitely believe that there is a thing as too many accounts. Last thing you want is your email account being clogged up with random promotions making it difficult to find the good from the bad. Its best to have around 5 sites that you like to play at and then occasionally sign up to new casinos when they push out an offer which is too good to refuse.

What’s the best casino bonus for me?

This is a question that’s impossible for us to answer, every single one of us is different in what we look for in a casino bonus. Whether we’re just signing up to have a bit of a play with the latest slots then perhaps a free spin or no deposit bonus is better suited for you or would you rather claim one of the big bonuses so you’ve got a greater chance at winning? All we can really do is tell you the bonuses that we feel are the best and then its down to you to select an offer which suits your playing style keep in mind that every bonus we recommend has been vetted and personally tested to ensure they offer a fair chance of winning.

Advantages & Disadvantages to welcome bonuses

There are a fair few advantages and disadvantages to consider when debating claiming a bonus:


  1.  More money to play with. This means you’ve got more chance to win and more chances to hit the jackpot. It also allows you to extend the amount you wager each spin instead of betting small you can then bet big and betting big means you can win big.
  2. Allows you to play a greater range of slots as you’ll have more money to spend so wont mind trying out something new. This leads you to discovering new slots and table games which increases the fun aspect of an online casino.


  1.  You’ll be tied into wagering requirements and any other terms and conditions that are attached to the offer. This means no being able to withdraw your funds or use them on slots that are outside of the promotion. If you do try to break the rules then the online casino is in well within their rights to close down your player account and with hold any winnings so you’re literally playing by their rules.
  2. Casinos will limit the amount of time you have to clear your wagering requirement. This means if you don’t fulfil it in the set amount your bonus and your deposit will be taken off you. So if you’re hoping for a casual play time with your bonus where you can leave it for a few weeks and come back as you please this certainly wont be the case.

Best Payout Online Casino UK

We have a number of sites that have some of the best pay out options online. Our team check this every week to ensure we are bringing you the best online casino payouts available!

Should I really claim a bonus when there’s so many T&Cs?

Once again this is completely down to personal preference, bonuses aren’t free cash so don’t treat them as such. Treat it as a loan which unless you’re able to clear what’s required, it’s probably not worth your time. Instead find an online casino which satisfy your other needs.