No Wagering Casino Bonuses

We have taken the time and effort to compile all the casino no wagering requirements out there, that are worth your time and attention. All the bonuses that you expect to receive from these casinos will be given to you absolutely free! Definitely read up on the reviews of each casino and especially focus on their highlighting the free spins no deposit no wagering bonus types available to you.

What is a wagering requirement?

Wagering requirements are the casino’s way of making profit from their players regardless-casinos usually cannot give money out for free-as what would be in their benefit then if they did so? So, essentially players would receive the bonus cash amounts and have to wager it a certain amount of times to ensure that the casino will allow them to withdraw their winnings. Within the terms and conditions there will be a value that is stated inside-the multiplier that needs to be obliged if players do decide to take up a bonus when using casino bonuses.

Usually, casinos have a wagering requirement of around the 4 times mark-all the way to 40 times! So, we can understand completely why people want to avoid them, right? To apply the wagering requirement to your bonus cash amount, you simply need to multiply your cash bonus funds by the wagering requirements themselves.

Therefore, if you have a bonus cash amount of £30 and a wagering multiplier of 40 times, you will need to make £1200 before you can even think about making a request for a withdrawal in a casino. In addition to this, don’t forget that you will also have an expiration date that you will need to achieve all this by!

This will usually make your gaming on online casinos with bonuses, quite intense and full of pressure. You know the answer to this problem, right? We do. It’s no wagering casinos of course.

Why pick an online casino with no wagering bonuses?

No wagering bonuses are the best kind for players that want to play with no strings attached. It’s a what you see is what you get kind of gameplay. Most bonuses nowadays come attached with so many obligations that it can sometimes take the excitement out of playing on online casinos. This is because most big top casinos come attached with many requirements from your part, to actually be able to withdraw any winnings that you make from them.

Wagering requirements are not an easy process, they essentially make you wager your winnings and put you at risk of having anything left by the time you after achieved them. Not forgetting to mention that they are very longwinded and time-devouring to achieve. Therefore, the higher the wagering requirement within a casino, the less likely people actually feel it is worth to take part in the casino bonuses themselves! No wagering casinos are quite the opposite.

You will not be tied down to any wagering with your winnings, what you make from it is yours to keep completely, yet you also will be able to withdraw whatever you want from your winnings whenever you see fit. The no wagering bonuses give you more control and more say over your gaming experiences.

It allows you to take complete control over what you win, how much cash you can take out and when. You also will not be limited to the games you play; you will be permitted to make real money from any game that you should so choose. You will also be allowed to take as long as you want with the bonuses, as they usually do not come with any time expiration dates.

Yet do keep in mind that these bonus margins that come with no wagering casinos are not large, meaning the money amount cannot be compared to what you get in the welcome bonus packages for example. They are seen as a little pick me up that will sweeten up your gaming experience overall that’s for sure.

Definitely check out the low wagering casinos that we have compiled lists for you in. This will ensure that you are given larger amounts of money to play with, without having to deal with the ridiculously high mark-ups of the wagering requirements that come associated with these larger bonus funds.

Try the no wagering casino sites

Now more than ever there is a higher prevalence of the no wager casinos within the UK. When you have many choices, it definitely makes it harder for you to select the best choice for yourself, when you have many promising candidates to choose from. It is up to you as the player to break down what the no wagering bonuses have to offer you. We are sure you are wondering how we select our no wagering casino options for you. There are many factors that we must consider in the process upon selection of quality no wagering casinos and they are as follows:

Speedy payment withdrawals

All the quality casinos that we have to offer for you with the best no wagering bonuses will have the speediest payment methods possible. We know-how players like their withdrawals to happen stat, so we won’t even consider a casino that goes beyond the typical 3 days waiting time for payments to be received!

Gaming catalogue available

What is the point of playing on online casinos, if you are not able to entertain yourself with as many games as possible? Therefore, that is another significant factor that affects our decision on what no wagering casinos we pick. If it doesn’t have many games for you to pick from, we don’t pick it! It is as simple as that.

Safety and licensing

We ensure that all casinos we select have the correct licensing to legally qualify the casinos legitimacy. When a casino has the correct licensing, that will automatically provide to its user in a package, frequent site audits that test the casino’s fairness and safety that it provides to you. When a casino gets tested in its audits, it will ensure that the sites random number generator is completely fair and random. That the algorithm is not rigged whatsoever. In addition to this, the encryption within the site is tested and ensured to be of the best and highest security safety levels that there is, for your protection against potential watching third parties. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that all our choices abide by these safety and fairness principles.

Customer care

The casinos we recommend all have the best customer casino care available. With four lines of communication, no matter how great or little your enquiry is, you will be able to contact a customer agent via live chats, email form enquires or the hotline feature. Frequently asked questions and forums will also be available for customers who have less urgent questions that need answering.

No wagering bonuses for existing players

No wagering bonuses are for anyone who wants them, they are not just for new coming players to a casino. Want to try and get a no wagering bonus from your local casino? Then follow these tips to try out for one!

Level ups

You can qualify for a casino no wagering bonus if you earn cash from the no wager prize spins that can occur frequently as an ongoing bonus for yourself if you are a loyal casino player. Usually, spins can be earned by players who are a part of a casino loyalty scheme, and they gamble to work their way and advancer through the casino levels. Their prize? A no wagering bonus of course! Many of the casinos we have mentioned do this continuation of frequent no wagering prizes and bonuses. Read our summaries to find out more!

Casino Currency system

Some casinos will offer their players an inhouse currency system which can be made via saving up the points you receive each time you gamble, and they can be saved within your casino wallet, to be used for claiming good no wagering bonus deals and daily bonuses. The things you can get by being an ongoing player within a

casino is so often undermined!

Cashback no wagering bonuses

Some casinos offer their players, a cashback scheme which will be free of any wagering requirements. This scheme was made to give players back what they have made within their net gaming losses. Usually, figures of your cashback percentage can range from 5% to a massive 20%.

Frequently asked questions

Are wagering requirements bad for my casino gaming?

Wagering requirements and their popularity can differ depending on who you speak to of course. Yet most people all agree on one thing-high wagering requirements are actually, a huge disadvantage to players. The reason for this is, by the time you actually manage to make the wagering requirement, you probably won’t have that much left of your winnings in the pot. It is incredibly hard to keep hold of your winnings throughout wagering them. So, the higher they are, the harder it is for you. So, the lower the wagering requirements are, the better it is.

When you don’t have wagering requirements, the bonuses are not as large and spectacular as the bonuses, you would receive within a casino. Therefore, it is up to the players individually-do they want to play with more and have a bankroll that is higher, or play with less and have the opportunity to immediately withdraw upon winning?

Can you withdraw your bonus without accommodating to the wagering requirements of the casino?

It is usually very hard to get around, this is because players usually have to request to withdraw their money and the casino agent will evaluate and see if you actually achieved the wagering bonus mathematically.

Usually, if the casino find that you didn’t abide by their terms and conditions of the wagering requirements, your bonus will be forfeited and perhaps even your casino future and membership! It will entirely depend on how out of the wagering requirement context you were. Definitely always do your research on the casino’s actions and repercussions on the players that request to withdraw before their wagering requirements

have been fulfilled. Online reviews etc. will elaborate more for you, with the situations faced by people.

What are the best games to play with my no wagering bonus?

We definitely recommend players to play games with a higher return to the player. This will give you a greater chance of mathematically to obtain your money back that you have staked and more. The percentage represents a pool of players over time that have tried and played the game and got some money back in the long term, via winning jackpots. Yet one thing to bear in mind is that this percentage doesn’t represent an immediate play-win response. It represents a long term outlook of playing the games. Games with the highest return to the player are usually the casino table games like blackjack, which has over 99% return to player!

How do wagering requirements work?

Wagering requirements are the multipliers that you need to apply to your casino bonus and first deposit bonuses. This is vital if you want to be able to withdraw your winnings successfully. The wagering requirements can range from very low values to obscene high multipliers and as a player it is your job to find the wagering requirements that are the least in value, so you have to work the least overall to be able to successfully withdraw your hard-earned cash!

The wagering multipliers are what you multiply your bonus cash funds by, to understand how much you need to wager overall. An example of this could be using an average and consider wagering multiplier of 4 times, with a bonus cash fund of £20 (not including your first deposit). You simply will need to multiply the £20 by the 4 times multiplier.

This will mean that you need to make £80 before you can successfully withdraw the winnings you made in the casino. This always sounds easier than what it is though. It is not always guaranteed that you will in straight gaming turns, make the money straight-it takes many hours and effort for it to go through in the way you hope. Casinos are all about random chance and believe us when we say that first times never usually go to plan in a casino! New players beginners luck, yes.

But wagering a straight £80 will definitely need a lot of luck in the process! Once you feel that you have made the right amount of wagered cash, head on straight to the UK casino’s withdrawal and payments page and claim your prize!

How long will my withdrawal take to be approved?

Your withdrawal that you request from the casino, will need to be authorized and validated by a casino agent. Do bear in mind, new players (UK players) will take a little longer as they are new to the casino and therefore new to the new casino system. Therefore, usually expect on a time scale to take around 24 hours-with the sheer amount of people that they will need to get through and check!

Then, the processing of payment that you have selected to use to withdraw, will also need to be accounted for. There are casinos that are known for their speedy and fast payments, so definitely check those pages out in our top fast paying casinos!

What is the best casino for giving the highest paying no wagering bonuses?

Casinos that give their players the best no wagering bonuses, can be found in our top casino compiled tables that we have made for you. The tables have been designed so, you can browse at your leisure and filter depending on what your top priorities are for a casino. Obviously depending on what type of player you are, this will determine your goals for a no wagering casino that you would like to play with.

Definitely browse and read up what we have to offer, as the best no wagering casinos are completely down to you and the other casino attributes you expect it to have too! There is also a chance of obtaining free spins no deposit no wager bonuses within your options, so always be on the lookout for a casino that can do both for you- high paying no wagering casino bonuses, in addition to complimentary free spins no wagering casino bonuses.