Best Playtech Casinos for 2019

Online Casinos are brilliant and Playtech Casinos are even better! In this awesome guide, you will learn everything there is to know about Playtech Casinos UK and why they are so popular amongst online casino players.

What is Playtech?

Due to the fact that his page is all about Playtech Casinos, we thought that it would be a good idea to give you some information Playtech and explain who exactly Playtech are.

Playtech are a world renowned company who specialize in gambling software development and they have been running since 1999. Playtech have developed some awesome online casinos which have been regarded as some of the very best in the entire industry and because of this, Playtech have built up a good name for themselves as a reliable company who are experts in what they do. Playtech are regarded as true veterans in the casino development industry, having been operating for well over 15 years and because of this they have won dozens of awards, some of the most notable ones including ‘Casino Supplier of the Year’ and ‘Best Casino Platform’.

Playtech currently have over 4000 employees and they are the biggest online casino development platform in the world. In 2018, CEO Mor Weizer announced that Playtech had a revenue which exceeds $1.20 billion.

Playtech Facts:

We are here to give you as much information as possible and one of the best ways to do this is by stating some of the very best facts which are bound to blow your mind! Listed below are some of the very best Playtech facts, so sit back and enjoy these top 10 Playtech facts.

  • Israeli Billionaire Teddy Sagi is the Playtech founder.
  • Playtech attract more than 60,000 punters per day.
  • Playtech offers a great range of casino games. Including bingo and poker.
  • Playtech have several different offices which are located in different parts of the world.
  • The Isle of Man is where the Playtech Headquarters is based.
  • The Chairman of Playtech is Alan Jackson.
  • Playtech was started in Estonia.
  • Playtech acquired YoYo Games in 2015 for £10 million.
  • Playtech acquired Quickspin in 2016.
  • In 2015, Playtech failed to reach an agreement with Plus500 to take over the company.

Why Should I Play on a Playtech Site?

There are so many reasons why you should play at a new Playtech casino. Playtech casinos are brilliant and new Playtech casinos are constantly being introduced so you will never run out of choice! With a great variety of poker games, bingo games, slots and so much more, you are guaranteed some great fun and big payouts too! Listed below are some of the very best reasons as to why you should try your luck on Playtech casinos.

· Huge selection of games. With hundreds of games to choose from, you will never find yourself getting bored and there will always be a new Playtech games to play!

· Reliable Company. Playtech are a reliable company who are safe and secure. Millions of punters play with Playtech every year and they are renowned for being a well-established company who take care of their punters. When playing on a Playtech Casino, you know your are in safe hands.

· Big Payouts. One of the best things about Playtech Casinos is the big payouts. If you are looking for an online casino game with big payouts then be sure to check out what Playtech have to offer. You could be walking away with some big winnings from playing on a Playtech casino!

Playtech is a tremendous platform which is certainly one of the very best online gaming companies for casinos at this current time. There are so many great things about Playtech but as with everything, there is also bad points too which are deemed as disadvantages. To help you out and give you a clear insight, we have decided to list some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of Playtech. This list can be found below.


· Awesome Bonuses on Casino Games. There are lots of awesome bonuses on Playtech Casino games and they really can enhance the overall gaming experience for any punter. Be sure to check them out!

· Official Licensing. Playtech have official licensing on all of their Casino Games. The majority of Playtech Casinos are licensed with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.


· Similar Designs. Unfortunately, a lot of Playtech Games have designs which look immensely similar to each other. This is classed as a disadvantage by many punters.

· Poor Responsiveness. In recent years, there has been several complaints about the responsiveness on their games.