Casino Cashback Offers

The casino cashback is huge right now and we have all the latest low down on what you need to do, to get the best casino cashback offers out there to suit yourself.

  • Pyramid’s Fortune Casino


    Pyramids Fortune
    Great Selection of Slots Platform Exclusives Reliable Network Boring Welcome Bonus Limited Table Games Reduced Support Hours
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  • New players only. First deposit only. Min Deposit £50. 10% Cashback on losses up to £200 for 24 hours from the first deposit.

  • Slotsino Casino


    Exclusive Slots Free Spins Bonuses Live Casino Games No Mobile App
    £200 Cashback + 50 Bonus Spins
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  • New players only. First deposits only. Min deposit £10. Max 50 Bonus Spins on Selected Slots only. 2x Conversion. 20x Wagering Requirement. 20% Cashback on losses up to £200. for 48 hours from first deposit. T&Cs apply. Please play responsible | 18+

  • Planet Fruity


    Planet Fruity
    Exclusive Slots Free Spins Bonus Great Promotions Limited Support Limited Table Games
    £200 Cashback + 50 Spins
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  • New players only. First deposits only. Min deposit £10. Max 50 Bonus Spins Valid on Selected Slots only. 2x Conversion. 20x Wagering. 20% Cashback on losses up to £200. for 48 hours from first deposit. T&Cs apply. Please play responsible | 18+

  • Slot Strike Casino


    Slot Strike
    £200 Cashback + 50 Spins
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  • New players only. First deposits only. Min deposit £10. Max 50 Bonus Spins on Selected Slot Games only. 2x Conversion. 20x Wagering. 20% Cashback on losses up to £200. for 48 hours from first deposit. T&Cs apply. Please play responsible | 18+

Here at Mobile Casino Kings, we make sure that we can give you the best possible deals out there for you and your casino gambling needs. Make sure to have a browse of all our casino offers for all our huge casinos that we have in our review catalogues.

So definitely take the leap of faith with us and get your hands on the latest casino cashback offers out there for you and your wallet!

The Best Casino Offers for Casino Cashback

Browse through the selections of casino cashback offers that we have available. You will sure to find reviews and our critique for all the huge casinos out there on the internet. Once you have come to a conclusion on which casino you would like to join, the power is in your hand. All you need to do is access the link we have provided the casino offers in the tables and watch them direct you straight to your latest casino success. Register an account with the casino to claim yours today.

How to Find Casino Cashback Offers

Sometimes when you gamble it will not always be your best day and you will suffer losses in the process. Casino cashback act as a way for recuperation and revitalisation in your bingo habits. All you need to do is understand what your goals are and aims for taking a casino cashback offer from the huge casinos that we provide. Some cash backs will vary in size as they are usually between 5%, 10% and 20%, meaning it definitely can reduce your overall losses within a month for example (which is how they usually work for casino players).

It is always good to have that peace of mind as you play that whatever you loose in the process of gambling within huge casinos, you have a backup plan and there are cashback for the winners and losers. If you win, then you will face an extra pick me up at the end of the month. Yet, if you lose you face a lightened load and reduced burdens for your financial losses. With the largest cashback schemes out there, a monthly loss of £10,000 would lead you to gain £2000 back at the end of the month, which is very nice indeed and a casino offer we are sure you will not consider!

How do they Work?

Even though we have already enlightened you earlier on the lowdown slightly, there is more detail when it comes to this particular casino offer. The casinos that you decide to play with, well some issue a cashback principle for all its players in the form of a percentage constant. There are limits of course to the amount you lose and the cashback given-its usually any losses up to £50,000 or more (obviously depending on the site itself). The percentage constant is usually 10%, so if a player consistently lost £1000 or more within the casino sire, they would automatically receive a pick me up of £100.

Casinos are usually happy to give back to their loyal and committed players if they are profiting and doing well with the platform and popularity. This offer is definitely a great option as its available to everyone, regardless if they are new or old. Anyone and everyone can have access to this casino offer.

Consistent Casino Cashback Offers

There is consistent cashback that occurs within a casino and usually, the way you can have access to them depends on each casino itself. Some casinos will require you to access the promotions within their pages, to directly link them to all the sites offers and cashbacks. In addition to this, you could also contact the casino sites agents so they can give you the complete lowdown that is available for you in terms of cashback promotions. The good thing about these is they are available to new and existing players, hence why they are redeemed as ‘consistent’ or ‘ongoing’.

The terms and conditions will always overview everything you need to know in terms of any huge casino cashback offer. There are offers which occur on a set day of a week for you to keep coming back and using, usually via a promotional code, or if it’s so universally used within the site, you will find that it is immediately applied to your wins/losses at that moment. High-quality casino sites usually will keep the details of when and where you can use and claim your cashback via small print. You don’t want to think that you can spend beyond your bankroll on a certain game, then scroll to the terms and find that the game itself is excluded from any of the cashback offers for that month. Always read the small print!

Look out for any caps that the casino cashback may in fact involved with. Some casinos will give you a 10% cashback for example but cap the amount you can get it on as quite ridiculously low. It still is better than nothing, yet there are some casinos that will offer varying cashback values per different game and day of the week. So, keep on top of what there is to offer in the process.

The Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements that come intact with a game very usual and always applicable. It is a really important factor to casinos as it’s a method to ensure that the casino can make profit amidst all the players that win consistently and take out of the casino’s cash flow. How do wagering requirements work you ask? Essentially these multi-players represent how much you need to wager the cashback amounts just before you can withdraw it.

It is your job to ensure that whichever casino you choose has the lowest possible wagering requirement out there-with the best casino cashback amount too of course. The best way to explain how they work is by giving an example. If you have a 20% cashback offer available on all your roulette losses up to £50-with a 2-time wagering requirement, this is how the wagering requirements break down to. The first factor you need to be aware of is that the cashback offer is limited only to roulette games. The second factor you need to be aware of is the cashback has a cap of up to £50, meaning the most you can achieve is £10 back. Final the wagering multiplier means you will need to make £20 with this £10 cashback before you will be able to withdraw the bonus out of the casino as real money.

Wagering requirements within casinos are a necessity and reality. You need to be aware of them before you ever decide to go for any promotions that they have; to understand what’s in the way of your winning s and withdrawing them. Make sure you know them!

Pure Cashback Casinos

Puree cashback is another word for huge casinos that give unlimited casino cashback on anything that they lose. Gaining much popularity over the years, this is definitely an offer you need to know about. Not all casinos offer them, however, we have the lowdown of who actually does.

Obviously the first step when picking one of these casinos (and we recommend you actively make it a habit) is to read the terms and conditions that come with the site to ensure you know all angles of the casino cashback bonus. However, one thing for certain is that these casinos that offer cashback at every consecutive end of the month, will not have anything to offer you in terms of other promotions.

So, the method of this bonus is that you sign up, play away-hopefully making an equal amount of wins to actual losses. If you happen to be down and in deficient of the total cash you put into the casino in the first place, you will receive a nice pick me up casino cashback bonus credited to your casino account. If, however, you have a net gain from the beginning of the month, you will not qualify for any bonus at all. There is good news about no monthly carrying over in terms of net gain balances. Once the month is out, your score will be back to zero and you can still be considered for some cashback bonuses the next month coming!

VIP Program for Cashbacks

We are sure you have heard of all the casino VIP cashback bonuses that are available to people from being a member of your local casino loyalty scheme. What you may not possibly know is that the VIP scheme does, in fact, offer its players a bigger casino cashback percentage. Casinos like to award their players who are loyal and have stayed beyond the welcome bonuses that they provide.

All VIP loyalty players to casinos will receive different deals every month or so, so you can definitely find that deals could get better at certain times of the year. Regular gamblers and gamers will find this consistency of deals to be appealing and it would be all the more reason to stay and play further.

Definitely consider looking further into the casino cashback schemes that we have to offer. They could make a good impact on your playing routine, be it if you receive it as a net loss pick me up, or just a regular promotion on top of your bankroll. The casino offers that are casino cashback are huge and exciting and we definitely do not want you to miss out on them!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cashback casino offers?

Casino cashback is where casinos give you money back, based on the percentages that you have gambled within their site. It could also be apart of a casino promotion, where net losses or anything else similar has nothing to do with it. For the bonus, you will receive a cashback amount there and then. There are many ways this bonus is applied within a casino; it just depends on which one you go to for the particular offer that they have. Examples of the offer include when you lose £100 in gambling net loss. The casino would come along and give you a percentage back of that total number. So, if it was 20%, you can expect to get £20.

How can I get my bonus?

To claim your bonus, the first and foremost step is to register with a casino and make a readily active and verified account to play with. Once you are all set to go, you will need to play and be active for at least a month to receive your bonus cash back at the end of the month. Obviously, if you play for a certain amount of time, you can become a VIP loyalty member, which will immediately guarantee you some cashback incentives.

What casino cashback incentive values are there to use?

The value that are available for usage primarily range and start from 5% up until 20%. You may find for a certain time only; huge casinos tend to include percentages larger than their usual so to attract more players and increase the traffic and gameplay within the site.

Are all games included in the cashback casino offers?

Depending on the casino itself, the answer will vary. Usually, casinos will have all the ins and outs of their offers within the terms and conditions and on the headers of their promotional advertisement. We definitely recommend players to read it inside out as it would be very much disappointing if you are playing aggressively, with some net losses, but they will not be accounted for in the cashback bonus by the casino. Definitely read up! It is very important.

Do wagering requirements apply to my cashback bonus?

Wagering requirements are always a compulsory aspect within a casino, however with cashback usually they will be given free to players due to the fact you had a deficit in your winnings and lost more then you gained. Yet always read your terms and conditions for more information on the matter as a whole.

Do all gambling sites do cashback offers?

Not all gambling sites do casino cashback offers. It is usually a casino only bonus and very rare to find anywhere else. It may be possible within other types of betting, yet most likely won’t be a recurring factor within their gambling system and more of a one-off kind of deal.