Best Neteller Casinos 2020

On this page you will find all you need to know about NETeller casinos, one of the most popular payment methods supported at mobile casinos. We’ve included our top selection of Neteller casinos for you to choose from. Read our casino review and pick a Neteller UK casino with a bonus that suits your needs.

Making payments online when gambling requires many factors to fulfil UK players gambling wishes. Usually, players lookout for attributes like speed, trustworthy security and of course easily navigable to use and efficient.

Neteller is one of the top options that players consider when playing online casinos. With such a high rate of success for satisfying their users, we can understand why players give their vote for complete confidence. For those players that have never used nor heard of Neteller casinos as an option for their gaming experience, this is an insightful guide on how to use Neteller and why you should actually go down that route for your future payment options. We also will include below a list of sites that are Neteller casinos and thus accept this method of payment for you to use in your next casino gaming binge!

Why should I Use Neteller Casinos?

Neteller casinos are great for using when you want to deposit some cash within a casino. They ensure that you do not need to disclose any sensitive information with the casino, such as banking details etc. This is a great option for players that refuse to use their banking credentials as a method of payment. When using Neteller, all you actually need to do is enter your email address and password used for the Neteller site, via the gateway that the casino links you through. Meaning you have that extra layer of security due to no bank details being shared, reducing your risks of fraud and phishing dramatically.

The speed that the transfers take is pretty much instant, meaning your deposits will be transferred instantly, allowing you to pretty much be able to play from the moment you make that transfer through. Usually, banking details, for example, take 2-3 days or more for the bank to process and transfer the money within the casino systems. That is hardly efficient for gamers that want to play then and there-it definitely slows down their gambling journey and makes them days behind in making that winning jackpot that they actually deserve.

Neteller is free to use, meaning no fees are taken from you to transfer your deposits directly into your casino wallet. In addition to this, you can extend your purchases further with the master card that arrives in correlation to your Neteller account. Meaning you can use it realistically outside of the casino world and treat as you would of a debit card within retail etc. The possibilities are very much endless, and it all starts with your next Neteller casino, directly from us Mobile Casino Kings!

How do I create my Neteller account?

To create your Neteller online payment account is a very straight forward procedure. You can do this by following our step to step guide below and instantly find yourself in a position to deposit within your favourite Neteller casino today.

Sign up within the homepage

The first step of making your Neteller casino dreams come true is by logging into the Neteller homepage and selecting the signup clickthrough button directly. This will direct you straight away to an online form that will allow you to input your credentials in that are required by the platform. Typical details such as name, address and banking information will be requested of you.

Verify your identity  

After all the information has been input within the systems, you will then be directed to a new page, which will ask you to verify your identity from the second email address that you put down within the site. This can be accessed within either your main inbox of your emails, or either the junk folders that are present there too. It will usually ask of you to click through on the link attached within the email and that will fully fledge your account and allow you to use it as a form of payment method.

Apply for a Mastercard

To apply for the Mastercard- an option available to anyone who joins Neteller, you will need to access your main account page and request for the card to be sent out to you within the mail. This can take up to 5 business working days to come through with your mail, therefore it is recommended that you use just your account online in the meantime, for scheduled and desired payments.

Wiring money into your account

This method is very simple, all it requires is for you to directly transfer your money within the online wallet, directly via a bank transfer. This can be accessed by you simply putting all the details of your Neteller account, as you would of an online bank transfer to any other bank. As soon as you enter the correct details your account will take a few moments to carry through the request and instantly deposit. It all depends on the speed of your internet connection, so sit tight and hold on.

How do I Use Neteller Casinos?

To use a Neteller casino, you will need to make sure that you have an account created, with sufficient funds linked within your online E-wallet. Therefore, follow through on the options elaborated on above.

Create your online casino account

To be able to use your Neteller account for the purpose of gambling, you first must ensure that your online casino account is ready and available to use. Therefore, sign up with a casino account recommended by us and set up your profile, using their sign up button. If you have already got an online casino account, you can skip this step to the next stage.

Make a payment

To make a payment and deposit within your casino account, you will need to link your Neteller payment method directly to the casino site. Don’t worry, you will not need to keep repeating this process at all. After the first time, your casino will remember you and allow you to make the same transactions to and from your E-wallets and casino. After the money has been instantly deposited, you will either have to enter the promo code, to trigger any bonuses that you have awaiting, or they will be triggered systematically by themselves. The next stage, of course, is to start playing and win those awaiting jackpots and winnings!

Are there any fees associated with Neteller Casinos?

There are no fees when transferring to and from a casino account and Neteller, however generally for using Neteller for more business associated purposed, the rates can change between 1% and 8%, depending on the situation. If for example, you use this method for payment, the location of transfers will mean everything to determine whether or not a fee will be administered. International transfers to casinos based abroad will mean you will most definitely be required to pay a fee, for currency change over and a fee towards using your Neteller account abroad.


Using Neteller is completely safe and secure for budding gambling gamers on online casinos. Within Neteller you can set up two-factor authentication, to give your account and money that extra bit of security that you are seeking. This will ensure that for every request of payment that goes directly through your Neteller account, you will be asked to input a code that directly gets sent to your mobile number. Therefore, you will always have to approve any payment that goes through, via a second device that you register with your E-wallet. Also, the entire site is regulated by the Financial. Service Authority, meaning your payments are all regulated and accounted for, for your peace of mind and safety.

Neteller Bonuses

Some casinos may, in fact, award you higher bonuses for you and your casino gameplay in addition to using the E-wallet services-Neteller as one example. On the other hand, there are some examples of casinos that actually do quite the opposite. If you have a bonus to trigger and collect, they can disregard your bonus privileges completely, if you use Neteller as your payment method. Reasons for this are unknown, yet one thing is for sure is that you will need to research the payment methods within whatever particular casino you want to gamble with. The terms and conditions will elaborate to you further on what you are entitled on within your online casino journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

No fees will be taken from any of your transactions to and from the online banking option. Just sit back, enjoy and play away to your hearts content. This is why Neteller remains a very popular choice of banking system to use online, as it very much makes your life so much easier.

What is Neteller?
Neteller is an online E-wallet, that can be used to store large sums of money online and then transferred to and from the platform and into other sites. Its main attraction is that it provides users with a line of security, as they will not have to enter anything sensitive and private information online when making transactions.
Will I have to pay any fees for using the platform online?
The platform online is very much free to use for multipurpose. However, you may see fees cropping up if you are making regular larger payments internationally. If you want to use the Mastercard features, then fees will be initiated. Yet if you use this purely for online gambling, you are very much safe.
What are the age limitations for using Neteller?
Neteller has a requirement for its users to be 18 or above, predominantly due to the Mastercard financial inclinations that come associated with using it.
Will my casino charge me for using Neteller?
No fees will be taken from any of your transactions to and from the online banking option. Just sit back, enjoy and play away to your hearts content. This is why Neteller remains a very popular choice of banking system to use online, as it very much makes your life so much easier.