Fast Paying Casinos – Find the Best Quick Withdrawal Casinos Online

Payment Methods & Fast Payout Casino Times:

Credit Cards: Credit Cards are a marvellous method of payment and they are renowned for being extremely reliable due to the awesome security and other great features such as good bonuses and instant deposits. Unfortunate Credit Cards are not the best payment method if you want quick payouts. Typically, withdrawals take between 3-5 days.


E-wallets are by far the best payment method for quick payouts when playing on an online casino. E-wallets do not only offer quick payouts, but they are also secure and safe too. Personal details of the punter, including financial details, are extremely secure on E-wallets too, due to the encryption used. You can expect to receive your winnings within 12 hours when withdrawing via an E-wallet.

Debit Cards:

For everyday transactions then I would certainly recommend using a debit card, however, I would not recommend you to use a debit card on an online casino if you are seeking fast payouts. Debit Card withdrawals can take up to 2 weeks, whereas other payment methods such as E-Wallets will allow you to receive winnings within a day, so be sure to consider your options.

Credit Cards:

This payment method yes, is very similar to those stated above. However, they allow you to use your credit limits (agreed between you and your card provider) to gamble within a fast withdrawal casino. They provide you with many benefits that other cards such as Master cards and Amex cards do not. Therefore they are a very popular choice for most online casino punters. They are always considered safer to play with, as you can get your cashback quite quickly in event of any fraudulent activity. Do bear in mind, although there are no fees upon usage by the fast withdrawal casinos, you may find your payment provider incur fees on your card, upon the withdrawal itself. Keep it in mind!

Bank Transfer

Wire transfers are transactions between your bank directly with the fast withdrawal casino in question. Therefore this payment is definitely seen as the securest of the lot! The use of SWIFT codes in the process of the transaction and bank clearing mean that you are pretty much under a fraud-proof process and have nothing to fear. The process itself can take over 1-5 days depending on variable factors like the time of day, time of year and week for example. The only issue as to why this method is not so popular in comparison to e-wallet methods is due to the charges that incur from the casino’s side. But do bear in mind, if the subject of money transfer is rather a large one-choose banking transfer for the peace of mind in its acquired security and through procedures.


Cryptocurrencies are a technological advancement in the way you can pay for services online. In today’s fast withdrawal casinos, cryptocurrencies are very popular-with a speedy payment processing in the process. The purpose of its popularity is due to the anonymous identity that this payment procedure gives you. Some players can more likely get away with playing without the correct legal age met for example (which isn’t recommended). However, overall its the speed of the payment which is pretty much instant, that draws the attraction within usage.

Casino Bonuses:

Fast withdrawal casinos are very beneficial and one of the very best things about playing on a fast paying casino is the bonuses that also come with it. Casino bonuses really do vary and punters can take advantage of lots of top bonuses, some of which include free spins and welcome bonuses for new punters too.

Top features of fast withdrawal casino sites UK:

Quick withdrawal casinos are renowned for offering top features and pretty much every online casino has top features. Some of the best ones include unique themes, quick responsiveness and awesome designs.

How to withdraw from fast payout casinos

Step 1: Choose to request a withdrawal

If you’ve had a run of good luck and have won real money on casino games, you’d be right in wanting to cash out. This is usually done by accessing your account setting, choosing the ‘withdraw’ option and then selecting the correct withdrawal method. Check beforehand that your available balance meets the minimum withdrawal limit. Different casinos will have varying withdrawal times, depending on which banking method you choose. E-wallets normally have the fastest payout times and if you’re happy with the available options, simply click withdraw and the amount you wish to request.

Step 2: Processing times at casinos

Once you’ve submitted your withdrawal request, you’ll now need to wait for the casino to process your payment. Casinos will normally have a system in place to make sure you’re eligible to withdraw the funds you’ve requested and if you meet their expectations you’ll then be eligible to make your withdrawal. If you’ve opted for a debit card or credit card withdrawal, you’ll need to wait up to five business days, as the casino needs to process the request.

Step 3: Know Your Customer Procedure (KYC)

With fast withdrawal casinos, to succeed in your request of funds, you will need to give in some identification forms, so that they can identify who you are. This is all for legalities and procedure. Casinos want to make sure you are liable to play, gamble and request fast withdrawals! Therefore we highly recommend you attach your documents with the request in your fast withdrawal casino, to ensure the whole process is efficient and fast from both sides (consumer and casino). It really will speed up your process significantly!

Step 4: Payment Processing by Vendors

Once the casino site you’re playing at has sanctioned your withdrawal, you’ll then need to wait for the funds to be processed and cleared before they enter your bank account or e-wallet. If you’ve opted for a quick payout via e-wallet, you could receive your funds within a couple of hours of applying for them, however, this could be longer (between 3 and 5 business days) if you then decide to withdraw them back into your personal bank account.

Step 4: Collect your Winnings

Once you’ve selected the fast paying casino and your payment has been processed by your chosen withdrawal method, you will then find your funds available in the specified account. It’s that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Online Casinos are huge and Fast Paying Casinos really are in high demand at the moment. We receive hundreds of questions about Fast payout casinos and what should be considered when using fast withdrawal casinos. Unfortunately, we can’t always answer all of the questions we get so this is why we have decided to answer some of the most asked questions which our readers ask us about fast payout casinos. You will be able to find some of the most asked questions along with their answers below.

Do Quick Withdrawal Casinos charge extra fees?
The majority of quick withdrawal casinos do not charge any extra fees for punters to withdraw quickly, however we recommend that you read the T&C’s of your chosen casino just to make sure that this is certainly the case.
Which Payment Methods are the Best for Quick Payouts?
The best payment method for quick payouts is E-wallets. E-wallets are renowned for being extremely quick in terms of withdrawals and punters can typically expect to receive their winnings on the same day of selecting the option to withdraw when using an E-wallet. The most popular E-wallets are Neteller, Skrill and PayPal.
Can I Withdraw to a Different Payment Method than the one I Deposited with when on Fast Paying Casinos?
Pretty much all fast payout casinos allow punters to use a different method for withdrawals to the one that they used for depositing, so you should not have any issues when it comes to this. Despite the fact that it is rare for a casino not to allow this, there may be the odd casino which has different rules and unfortunately, we can’t speak for every single casino out there, so you should definitely check that your chosen casino allows this before you place your bet.
What is the KYC check and what happens if I don’t complete it?
KYC stands for Know your Customer and a KYC check is a process where the casino must verify the details of the punter, before allowing them to create their account and start betting. The KYC check is very important and extremely serious. If you do not complete the check then you will not be able to sign up to the casino and further consequences may occur.
Does playing at a UKGC licensed Casino help with payouts?
There are many things which help with fast payouts and playing at a Casino which is licensed with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is one of the main things which really does help. The UKGC are a verified commission and all casinos who are licensed with them have to agree to pay their punters within a certain amount of time. Along with fast payouts, the UKGC also offers gaming protection, fair gaming and also security.